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RuPaul Tops Piers Morgan In Ratings

@RuPaul scored 565,000 viewers on LOGO vs @piersmorgan 545,000 on CNN in Monday 9 PM showdown...


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I love Ru Paul! He is one of

I love Ru Paul! He is one of the wittiest entertainers ever! And if you haven't seen his show, you don't know what you are missing. Here is his video for his old hit song, "Back To My Roots," named by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best videos of all time. It is a hilarious, but touching love song to the Black community.

"Black Hair IS! - A Revolution"

"A Cahlassic Extravaganza!"

Two Drag Queens

in competition. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!



I think everyone would agree that a drag queen beating out this limey brit is a good thing, but I'm getting tired of seeing all of these rating comparison threads -.-