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Iran/Syria threaten retaliation against Israel

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed "grave concern" on Thursday over reports that Israeli jets bombed a convoy near the Lebanese border, apparently hitting weapons destined for Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

"The Secretary-General calls on all concerned to prevent tensions or their escalation ... and to strictly abide by international law, in particular in respect of territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries in the region," Ban's press office said in a statement.

Syria summoned the head of a United Nations mission in the Golan Heights on Thursday to protest against the Israeli air raid which Damascus said is a violation of a disengagement accord that followed the last major war between the two countries.

However, UN peacekeepers in a demilitarized zone between Syria and Israel were unable to verify the Syrian complaint that Israeli planes had flown over the Golan Heights area, a spokesman for Ban said on Thursday.

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Maybe this is exactly what the Zionist branch

of the Israeli government wants, an excuse to attack Syria and Iran openly, and drag in NATO-US while they pretend to NOT want to do it. Now here is the excuse...the drama plays out like a soap opera.

All part of the NWO agenda. All will bow the knee to the NWO, and have a Rothschild central bank, of course.