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American Exceptionalism dupes neo-cons; here's how...

Stupid, ignorant masses of straight party voting Republicans; who eat up right-wing talk radio all day, with their revisionist history about our founding and our will to recover economically FAIL to realize Obama is on board with this new state.religion called American Exceptionalism too!

My neo-con pal just texted me(and believe me, our relationship is severely strained); " (1/2) One of the pillars of American Exceptionalism is the Protestant Work ethic: unique to us within the Western world and one of the reasons we excelled (2/2) economically. Christian and sometimes Deist foresaw this. Time to revisit Poor Richard's Almamac! "

To which I answered his inch-deep, mile-wide religious fervor saying; " The so-called "protestant" denominations have sent their forefathers spinning in high rotation in their graves...they just entered into an agreement with Catholics..."Leaders representing the Roman Catholic Church and some American Protestant denominations have signed an agreement in Texas to recognize each other's baptisms."...so, if you believe water baptism=salvation, then you must know Catholic support for Obama won't hurt the "protestant work ethic". You don't know anything about doctrinal theology, you certainty don't know that a significant part of that work ethic required personal Bible study, prayer, and introspection! So, seriously, spare me your pseudo-intellectual babble about how progressive morality will reverse our economic slump!"

Folks...the church is married to the state once again; if you care to know the difference between our founders understanding of their "pure religion", and why today's watered-down hypocritical lip-service to the Creator game that has.left this nation morally and economically desolate; begin with this NewsInFocus soundbite from today...and seriously...ask the Creator what He would have you to understand and do in this revolution, for our posterity's sake!


This nation needs men of courage and God-given strength to EXPOSE the real enemy of America; and that enemy is Satan's counterfeit Christian church!

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"alright, you win..."

Too many words gives him a headache I guess...he said "fair enough"...

I concluded;

Nobody is celebrating this "win"....secondly....Godless libertarians and professing Christian RINO's best UNDERSTAND that only a true Christian Statesman would ever give them constitutionally bound, limited, liberty-defending government...and THAT is why I am in it...it's a matter of TRUST; your right-wing talk radio guys only package and re-package the same old Satanic cronyism and claim of privilege and position of moral advantage over and over and over, ad nauseum, ad infinitum; because they know, there's a sucker born every minute....

Their fruit: after two Ron Paul attempts at the Republican nomination against a known Marxist, and presumably a closet Muslim....salt-of-the-Earth lay people studied Roberts Rules of Order, showed up at conventions and caucuses, and handed them a mirror to look at their corrupt little faces into; as well as enough FACTS that the minor sleeping watchmen had to run back to central supply for more lies and muscle to make us go away...and Obama is a two-term President now!

You guys are on the run; "join us or..." perish in the tsunami of truth, courage, and moral fortitude that made this county great!

Still relevant.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDxp3CxOoHM

he didn't hear my victory trumpet...

...he plugged his ears, and just did a slap-and-run...

He says:" You have to get over that 'defeat' and move on. Otherwise you guys are forever a side show. Now what?"

Well, gang....now what?

Round 3....(how am I doing, gang?)

He says:

A LOT of name calling in your argumentation. Perhaps that is why you are so drawn to chat rooms and the Daily Paul type forums. They way I see it you have two paths available: join hands with the ultra libertarian Ron Paul guys, or preach the Gospel and see how many converts can be won. I remain an at peace ecumenicalist. At least for now.

I.e. the Ron Paul movement is limited government/limited spending, anti-war movement -PERIOD. Lose the God stuff.

And I answered;
Nice try......you cannot substantiate any of your defenses/definitions of our nation's new STATE religion; born of the ecumenism you speak so highly of....American Exceptionalism....which teaches this haughty attitude against self-education of those who sense fraud and cronyism and hypocrisy, and thereby refute the unfounded, slanderous conjecture about where Ron Paul's domestic and foreign policy positions actually derive from originally....you forget/ignore,as do your Judeo-Christian pseudo-ethicists who make merchandise out of gullible unlearned people like you, that...Ron Paul was a CHRISTIAN Statesman, moreso in the likes of Barry Goldwater and a Ronald Reagan than you guys can bear..so....screw your 11th commandment of the Republican Party that demands Ron Paul support the nominee; and bring your ecumenical arguments to DEFEAT him/his ilk as a loon; but, should you accept the challenge... be prepared to debate the philosophical origins and even religious doctrinal positions behind BOTH your positions, and, your conjecture about what right-wing talk radio and all state-run media conservative outlest have told you his positions are - as they seemingly conflict with THE American Exceptionalism you claim to understand and support.

He responded:
Wow. Your fingers never tire. And I knew it would start out with "Nice try," Ha ha!!

To which I said;
You still started something you can't finish....defend choosing party over principles...which is to say(by BOTH Republicans and Obama), "this is the way things are, and will remain, post 9/11....deal with it...."

Same ol George.W. Bush "you're either with us, or you are against us" false choice, no debate, used in a Star Wars movie also to propagandize the masses.

What say you?

he called my response "childish"!

....and so, I summed up our futile clashes this way: " Childish? I whip you with KNOWLEDGE....you romanticize that the pure religion of our founding manifests itself in places where ZERO spiritual/moral struggles occur in men between their lauding of virtue, and their tacit tolerance for hypocrisy, especially with regards to legislation that is nothing short of promoting tyranny."

another exchange...

He texted (1/2)By and large all assimilating and all contributing to the greatness of America made possible by the political framework that is the genius of the U S (2/3) Constitution. Welcome to America. If your concern is doctrine you may be missing your calling. A waste of your talents and energies.

I responded;

The Constitution is an ABSOLUTE framework that LIMITS the government, like, having the Executive Branch(with a complicit "hands off" Congress) abdicate it's duty to protect our Bill of Rights....your deflecting from the REAL issue that you take your cues from liars and thieves that shroud themselves in external religiosity; to wit, you err as a "patriotic citizen" in your BLIND TRUST of radio voices and politicians and academia...you study NONE of these things beyond the surface -so wishy-washy majority opinion and idle threats of "we outnumber you, so get with the program" is what is childish. You're basically a moron - get the definition before you tell me I "lose the debate" because of name-calling.