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free icky

I’ve been sober now for about six days. Do you know the best cure for an alcoholic? No money. I can identify with all of the homeless people around here where I live. Hopelessness precedes homelessness. Sobriety is hard when there are so few things around which one can find to ease the pain. I’m in good shape myself, I know that I always have someone to go to, family members who will always take me in, no matter how much I’ve mistreated them. By mistreatment I mean, mostly, ignored. I haven’t given my family the attention they deserve. Throughout my adult life I’ve shown very little care towards my family. I’d go months at a time, I still do, without talking to any family, even though they care deeply for me, and I them--though I give little to no indication of care from my end. I’m so wrapped up in myself, trying to make sense of all the strange things around me.

So, I was hesitant to say where I live, but if I do, then what I want to convey will be more effectively transferred. Details, the gory ones most notably, although where I live is not a detail which is gory, the details, though, give life to a story. This is not something that I’ve truly understood, even as someone who enjoys writing, until just recently. I didn’t realize how important details are to writing until I really started trying to write something which is meaningful, from the heart. The heart, which is really the mind, as far as it “feels”, reacts to details.

This is my new blog, if you want to read the rest of this entry go here: http://freeicky.blogspot.com/

I started with this, my first post on the DP: http://www.dailypaul.com/272395/obsessed-with-freedom-in-a-w... which can also be read at the blog link above, as two seperate entries posted below the entry from above.

threeput, a commenter from my original post, suggested I start a blog, so I did.