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Active Shooter Situation: Homeland Security ASS Awareness Program

Virginia Tech. Fort Hood. Gabrielle Giffords. Sandy Hook.

These are all ASSes that will live on in our memories. Homeland Security has taken proactive steps to educate Americans on what to do in the event of an ASS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI5EoWBRYmo&feature=youtu.be
But have they done enough?

An ASS (Attempted Shooter Situation) can be very scary if you've never been in one before. Why don't schools and business run ASS drills like they run fire drills? An ASS could occur anytime, anywhere. Are Americans woefully unprepared for ASSes?

What about ASS detectors? They could work similarly to smoke detectors: if an ASS is detected somewhere in a building the ASS alarm would sound, potentially saving the lives of an untold number of would-be victims of the ASS.

There also needs to be a poster and flyer campaign detailing how to identify an ASS, how to protect oneself from the ASS, or run away from it if possible, and a number where text messages can be sent in case the ASS is within hearing distance and it would be unsafe to speak to a 911 operator.

Americans must demand more from their government. Demand a plan of action. Demand more tools for ASS preparation and deterrence. ASSes threaten our safety and rob us of our birthright. ASS awareness is a necessity and a right. Even if you don't fear for your own safety please think of the children, and how an ASS could devastate their future.

Demand a plan.

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They have a new theme song in an effort to raise ASS Awareness.


Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)



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What about Government ASSes?

There seem to be plenty of them as well.

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Is this from the onion?!

Is this from the onion?! hahaha

First the drone crash and now this?! God this is cracking me up tonight. haha

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Unfortunately not. This is actually real.

No word yet on whether there will now be ABS alerts - Active Bomber Scenario...

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No embed available.

Embed removed by request.

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i've been going over it and over it

in my head. i'm sure i wouldn't hesitate to kick some ASS if i had to.

*** assuming i left my scissors home ***

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ASS happening right now in DC...

bump for awareness.
see also Shots Fired - Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation (A.S.S.) http://www.dailypaul.com/288691/shots-fired-guidance-for-sur...

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I have a brother in law who really is a rocket scientist.

The company he worked for hired a lot of personnel from overseas, and one secretary was put in charge of a project to keep tabs on the equipment that was used, how much it was "earning" versus how much it was depreciation.
My brother in law said all the Americans laughed for days when they got the company wide policy notification


Tool worth assessment team.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


He said ass.

Wow I didn't notice that before.

Active Shooter Situation - A.S.S. - looks like the word ass.

That is kind of funny...

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