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Happy Anniversary, Ron & Carol! 56 Years, Feb. 1st!

Looking back on last year when the campaign was in full swing at this time, it was so wonderful when Ron gave Carol that big bouquet of flowers........I'm sure this year will be just an wonderful, but far more low-key. We all join in wishing you both every happiness, from your family of loyal & loving supporters!

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Happy Anniversary, Pauls!

Wasn't there an anniversary money bomb at one point?

Happy Anniversary...

Happy Anniversary...

WOW, I'm having to keep this bumped.

Can't believe it when I look at all the other topics you're keeping on the Recent bar........



I'm keeping this bumped

all day!

I was so gratified & lucky

to have been able to start a friendship with Carol Paul in 2011. It started when she sent a "Thank you," for the "It's Time for Ron Paul" clock that I gave to Ron when he was in Reno for the C4L conference. Since then,we've shared many wonderful & interesting emails & she's graciously given me interview opportunities.

Now, she's helping me with fund raising for our county GOP.
Here's what she sent me two days ago:


You did a great job and I hope you raise lots of $$$$. Carol

Happy Anniversary

To America's true "first couple". You've earned that title as we have seen how much you love and support each other and also support we Americans! RON PAUL IS MY PRESIDENT FOREVER AND ALWAYS. He has grabbed my heart and I won't let him let it go!


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Happy Blessed Anniversary to Carol & Ron!!!

Kudos to both of you for giving birth to this liberty r3VOLution, while raising a remarkable family.

I hope we can emulate you and continue to build a loving, thoughtful, tenacious RP- liberty & peace movement that keeps on multiplying in all directions. THANK YOU for being the first torch bearers and showing us how to be engaged with this slow-to-respond "world" cheerfully and with the utmost agape- love.

Can still see that wonderful picture in my mind of Dr. Paul

giving his wife roses on their anniversary! A beautiful tribute of love between the 2 of them shared with us.

Happy Anniversary To Ron & Carol Paul

My God continued to shine his light on both of you..

"One day, we shall have liberty"


Happy Happy Anniversary ~

May you have years of love and happiness ahead~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Congratulations Ron and

Congratulations Ron and Carol!!!

We'll reach 43 years in APR

Here's a secret. When couples first get married there's no reason for him/her to give up friendships. How do you balance friendship and marriage? By inviting your spouse to every and all events with friends. It doesn't matter what the event is even if you know your spouse has no interest whatsoever. Give THEM the option, let THEM decide.

Ron Paul Was Right


They seem to be a very happy couple.
May we all strive for that type of long lasting relationship.

Thank you Ron and Carol Paul. Your life has been a great example.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

We should all

drink a toast to them tomorrow!

Carol sent me this today:


You did a great job and I hope you raise lots of $$$$. Carol

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RonPaul neckties!

Just as with the best-selling liberty cookbooks Carol is a resourceful & keen fundraiser for the good cause!