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Senate Confirmation Hearing: NeoCons vs. McCain





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WASHINGTON, DC | Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Senate Armed Services Committee holds a confirmation hearing for former Senator Chuck Hagel (D-NE), nominated to be the next Secretary of Defense.

Current Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is retiring upon Sen. Hagel's confirmation.

Sen. Hagel served two terms as a Nebraska Senator. While in Congress, he served on the Committee on Foreign Relations. He voted in favor of the Iraq war before later opposing continued U.S. involvement.

Hagel was a Sergeant in the Army and served in Vietnam.

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Shouldn't this be called

Shouldn't this be called "Neo-Cons (McCain and Cruz) Vs. Hagel"??

I thought it was pretty much

I thought it was pretty much accepted as common knowledge that Iraq was a gargantuan blunder and Israel has committed war crimes with white phosphorus. I guess truth really is treason in an empire of lies! Also, I am starting to regret Ted Cruz already!

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or did they mention Israel an untold number of times in this irritating hearing, but not ONE person mentioned the Constitution? When did our American blood and treasure become the do-ers of Israel? I think I missed that memo... Secretary of Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel to Senator King (I- Maine): "(It is) Absolutely essential to our future that we maintain a strong, growing, credible military industrial base." Seconds before saying this, he also stated that he doesn't "know enough about it. There are a lot of things I don't know about." I would posit that someone accepting a job like 'Secretary of Defense' should know and understand that the military industrial 'base' costs trillions of dollars, and it can be argued that it is the main culprit in creating enemies around the world. Sadly, no one explained this to Mr. Hagel. Senator King actually told him that "leadership is to hire good people and take credit for what they do." Laughs from both... WHAT *THE* FLUCK!?

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Neocons vs McCain?

based on the two videos, i thought Hagel's positions were right on both occasions..I am not sure why McCain was the good guy in the video when he justified war in Iraq...and playing the holocaust card is getting old now.

A nauseating performance

of intimidation well rehearsed and programmed to get high fives where bullies and miscreants vigilantly tend to their garden of killing fields. Their bullying reflects the fear that Hagel will harvest their crops then plant new seeds of non-interventionism. That snarky smirk on McCain’s face speaks to the overgrowth of disdain dominating their fields that needs to be whacked down mightily with a machete which I would gladly hand to Hagel upon his confirmation.

The honorable senators from Tel Aviv

The AIPAC gang sees Hagel as having committed some thought crimes (e.g. -I am U.S. Senator, not an Israeli senator-) so not even his grovelling at this hearing will get him back in their good graces. But the fact that he grovelled instead of standing his ground will make it easier to take if the non-existent, unintimidating, Jewish..err..Israeli lobby manages to defeat him.

Two things

1. First of all Cruz makes a better case than McCain clearly as history has now shown that the Iraq war was a colossal mistake. While Cruz does make a better case I don't agree with his position. (nor do I really categorize the U.S. as the "bullies of the world")

2. Jewish people are not the same as citizens of Israel. Are all Israeli's Jewish in their faith? I don't think so. Are all American's Christians? No. Why is Cruz saying that Jews in Germany are the equivalent of Israelis today?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I thought

Hagels old comments were spot on. Own your words....don't backtrack from that stuff.

The War Boys and the War Boy in training

The war boys and the war boy in training are concerned about the security of Israel. Never mind the United States armed and funded the "rebels" in Libya. Who are these "rebels?" The Muslim Brotherhood.

The war boys (and now the war boy in training) watched as the Egyptian people overthrew the government of Egypt and the American people were fed the line Egypt was fighting for "Democracy." Who took over? Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood and now Egypt is ruled under Sharia Law and the people are protesting in the streets, again.

The war boys and the war boy in training are now arming the "rebels" in Syria. Who are the "rebels?" The Muslim Brotherhood. There's so much more to Benghazi.

Israel is now surrounded by the Muslim Brotherhood, with Hamas at the back door, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood forming in the center, and Hezbollah (Syria) at the front door, all funded and armed by the United States government, the war boys and now the war boy in training.

When the button is finally pushed on this situation, the only escape route the people of Israel will have is the sea. Sound familiar? The Iranian government doesn't have to lift a finger, the war boys and now the war boy in training did the heavy lifting for them. The Israeli population is composed of Jews, Christians and Muslims living side by side in peace. Sounds like the war boys and the war boy in training can't have that...

If concern for the security of Israel is at the top of the list, McCain, Lieberman, Graham and now Cruz should be shown the door, and the American people need to seriously reevaluate the "war on terror."

Why doesn't anybody ever ask

these Israel-firsters why they chose to make Israel's security above the USA? Why do we give these people money when we are in runaway debt, unemployment at 20+%, and 50 million on welfare. Our infrustructure is in shambles, our National Defense is extremely compromised with illusionist threats known to be created by these people where are soldiers are dying and billions are spent, while our borders remain unsecure. These people follow Judaism, which contains books of the Pharisee oral writings, the Talmud, that say they are a superior race, and the gentiles are here to serve them. And, you continue to tell us they are the poor victims? If you claim to be a Christian, why don't you stand up for Christ's people, where many have ancestry dating back a thousand years or more. Are you trying to tell us that no Jews in Palestine converted to Christianity or even to Islam, generations ago? Why do you support these Jews who are throwing your Christian brothers out of their houses, or even in many reports, killing them to steal their land? Are you a sure your a follower of Christ or Pharisaic Judaism, which Christ strongly condemed, and warned His followers throught out the New Testement challenging their actions, with direct warning in Matthew 16:6. Yes, the religion of Judaism contains the Torah and also, the never mentioned Talmud, the oral writings of the Pharisees. In Israel, the Talmud reigns superior over the Torah or what we call the Old Testement. Even if you are Judaic, do you follow the teachings of Moses or the self ordained profits called the Pharisees, who claim Yahweh told them different beliefs than Moses while they were at the bottom of the mountain, while he was at the top? If you are a Christian as you claim, you might want to research these books named the Talmud, the oral writings of the Pharisees, since most of the social immoralities your constiuents complain about, and you put forth legislation to stop, are dirived from teahings in these books. If you can show us any older written doctrines where there are such taught teachings, we would like to see them.
You need to decide if you are here to represent the American people, or the Israeli people, if the latter, you need to move to Israel so you can serve in public office over there. How about we focus on solving the major problems our country and our people face. How about we let the Israeli's take care of themselves, and learn to follow what the Bible says, 'Reap what you sew'.

A clear reading of Romans

shows that Jews are not "God's chosen people" anymore. God's chosen people are those that have placed their faith in Jesus.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Well Ted Cruz is a little

Well Ted Cruz is a little more neo to the con than I thought.

Yeah, I could never support

Yeah, I could never support this guy Cruz after seeing those cheap shots and his defense of the US as not a bully...come on...even the neocons have to know that the US strong arms the world. This whole neocon litmus test of patriotism to the point of dishonesty is truly sickening. It shows these idiots on the level of schoolyard bullies screaming about who called someone what name.

I Honestly Can't Decide

who is more evil, McCain or Cheney. I also don't know whether Hagel is a bad thing or a good thing. If McCain hates him then it can't be all bad, but if Obama likes him it can't be all good.


Effing Graham and McCain. And LIEberman too.

But Graham is at the top of my sh*t list.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

What are you are witnessing

Are neocons and AIPC Senators literally sh*tting themselves because we're about to get an anti-interventionist Secretary of Defense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUf7vbuzMxI


McCain sounded like he's been taking lessons from P. Morgan interviews.

Hagel isn't doing anything we did prior to 2001

The thing is, Hagel knows the containment policy works and the Bush doctrine doesn't. Obama is ready to ditch the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive war as a failure. This is a plus for him if he succeeds and a major failure for war profiteers. What we are looking at is war as a last resort vs. war as Russian roulette. If Hagel gets in you won't have any invasion of Iran, ever. They'll get the bomb, they'll never be able to deploy it without being obliterated, and if Israel goes into Iran, the U.S. will save potentially millions of lives by staying OUT OF IT. Neocons fear this because they signed the AIPAC card to get elected. Hagel is a US Senator not an Israeli Senator so he is getting a lot of flack from the lunatic wing of the GOP.

Rhetoric aside, two things are clear

1. Hagel is pro-Israel. Hagel may be opposed to Israeli center-right and US neo-cons, but he is a big supporter of US/EU pro-Israel socialist-progressive lobby "J-Street" composed of people like Soros. Those are the same people who donated $14 millions to Gaza muslims for greenhouses only to watch the buildings being looted. They are rich, but socialist in mind and NWO material. That is why Hagel has so many friends in Obama circle.

2. Under Obama, expect no cuts to monopolies and Pentagon - they provide gainful permanent employment to millions of trade union and non-trade union Americans - Hagel or not.


okay TED MOTHER*F****ING CRUZ just lost any chance of ever having my support unless he rescinds that statement.

he talked about whather hagel believed israel committed war crimes or not? and then he brings up that's NOT APPROPRIATE BECAUSE ISRAEL WAS SUBJECT TO WAR CRIMES UNDER THE NAZIS?



All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Exactly what I was thinking

Such elementary logic

I've never...

Trusted him, and never will...You can only trust Dr. Paul...And maybe Amash...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

The proper title for this

The proper title for this post should read more along the lines of Neocons vs. Neocons on Hagel Confirmation: Neocons weeding out less vocal neocons.

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Anyone see Cruz in the gun control hearing?

He defended the second amendment -- but in the course of doing so, he also managed to throw the fourth amendment under the bus.

Now this.

I thought he was cool because of his opposition to the NDAA, but it looks like he's quickly distinguishing himself as identical to every other GOP senator.


First, I agree with Ron Paul hagel will continue with the American Empire/military industrial complex wet dreams of divide and conquer from the way he was flip-flopping on he's past statements. Not standing up for them. His nomination is an attempt to shutout any anti-war movement. But I know the liberty movement will never shut-up. Secondly, I will never understand Ron Paul supporting ted cruz and it is proof why he should not listen to rand or benton.


Here is how we take down the Zionist grip on America

This incessant Israel ass kissing and Palestinian and Iranian demonization is why I am so passionate about getting people to watch War By Deception, 2013. We need to start telling the truth about Israel's role in 9/11. Of course people will accuse us of "anti-Semitism," will call us kooky, but eventually, the truth will out, but not if we remain afraid to call a spade a spade. Israel's Mossad, our CIA, and dual citizens did 9/11, not the CIA backed "Al Qaeda."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blSifMddGf8 Please watch and share, and ignore these racist neocons. Stop wasting your time in anger. Share the truth with your friends and family.

We Need To Stop

We as a country really need to stop worrying about being called names. WHO CARES what names we are called? It's just a means of keeping us from speaking out for fear of being labeled. I don't care what people try to label me. Racist, Anti Semitic blaa blaa blaa. Call it the way it is. It's like the people being afraid to tell the freaking emperor he is naked. Get over it and speak out! The power elite in Israel use us as their biaatches and it sucks. McCain loves being bent over and wants the rest of us to do the same!




minor correction

just a note that hagel has always been in the republican party, which i think is fairly relevant considering that both videos are of republicans questioning him. (original post says democrat)

The Republican side seems more concerned

About Israel than America. And they wonder why their poll numbers are so dismal.

Our military relationship with Israel was just fine in the 80s and 90s.

And we didn't need idiot Neo-Cons to have a good relationship with Israel either.

These damn Neo-Cons need to be purged.