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Police and media protect UK high ranking pedophiles.


It seems the Sunday Times got hold of a list of kiddie-porn subscribers. The paper ran an article:
"Names on the list include:

The former chairman of one of the City’s biggest firms of stockbrokers.

A senior director of a well known drinks company. Contacted at home last week, he hung up when asked why his name was on the list.

A millionaire business colleague of one of Britain’s best-known entrepreneurs.

A director of one of the country’s biggest construction companies.

A prominent City PR man who acts as an intermediary between boardrooms, the media and the government. He said last week that police had not visited his home.

A former director of one of the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals companies.

A senior partner at a multinational accountancy firm.

A top executive at a large manufacturing company.

The Sunday Times has decided not to identify the businessmen because the police have still not interviewed them or made arrests in most cases."

Ten years now, and still no interviews or arrests. How does that happen, if there is no police protection of pedophiles? And this in not just the UK, this is international and there is plenty of it in the US.

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