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An Evening With Ron Paul - Homeschooling Conference

Dr. Paul will the be keynote speaker at the Midwest Homeshooling Convention in Cincinnati in March.

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I wonder if Ben is going to try to snag

An interview with Dr. Paul while he's in Cincy. It would be a nice thing for the dr to do for all Ben has done for him and the cause of liberty.

Trying to figure out

a way for my wife and I to attend this conference. Her so she can review all the various homeschool curriculums and pick the one(s) she wants to use next year for our two oldest kids.

Me so I can see Ron Paul speak in person for the first time about Liberty issues.

I think if RP tours the nation doing all kinds of speaking engagements like this, that would be a huge win for the Liberty movement. Getting the message out to a broad array of audiences and demographics can make a big difference for us.

Short of becoming Treasury Secretary or Governor of Texas, this is one of the best ways to spread the Liberty message.

Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt:

THIS is Ron's follow-up to

THIS is Ron's follow-up to his political career, best-selling books and multiple presidential runs?

Not that there's anything wrong with homeschooling, but this is a bit of a downer. Like a step above 80s musical acts doing the county fair tour to make rent money. What in the world is going on? Doug Wead scraping by on pyramid scheme selling, Ron working trade shows... Oh, my. How brutal and unforgiving are our times.

He's about "education" - remember?

It is consistent with his life long efforts to educate. My disappointment stems from the notification "There will be NO recording of this."
I can understand some of that, but I hope this does not mean that RP will only be heard by those who can pay to see him. And frankly, I was hoping he was going to bust loose with some truths for the youths... but so far he sounds like he is still a Congressman.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

"Truths for the youths"

Actually Homeschool

Actually Homeschool conventions are audiences of thousands of people who have already chosen to obsolete the system and make their own way. I can't really think of a better venue for him to be encouraging. Many homeschoolers by default fall into the Zionist and neocon categories, but because they already have a mistrust of the system, they are much more prone to listen to a reasonable idea and even reject their currently held beliefs to follow it. Most of them already have gone through this process when they made the decision to homeschool, and the next step to Liberty makes so much sense, that's how it was for my family anyway.

Don't Insult Homeschool Parents

These are people who are willing to make a very big committment to opt out of government mandates, and an ideal place to recruit more support. If Ron Paul had not done this kind of thing his whole career (I'm thinking of all the libertarian groups and even the LP where he would come speak) he would not have had the support he needed for the revolution.

Clearly, Ron Paul supporters in this group decided he would be a good speaker for their fellow members, and invited him.

If you have a better group, you should invite him.

What do you think?

As I said, there's nothing

As I said, there's nothing wrong with homeschooling, but this is a conference that is sales oriented and Ron is certainly receiving compensation for his time. It's a "downer" because Ron was our favored candidate for president until losing the nomination. It's not the presidency. It's not Congress. It's a sales job and that saddens me.

It's not really a sales job.

It's parental education. These conferences are heavy with educational speakers and training workshops for parents. This is one of the best things he could be doing, and in fact, it's far more important than being in Congress. There are a couple million home schooled kids out there going the freedom route who could use an economics curriculum written by Ron Paul. I hope he writes one. Being a congressman will not be Ron Paul's legacy, but education will be.

I think his..

...efforts to encourage homeschooling are a vital component of encouraging Liberty and independent people; but isn't it only one component of what he's wanting to do? I thought there was talk of possibly a radio/web broadcast and continued education efforts on campuses, etc.?

I guess it's also so

I guess it's also so disappointing because for a brief moment in time, it actually looked like Libertarian ideas were going mainstream and prove palatable to the general public. Now, it looks far more likely that our country is sliding toward socialism far faster than I ever thought.

wish i could be there!

wish i could be there!

Christians should not be warmongers!

Can't wait!

My wife and I have finally made the decision to home school our two boys, ages 3 and 4. Actually Sandy Hook helped along in the decision as well.

Wish I could go!

Can't wait to read about the speech and reaction of those attending.

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Sure Hope Ben Swann Covers This!

Can you imagine what Dr. Paul will now feel free to say ? Ben's the one to cover the story and spread the word..