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New Hydroponic System I built that is efficient for those of us who are spatially challenged!

Hey Guys, I've been working on this for several weekends and finally posted a video of it. I designed this unit to fit in 1 square foot but be able to hold 12 plants. I built it from materials readily available to anyone with a hardware nearby. About the only thing you may have to order online would be the timer and the pump.

Anyway, this is my project! Check it out!

I will be posting a detailed "HOW TO BUILD" video after this weekend. I have all the shots filmed but I haven't edited them together yet.

My goal is to get as self sufficient in food production as I can with my limited space. I figured some of you out there have those same goals and might be interested in seeing my creation.

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Great idea and design!

This would work great outside on a patio or a porch too.

Window farm website

Check out the window farm website. They have a support group for a DIY project like this.

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Vertical hydroponic/aquaponic gardens are the way of the future.

Adjustable wing reflectors are pretty cheap and will allow you to expand the footprint of your garden without having to add more lights and use more energy. About 50 watts per square foot is necessary for flowering/fruiting plants, but leafy vegetables can get by with a little less. Let me know if you're interested. We have a ton of used equipment for sale.
Are you feeding them Botanicare products? I thought I saw a label in the background.

Very cool. I'm thinking I

Very cool. I'm thinking I could incorporate this design to help maximize space in an aquaponics system as well.

Yeah I think that this would work very well with Aquaponics

I'd like to try that myself but haven't made the plunge into incorporating fish yet. Although, that would be the ultimate goal!

If you do try it, let me know how it works!