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Al Gore gets called out on hypocrisy during book tour (video in link)

If you thought Al Gore was a media darling, you haven’t seen his latest book tour. Although Gore has been selective in which outlets he appears on to promote his new book, “The Future,” they haven’t treated the former vice president with kid gloves.

read more (video in link):


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Be honest:

who here thought Al Gore was a "media darling"?

What's that, Al Gore? Global Warming is a scam? What?! Cap and Trade carbon credits to screw farmers again? Is that about right?

Al Gore does have a future in this world: in a jail cell. Not to mention, 30,000 international scientist are calling out Al Gore on his BS.

Good post, OP. I hope people like my hard-headed Democratic parents start reading about their party. (Not sticking up for Repub's)

Lima-1, out.

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