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Israel attacks Syria

Israel bombed a suspected shipment of antiaircraft missiles in Syria on Wednesday, according to regional and U.S. officials, in its most ambitious strike inside its neighbor's territory in nearly two chaotic years of civil war there.

The early-morning strike in a border area west of Damascus targeted a convoy of trucks carrying Russian-made SA-17 missiles to Hezbollah, the anti-Israel Shiite militant and political group in Lebanon, according to a Western official briefed on the raid.

Israeli officials declined to comment on the report, and to a Syrian allegation that Israel had bombed a Syrian military facility.

strike draws Israel further into Syria's conflict—a civil war that has already deepened the region's divides as its powers have taken sides with arms and funding. It also marked a challenge to Iran, which has backed and financed Hezbollah.

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an attack from israel

is an attack from the US, wait, wait, that's not it...it was: an attack on israel is an attack on the US, but what if there's a retaliation?
uh, ...rand? you're in bed with warmongers dude.


Thanks for posting


...got a question about Israel, our relationship with them ...

LISTEN LIVE right now until 3pm central; and call in when he opens the phone lines in a few minutes!!!

Vic Eliason is on with a former mayor of an Israeli city - it's 10:00pm hour out there...


The call in line is 1-800-733-9829

We need DP'ers to call in and intercede in the debate FOR peace!!!

Be courteous, be professional - state Ron Paul's position's on foreign policy!!!