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Here ya' go, Texas! A false flag, especially for you! Asst DA shot and killed

I don't know, it may be disgruntled clients, or even truly random violence, but I PROMISE it will be waved around to counter any rational statements made by all you crazy, redneck, Texas gun-lovers.


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Even the DA is misguided..the media hasn't picked up on this...

The DA there is entirely confused. Apparently he has not been following the media and the obligatory psyche being advocated from foggy bottom D.C.! He needs counseling! Soon!

Did you read his comments?

After Sandy Hook and all the expensive counseling the whole nation has been blessed with, donated by the PTB in D.C. through the auspices of the blessed media [may they rest in peace], you would think anyone as important as the DA in that town would have come around to politically correct Orwellian thinking... but NO he has to open his mouth and spout off inanities like this:

"Lowe said he keeps a pistol in his office but plans to start taking it with him.

“This is pretty scary,” he said. “I may be packing heat for a while.”

Give us a break! Where is this guy's head?

Does he not realize how much the middle class tax payers have shelled out in devalued wealth to pay for this education/disinformation?!

And he calls himself a DA!

There outta be... another law!

I do not understand

All DAs do is lie, conceal evidence form the lawful defense of innocent people. This is horrible. Dont people know that you have to be sent to jail for petty things even if judges and attorneys lie to make it happen. This is needed to maintain control and security, this is for the greater good.

What is the world coming to?


Liberty = Responsibility

I really wouldnt call this a false flag

district attorneys do a lot to make people upset, I mean their job is to talk a jury into putting someone into prison for a very long time. To top it all off they often only want to win so innocence is not even remotely considered and they will tell you their job is not to determine innocence but to prosecute.

It is a new style of "false flag," I don't know what to call it

I agree that it probably was not a planned one, but they will seize the opportunity to essentially blame someone who did not do it - TX gun owners.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

No no no

He was executed by the mob, plain and simple. No false flag. Read the article, he was head of the organized crime division.


I agree the term is not perfect

and I get that it was probably not one of their PLANNED attacks, but I am sure they will USE this attack and blame it on average gun owners. There are MANY ways to pull off a "false flag" and only one word to describe it. Yes, yes, yes.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

To those who don't know Fishy..

that last line was sarcasm. Right, Fishy?

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Yes, indeed.

Right after Sandy Hook someone predicted there would be some sort of false flag in any states that made too much fuss, and Texas was a prime suspect. Well, here it is... Try to defend your pro-2nd position in Texas NOW without getting called something like "crazy redneck."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

These prosecutors and DA's

are the cause of much of the problems in this country. I've been saying exactly this was going to start happening for a very long time.

Prosecutors need to start caring about innocence and not their political win record for putting "hard criminals" away for "hard time." They have been thus far insulated from the hell they are causing... maybe this might be a wake up call... dunno...

One thing interesting is they offer a $20,000 reward for info leading to apprehending the killers... too bad they don't value all life the same huh?