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Why Obamacare should more accurately be called "The Kill Off the Pensioners Quicker Act"


The "Affordable Care Act" should more appropriately be entitled "The Make Healthcare Even more Unaffordable Act" but there is an even more appropriate title - "The Kill off Pensioners Quicker Act"

The Affordable Care Act is specifically designed to make lots more money for large Healthcare companies.
Everybody else will be worse off.
Even those who are currently unemployed or who do not currently pay tax will ultimately be worse off because of this Act.

The Affordable Care Act will make Healthcare more expensive for everyone in America.

In the end the Affordable Care Act will hurt middle class Americans the hardest.

The Affordable Care Act does exactly the opposite of it's title.

It's title should be :- "The Make Healthcare Even More Unaffordable Act"

Single payer was not chosen because it would make less profit for large Healthcare companies.

Taxes on the poor & middle class will go up by about 3.8% because of it.
Taxes for the wealthier will go up too.
Business costs will rise because of it - they are already starting to raise their prices to pay for it.
Ordinary people will be paying more for all sorts of other goods and services as well as Healthcare.

There is NOTHING in the Affordable Care Act to make Healthcare more efficient. America ranks 37th for Healthcare efficiency. America currently spends 11% of GDP on Healthcare - by far the largest in the world. But Americans are not healthy - they have one of the lowest life expectancy rates in the Western world and it is rising slower than the rest of the developed world.

Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are huge supporters of the Affordable Care Act. They are set up to make LOADS of money from it. See 1

Healthcare policy should be being directed at making Healthcare more EFFICIENT - exactly the opposite of what the "Affordable Healthcare Act does".

Healthcare policy should be focussed on :-

Cutting the over $100bn a year of Medicare fraud
Cutting the price of drugs - America pays by far the highest prices in the world
Cutting the cost of medical malpractice insurance - again multiple times higher than anywhere else in the world
Stopping over treatment and over prescription.
10% of all Americans are now on Prozac or similar drugs - a lot of them take it for the rest of their lives.
Encouraging prevention and healthy living by promoting natural remedies and natural food, currently the government does the exact opposite. See 2

Encouraging efficacy - not half treatment.
Stopping outright fraud in clinical trials. This research is funded by the large drugs companies who will employ medical researchers that are most favorable to their aims of selling more drugs. Side effects and the lack of efficacy of new drugs are routinely hidden.

Insuring the currently uninsured millions does not come for free.
It will be paid for by taxpayers.
It is the equivalent of about a 3.8% income tax hike.
It will make America in general less efficient and productive.
Anything that makes America less efficient and productive costs jobs.
So even those who are currently unemployed will suffer.
It will make it even harder for them to find a decent job, or even any job at all.

A large amount of the additional cost will be paid for by middle class taxpayers - those on $40,000 to $100,000 a year. They will be hit hardest.

Business costs will rise because of it - they are already starting to raise their prices to pay for it.
Ordinary people will be paying more for all sorts of other goods and services as well as Healthcare.

The "Affordable Healthcare Act" will make price inflation higher than it would otherwise be. This price inflation will not be fully reflected in official cpi statistics - it never is. It will therefore not be reflected in wage or benefits cost of living adjustments.
Even those on fixed incomes who do not currently pay tax such as pensioners will pay a price. Their standard of living has just been reduced by the "Affordable Care Act".
It will mean that EVERYBODY will have LOWER disposable incomes.
Lower disposable incomes mean less revenue and profits for American businesses and less jobs.

Ultimately there is a limit on what America can afford to pay for Healthcare as a percentage of GDP (it is currently at 11% and still rapidly rising).

If Healthcare in general is less efficient and more expensive it will ultimately mean that America is LESS healthy because of the "Affordable Care Act". Life expectancy will be lower than it would otherwise be (for the great majority that actually work).

As it also means lower GDP growth rates going forward by making America less efficient, the GDP pie will be smaller so less money per person will ultimately be available.

The "Affordable Care Act" should be entitled "The Kill Off Pensioners Quicker Act".
There is less bang for each buck and there are less bucks available so people will die off quicker.


Appendix 1

Sick Money: How Mitt Romney's Bain Investments Are Exploding
the Deficit and Harming Our Health

Few individuals or organizations have been as influential as Mitt Romney and Bain Capital in worsening our runaway healthcare costs, causing unnecessary suffering, or accelerating our government's long-term deficit problem. Their highly leveraged investment strategy puts healthcare companies under enormous pressure to increase revenue. They often respond by overbilling -- or worse, by encouraging unnecessary medical treatments that can include anything from non-invasive tests to heart surgery.

I spent many years working in healthcare economics: running health service companies, projecting health plan costs for governments and employers, and analyzing healthcare investments. I've reviewed hospital bills in detail and seen shocking things: Thousands of dollars for bandages and gauze during a surgery; a 12,000-percent markup on ointments; a $250 charge for the lightbulb in a projector the hospital claimed was used during surgery.
Continued at :-

Appendix 2
Prevention, healthy living, drugs companies and government policy

The government should be encouraging prevention and healthy living by promoting natural remedies and natural food. The government currently does the exact opposite.

Encouraging prevention and healthy living by promoting natural remedies and natural food
Currently the FDA goes out of it's way to disparage natural and herbal cures - they don't have side effects and they don't make money for drug companies or Healthcare companies.

The business model of large drug companies is basically to encourage people to get sick, then half treating them so that they are a source of revenue for the drugs companies for the rest of their lives.
Or just to keep people alive for longer, that are dependent on staying alive by taking drugs from the large drugs companies.
Of course the large Healthcare companies take their cut from this extra revenue for the large pharmaceutical companies.

The government in general encourages the consumption of GMO foods which are harmful to health.
Monsanto has about 12 ex senior employees installed in government and the FDA to promote pro Monsanto
government policy.

The current government policies that the government says promote healthy living are worse than useless.
Nobody takes any notice of them and it is a waste of taxpayer money.
The government promotes unhealthy habits in all sorts of other ways.

A lot of children are now on Ritalin. Kids are still as boisterous as ever. In times past kids misbehavior was treated with a healthy dose of discipline - it would still work for the great majority of cases today.
(I am talking about telling them to go to their room, grounding them, taking benefits and privileges away like ice cream, gameboys, cell phones and social media internet access etc. - not beating the hell out of them.)

Appendix 3
Large Healthcare companies are taking advantage of the expected bonanza to them because of the "Affordable Care Act". They now have lots more customers.

Because Healthcare is now going to be even more profitable as a result of the "Affordable Care Act" and the way it is structured - the large Healthcare companies are consolidating to form a cartel to control the market. They will then be able to put up the price of Healthcare even more.

Large healthcare companies are also consolidating to control the entire process from insurance premiums to the delivery of treatment. It is exactly akin to the big oil business model - from exploration to delivery at the gas station.
The big oil companies are making record profits - they have managed to form themselves into a cartel with about 5 major players controlling 80% of the market.

Healthcare companies are also buying up subsidiaries overseas in countries with low rates of Corporation tax. This is to divert the expected boom in US generated profits to low tax countries to avoid paying US Corporation tax.