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Obama responds to Rand?

Look at this headline: "Obama: I’m not a king, I can’t just ignore immigration laws"

I don't know about you, but the first thing that popped into my head was, "The only person calling him a "king" is Rand."

Saying that he is not a king seems to be a direct reply to Rand repeatedly calling him one. I don't watch much MSM, so I don't know if other people are calling him that, but I doubt it.

This event tells me that Rand is indeed on their radar, maybe more so than Ron ever was (I can't recall ever hearing such an obvious rebuttle to any of Ron's accusations).

We all know how they love to present us with the false two-party paradigm, and it looks like Rand is positioning himself as the Right side of that equation.


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Here Comes Rand

Rand was never really on my radar. And the decisions and statements that Rand was making in 2012 during Ron's run were pissing me off and turning me off to Rand to be honest.

Rand's recent statements, actions, and demeanor have impressed me and really turned me onto him now. He will have my support should he run in 2016.

Tag! Rand seriously did get MORE ATTENTION, in his first years as a politician, than Ron was able to in his 2008 presidential run altogether. So Rand really "tagged in" like they used to in wrestling. And Rand is carrying ALL of the momentum that his dad acquired; congrats for that.

Can we get this guy in office in 2016?

I call him

Dictator. A king does have lots of power, but even the king has to respond to a jealous aristocracy.

The biggest dictator on the planet is now called Mr. President.

That is the first

thing I thought of too!

"The Universe may not always play fair but at least it's got a sense of humor" ;) - Michael Patrick King

I have called him king

On twitter I have called him King Barack and before that I called George Bush what he was too - King George. SO, Rand isn't the only one.

President Obama's answer is funny. He doesn't mind ignoring the law for some people. No need to wait for congress when you are King.

I heard someone

else call Obama that recently, may have been something on Breitbart.com? I can't remember, but I would say that Rand Paul is the one that said specifically a "king" in a tv interview. Actually, Ron Paul really started it, but he didn't refer to Obama directly. He only said (paraphrasing) the president is not a king. Rand Paul is the one that directed it at Obama with his gun control and other executive orders.

Then why are you on this board

If you really believe that neither Ron Paul or Rand Paul has ever had an original idea then why are you on a board specifically named for them. Are you just here to disrespect Ron or Rand? Ron HAS had some original ideas but they were based on facts previously expressed by earlier authors and saying they don't have original ideas is a slap in their face. So if you really feel that way about Rand and Ron I can assume all of your other posts will be equally not worth reading. Everyone has the right to say what they want, that is liberty. That also includes me.

What do you mean this board

What do you mean this board is "named for them"? As far as I know this is a site dedicated to Ron Paul and his ideals, although I do wonder why they removed his picture. I sincerely hope they are not turning this site into a Rand Paul forum even though I have asked that very question: Is this the planned agenda for this site?

If I may (sort of) answer

Michael Nystrom has said that this wasn't going to become the "Daily Rand", so no worries there. Was wondering the same not too long ago.

Also, the picture was likely taken down because, it's not *just* about Ron Paul; it's about (P)eace, Gold (AU), and (L)ove/Liberty.

A signature used to be here!

Thanks for your confirmation.

Thanks for your confirmation. We are so used to hearing/seeing words but actions prove otherwise.

sure thing

And yeah, I know what you mean with the saying one thing and doing another deal. Thankfully I don't see it on here often...at least in comparison to other political sites.

A signature used to be here!

2 different posts

2 different posters.
try and pay attention.
i'm the pro ron paul who IMO is a man who towers above his pipsqueak son on every front.
that's my opinion and i'm entitled to it too.

btw this board is named after ron, not rand.

he's been called that forever

rand doesn't have an original idea in his head.

Neither does Ron.

Neither does Ron.

I'm sorry

I shouldn't have been so vague. Ron Paul is my hero and champion but I think he'd be the first to tell you that his ideas aren't new or his. The ideas of liberty, freedom, peace and Austrian economics were around long before him and (hopefully) will survive long after him.

And while no one could replace Ron Paul, an absolute pure messenger of those ideas, I'm willing to give his son the benefit of the doubt. People are so quick to bash Rand because he isn't just like his father. I don't intend to give him a free pass but I do think he is an ally of ours and these ideas.

The point I was trying to make (however poorly it may have been) was that while Rand may not have an original idea, as the initial poster claims, we don't need original ideas. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We need to continue to fight for liberty, an idea that does not always win out, but an idea that is always worth fighting for. We don't need a smooth talker with lots of fancy ideas. Ron Paul surely isn't that. He just wanted to give us back the constitution something I would take over any "new" idea.

Again, I apologize about the misunderstanding which was largely due to my attempt to be overly brief and to the point.

of course you're being silly

ron paul's ideas are brilliant, life changing, ahead of their time and many, hard to keep up really on economics alone.

sorry gang but ron has forgotten more about economics than rand will ever know.

Welcome to the DP!

I'm sure your stay will be vulgar and brief. Until then, try to enjoy the ideas of Liberty while you're here!

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

He would like to get rid of congress

and the constitution, and rule by executive order. Sounds like a king or dictator.

I think Hannity has also called him that