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Pastor Who Left Sanctimonious Tip Gets Waitress Fired from Applebee’s

After a copy of her Applebee's receipt began circulating online yesterday, Pastor Alois Bell of the St. Louis-based Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries phoned up the restaurant and asked to have everyone involved fired.

See the receipt!

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The 18% is posted policy. Don't like it, leave.

"I would like to stress that this was not my table, and I was not the server that missed out on the tip."

The stiffed waitress was not fired but a friend who brought the injustice into the light.

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The waitress did not add the

The waitress did not add the tip. The restaurant did. It was a large party, probably of tight wads. Likely individual checks.

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Who knows how large the party was?

That's unknown by me.
I worked at a restaurant where servers added gratuity, which was supposed to be for parties of 8 or more.

Apparently everyone but you.

"Who knows how large the party was?"

Apparently everyone but you.

"The “pastor,” who had the server separate the bill for the group’s 20 members, was reportedly unhappy that the restaurant included an automatic gratuity of 18 percent on the party’s bill."


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“It’s a plainly stated

“It’s a plainly stated Applebee’s policy, and it is company policy for parties over eight. I cannot control the auto-gratuity at all; it’s done by the computer"

"No. They ran up well over 200$ before taxes or gratuity. They asked for separate checks, thinking it would get them out of the autograt, even though the same man paid for everything."

Free includes debt-free!


"Last Friday, after evening services, Bell and her congregation headed to Applebee's for dinner as they did on many nights."


My mistake.
This conversation is making me hungry.

LOL! ;-)

LOL! ;-)

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I thought Tip is voluntary.

I thought Tip is voluntary. And they print the 18% on the bill?

Well, as a European I also think it is a bit much. But maybe here the waiters don't get a lot in hourly wages and they have to live from the Tip.

Still, if it is voluntary, it should be up to the customer how much You want to give.

If it is mandatory, it should be added to the price. See, if the customers still come when the restaurant is so expensive.

Then that would explain why Europeans have in my

experience, been the absolute worst tippers, bar none.

And though many simply were rude throughout the meal and didn't tip, some made it CLEAR they had no intention of tipping but still demanded high levels of service, as if it were a game to them.

Honestly, there are many more domestic demographics I'd take my tip chances on than a table of Europeans any day.

Sorry if that doesn't describe you and gives you a bad vibe.

But if tipping is not customary in Europe, that would explain the attitude when people come here.

For larger parties, the

For larger parties, the restaurant adds the tip to the bill. This came about because large parties tend to be a lot of work and tip very little.

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The IRS taxes for a 15% tip whether received or not

The assumption is that waitresses cheat. But the truth is that the IRS is a protection racket. Pay for protection or it's off to prison for you.

Government has screwed things up in so many ways.

Has anybody got anything by Ron Paul on his Tax-Free Tips Act?

Free includes debt-free!

Tips are voluntary

But here in the US waiters and bartenders have a different wage because the tips are expected. Minimum wage here in Texas is a little over $7. Waiters and bartenders make under $3 an hour.

The outrage is not given on the fact that she didn't tip, but her justification was that she doesn't need to pay it because she already contributes some of her pay to the church. Which is no justification at all, just a copout.

I live here now too (US), but

I live here now too (US), but I still think the Tips are really high.

Of course, if they only make $3.00 an hour....

The restaurant owners actually have the guests pay for their staff.

Once we were in a restaurant and the bill was $40.00, my husband gave the waitress a hundred note, she asked if he wanted change, LOL!

That server was just stupid.

Some really don't have a clue.

I NEVER asked if a guest wanted change. It is presumptuous and rude.

I always brought it and let them leave it.

But yes, essentially, you are paying the server for the service, and the restaurant for the food, AND for the taxes on the tips you paid the server. (which the server has to pay, even if you didn't tip!)

If you only paid the restaurant, in order to keep that level of service, most establishment would have to raise prices at LEAST 30% if not 50%. Some maybe might have to even double their prices. Remember, it isn't just the wages that would cost more, they also have to pay unemployment, SS and Medicare taxes on those wages paid. Less wages paid, means less payroll taxes.

And now with "Affordable Healthcare?".... don't get me started.

I would say that tips are high

From a consumers' aspect, yes, but from the employees aspect, no.

They're essentially screwed out of the deal unless they get to work on busy nights - which means killing yourself with stress. I've worked as a waiter, so more money means more stress in that industry - that's not the same in all industries.

I pay 20% on principle. If you've worked as a waiter or have a close friend or relative who works as one, it will change your perspective a bit.

Of course, if they only make $3.00 an hour

Many make less than that. I think it's only $2+ per hour.

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ACinMA's picture

We pay our waitstaff

$2.88/hr here in MA and thats company policy.. Ive worked at restaurants that are even lower than that rate..

Fall River, Bristol County, Massachusetts

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I was amazed to hear restaurant owners can pay below min wage

"because tips". (????)

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Well, Minimum Wage is crazy, but yes, they can. What should

really get everyone's goat is that most restaurants really can't legally do it, but get away with it anyway.

You see, the "tip-credit" is a benefit for small mom and pop restaurants that basically are operating a cash flow sensitive business. At least when it was first passed into law, this was the case. Now with credit cards being ubiquitous, it really isn't needed anymore.

You see, in the law, it specifies that a restaurant paying a CASH wage, can pay $2.13 an hour (originally, this was 50% of min.) and take a credit against the min wage requirement for the rest based on the server's ACTUALLY RECEIVED TIPS.

In no case is it legal for a restaurant to take the full credit (which is now as high as $5.12/hour) if the server didn't actually receive that amount. (based on the company's payroll period)

But there are two big problems here (and a third peripheral one):

#1 - most restaurants now, don't pay CASH wages. They pay by check. Thus there is no real need for the tip-credit provision to ease the burden for cash flow purposes. On top of this, most of the biggest lobbyists for this provision remain the corporate chains, who NEVER pay cash wages. AND they usually BORROW their payroll ANYWAY even if they don't need to, and thus would feel no impact on their cashflow if having to pay full minimum wage.

#2 - Nearly ALL restaurants as a matter of POLICY (if not unwritten, but just as brutally enforced) do not EVER allow a server to "claim" they made less than the tip-credit. Even if they didn't make that amount. Thus, the company never has to make up the difference. And they justify this because they claim ALL tipped employees categorically underreport their tips to avoid taxation. (not that it doesn't happen and is widespread, but that doesn't justify blatant violation of law on the part of the company)

and the #3 - Forced Tip Share

You see, in order to justify paying OTHER employees $2.13/hour, like busboys, hosts (NOT M'aitre 'Ds), Bartenders, and in some cases, even cooks, dishwashers, and yes MANAGERS, some restaurants force, yes FORCE, servers to give a set percentage of their sales (aka - a "tax") as "tip share." This is to be paid even if the server made ZERO in tips all night. Yes, you can go to work, and leave owing money though they will NEVER believe you. They do this because the law "does not prohibit the sharing of tips amongst tipped employees."

The big problem here is that many of these positions are not otherwise "tipped employees." They are only "tipped" by the server through forced tip share. This even when to the Supreme Court. And get this, SCOTUS agreed with the circular logic that because say a cook was given tip-share, that made them a "tipped employee" and thus the law can't touch that arrangement. Mind you, they aren't "sharing" any tips into the pool, only the servers are. But that didn't sway the Justices. The fact that in some isolated cases, a cook COULD receive a direct tip from a patron, means it was somehow legal to FORCE servers to give their tips to cooks. (or other employees)

Now, what happens when tip share reduces claimed tips to less than the tip credit?

The law says the company has to make up the rest. Do they? No. Because they NEVER believe or allow the server to claim less net tips than meet the tip credit.

In some states, tip-share is 2-3%. In others, CA being one example, it is as high as 8%. That is, not of your tips, but of your SALES, and remember, even if you didn't get tipped that much to begin with.

NOW, let's add one more monkey wrench:

MANY Restaurants, especially the corporate chains AND any mom and pop that has been terrorized, has signed an "Agreement" with the IRS thugs, that they will not be further investigated or terrorized (if they sign and enforce the agreement) that either A) all tipped employees will have their tips controlled by the restaurant and be reported 100%, or B) that all tipped employees will report as "income" at MINIMUM 8% of their sales, whether actually earned or not. Failure to sign the agreement "may" result in audits of the business and/or ALL employees. (tipped or not) These are known as "TRACT" agreements. (It's an acronym, I don't recall the parts)

Most restaurants opt for the 8% rule because the other one is too hard to deal with.

So imagine, you work in a L.A. restaurant. You get paid $2.13 an hour. You wait on a table and their bill is $100. They run you like a dog, are rude as hell, and then leave you a cute little note like this pastor bitch above. You have to PAY $8 in "tip share" out of tips you didn't make. (they left you ZILCH on that $100). AND you have to CLAIM to the IRS that $8 as YOUR "INCOME" and pay taxes on it out of your $2.13/hour check !!!!!!!!

I'm honestly amazed, someone's clock hasn't been cleaned over this scam yet.

The only thing keeping the game going is MOST people, or should I say ENOUGH people, tip enough to not only compensate, but most likely provide enough pay after all that crap to still make the job worth it, at least for a few years.

And mind you, if you move up into higher class restaurants, tipping is more universal, though so are the attitudes of entitlement and snobbishness, and of course, you can make a decent living essentially working a part time job. Some good servers make anywhere from $40k-$70k a year or more.

Crazy isn't it?

Crazy isn't it?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Yes the minimum wage is a crazy!

Government get more tax from a minimum wage employee than it gets for two people making a total of one minimum wage.

Minimum wage only benefits the government, not the employee or the employer.

It punishes the worker that will work for less just to eat and pay rent.

Government benefits everyone else pound sand.

Walter Block explain his views:

Free includes debt-free!

No need to tithe, Pastor

I tipped one of God's children at the restaurant.

this "pastor"

is nothing more than a pharisee.
Certainly not Christlike actions.

I wont eat in an applebee's anymore.

Jackson County Georgia

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Going to church doesn't make you a Christian

any more than standing in a garage
makes you a car.

Free includes debt-free!


guy was being cheap and using god as his excuse to be a stiff. anyone who stiffs a waitress or waiter should stay at home, tie on the feed bag and chow down as they were not raised with enough class to eat at a restaurant period.

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What is Caesar's? Nothing of mine.

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A tithe is 10% of your entire

A tithe is 10% of your entire income... that's a hell of a lot more than 18% of your restaurant bill...

If she's a pastor

Why doesn't she give GOD her all, 100%. I realize this is about money, but it doesn't bode well. Why would a pastor only write "I give GOD 10%?" I understand a tithe to a church is 10%, which is one reason why I don't support organized religion (although I do support people who find organized religion helpful) but why not write I give god my 100% and you didn't give me 100%? That's what a real church leader would say. Why only give 10% worship?

It was a gratuity charge for a party of eight. Less than $7. I'm sure she could support this with her front operation. I'm a "Reverend" myself (not too hard to do through ULC) and would never do something like that. I could take advantage and get tax breaks and parking passes and other garbage, but it's just a certificate, much like hers. Some people take advantage. I have morals. I'm definitely not perfect, and my status as a Reverend is just a piece of paper and yet not sacrilegious as I live by the golden rule.

I rarely eat out, maybe a few times a year. I only dine out when I can afford a very good tip. Just me and my son I always tip that much for a $25 meal, so long as they are friendly and provide a good service, typically more. I tip up to 1/3 of the bill. If the food is crummy, get a new plate. The server is not the cook. And if I don't like that food and send it back and get a better dish, I tip even more, because the server went beyond their call of duty.

18% is below VAT tax. Last time I was in France I think it was 21% or 24%, but you don't tip. Pretty sure most major restaurant chains have a gratuity charge of around 18% for parties of eight or more. If you don't like it, don't eat there.

There's always the free market.

I also e-mailed applebees. This waitress should either get her job back or better yet stop working for applebees with her newfound glory but work for an independent more upscale restaurant which pays better and has better management.