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Why are authorities so desperate pushing people to quit smoking?

As a smoker its always nice to come across items that don't always follow the politically correct viewpoint. This is a little bit "out there" but simlar to vaccines, anytime the Government is strongly opposed to something it makes me think they have an ulterior motive.

Why authorities are so desperate pushing people to quit smoking? Could it be because smoking neutralizes the chemical poison?
Alan Watt talks about it in his radio show "Cutting Through The Matrix"

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Tobacco growers are

Tobacco growers are subsidized by the Government.

There is a huge difference

There is a huge difference between smoking a cigarette with pure tobacco and smoking some name-brand cigarette bought at a store. Even though I smoked the name-brand cigarettes, I think quitting has been worse for my health. I get out of breath just going up stairs and I gained 60-70 lbs. My appetite actually did not changed. I eat less now than before I quit.

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The answer is simple

Smoking neutralizes the chemical poison in what? Chemtrails?

Utter hogwash.

Smoking makes people sick. Some people handle it better than others, which is why we have anecdotal evidence of pack-a-day smokers living to 102, but for the vast majority of smokers, the habit is seriously deleterious to health.

And when the government starts paying for the healthcare of its citizens, by definition it has an incentive to discourage people from doing something that costs it unnecessary money.

The disgusting warnings on cigarette packages in Canada now take up more than 75% of the visible box area, and they are taxed beyond belief. It's because a lung cancer patient here gets all their care "free", and it's draining the federal coffers dry.

There is no conspiracy here beyond governments scrambling to save programs which are hopelessly failing. Occam's Razor.

Cigarettes are more

Cigarettes are more artificial chemicals than tobacco.

Smoke weed to free yourself.

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I couldn't watch the video,

I couldn't watch the video, but I've had two family member smokers die prematurely from lung cancer/smoking 2 packs a day. It was horrible to watch them struggle to breathe, probably one of the worst ways to go out. Everyone else in my family lives to 90+ years.

I don't

know why the authorities are pushing for people to stop smoking. I smoked for 44 years and quit March 12. My nerves are shot--I honestly don't know how to deal with life without a cigarette--it was my coping mechanism. My health sucks. I can barely breathe, have gained a ton of weight and have other health issues, as well. They (doctors) don't know what's wrong with me, except they have finally determined that I do NOT have COPD--but what I do have, they have yet to ascertain!! I have met several people like myself--long-time smokers who quit then lose their health. I am thinking that perhaps if one has only smoked a short time (like a few years) that it would be beneficial to quit...but that long-term smokers have a 50-50 chance of getting healthier...or getting sicker.

I had tried to quit a few times in my younger day to no avail. I had wanted to quit again for at least a year--it made me mad that a little 2-3 inch thing was stronger than me, the cost of smoking was really getting exorbitant {I was going to quit when they went to 35 cents--LOL), but mostly I wanted to quit because if the SHTF, I want ONLY to concern myself with helping my family and friends--I don't want to deal with a monkey on my back. This fact, I think, is the ONLY reason I haven't gone back to smoking.

Frequently it becomes a quantity vs. quality issue. I have always been about quality. My friends and family think it's great that so much time has passed since I've smoked--and think I should be proud of myself. I'm not. Like I mentioned above, I am absolutely miserable--so what I haven't smoked in 10 months, my quality of life leaves much to be desired.

For those considering quitting, please do not let my experience influence you one way or the other--and good luck.

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I used

Chantix to help, but I only smoked for 14 years.
I only took the fist of three rounds.
Once my chemical addiction was broken, it was all up to will power. I hated and despised every cig because i understood the control it had on my life. Now I put that money into Silver :)

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

thanks for sharing.

hope you get better soon.

As time goes by it will get

As time goes by it will get easier and your body will heal itself. Make sure you are eating right so that you body CAN heal itself. There are many posts around here and on what to eat.

I heard somewhere that after about 10 years of not smoking, your lungs return pretty close to a pre-smoking state, which is amazing.

Keep going, if not for yourself, then do it for your family.

I would also recommend picking up a beginners yoga DVD somewhere, this will work wonders in terms of breathing, stimulating nerve endings, and calming the mind.

I think the stigmas against smoking should go away

I think we should accept it more and get the government out of it.

I don't believe it's healthy to inhale all that tar and other chemicals. Nicotine is something entirely different and I personally don't think there's much to that fear.

However, I also don't believe it's 'natural' for all the millions of smokers to miraculously settle into a 1-2 pack per day habit. That's too creepy. I think if it was truly natural (not filled with HFCS as they are) we would see people who have 1-3 on Friday nights. We would see people who have 4 per day. Others would have 10 per day (half a pack). Still others would have 4-5 on special days and then forget to have some again until the next special day (kinda like how I drink Jack).

I do know people who have done the 1-2 per week thing but that was not a constant. They were in transition, either starting or stopping. I just can't understand why everyone settles into roughly the same habit.

Oh, wait. Who put the HFCS in there? n/m I figured it out.


Perhaps because they smoked. It must have benefits in moderation. Yet I think it should be organic.
My father was heavy smoker and never had any lung problems. Yet he was very active.


I think eating the leaves of the tobacco plant would be healthy

But i think the smoking of them is still dangerous. Why? the body instinctively coughs and is irritated when smoke is inhaled down the throat.

I am in the process of

I am in the process of chewing tobacco right now. Eating the leaves (chewing then swallowing) will just make you throw up. The nicotine will start buzzing your throat and activate the gag reflex. As to whether its better for you, you are simply switching the affected area. Personally, I would rather lose my jaw than my lungs. Keeping anything in your mouth for an extended period is going to cause tooth decay (start putting bags of black tea in your mouth). However, banning the use is not the answer. Here at the land of fruits and nuts, my college banned not only smoking, but chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes. Gum and patches are OK, but thats so they can give them out at the planned parenthood on campus. Palo Alto just banned smoking in all parks, too. California is descending into tyranny quicker than other places, it seems.


Nicotine counters the effects of fluoride.


helping stop the deterioration of the Penal Gland.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Corn cob pipes are next on

Corn cob pipes are next on Obama's hit list...

Uh oh!

Waiting to inhale in 2016.

I'll take a groovynatural resin and tar based smoke over some heavy metal bull@%it being sprayed over the airwaves any day.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

This is where Milton Friedman

uniquely enters the conversation.

It is a straightforward for Libertarians to try to keep the government out of regulating people lives and let courts to decide whether one can prove that his/her health had been damaged.

Now, putting aside that such a proof could be expensive for a single person (or a small group) and the damage might be too great, consider this:
a. an "impact" comes in small portions from different private companies, foreign and domestic;
b. effect from one such an "impact" is not enough to cause the health problem.
c. over a long period of time, combined effect does cause health problem.

Q: Whom to sue and with what money?
Milton Friedman advocated some role of government in this area, while Ayn Rand advocated homestead principle instead. But this is a good area to debate.

Smoking is healthier than fascism

•In a free society, the state does not regulate (and individuals exercise tolerance) when peaceful actions and voluntary transactions take place. Each individual in a free society has the right to choose if they desire to partake in "risky" activities or consume products such as alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. In a free society, there is no place for the government (or individuals) to legislate or seek to control the voluntary behavior of others as long as the behaviors do not injure another person or damage someone else’s property. People who think it’s appropriate to choose for others are notoriously selfish. Their degree of tolerance of the desires of individuals who hold viewpoints that differ from their own is low or non-existent.

•Fewer than 10 percent of lifelong smokers will get lung cancer. Fewer yet will contract the long list of other cancers, such as throat or mouth cancers. In the game of risk, you're more likely to have a condom break than to get cancer from smoking. However, that the majority of smokers beat cancer doesn't make for effective anti-smoking campaigning.

•Tobacco cures depression, reduces stress, and relieves boredom.

•Smoking relieves constipation.

•Smoking, has calming and sedating effects. Without cigarettes many people would turn to pharmaceutical drugs.

•Nicotine is not as dangerous as alcohol...alcohol is a mood changer, and it works fast. An unlimited number of cigarettes can be smoked and a car can still be driven safely. The same can't be said about drinking 6 shots of booze. Alcohol also destroys families, screws up people's minds, and causes more lost work time than tobacco ever will.

•People that hassle smokers like to control others similar to how governments like to control its citizens. The Government does not care about its citizens health. It cares about money and controlling behavior. Attacks on smokers by individuals and by the government has nothing to do with smoking and everything to do with control.

•Smokers are often healthier than many of their non-smoking friends . Staying away from fast food restaurants and processed foods is far more important in maintaining a healthy body than simply not smoking.

•Big Pharma wants to wrestle the nicotine market away from tobacco companies. They want to monopolize the delivery of nicotine with their patches and pills, so cigarettes (and those who smoke them) are demonized at every opportunity. If you research this you'll find that Pharma spends astonishing amounts of money trying to capture this market. (they've bought and paid for every smoking ban in this country) They make an absolute killing on smoking cessation products, even though these therapies fail to help people quit smoking close to 100% of the time.

•The average life expectancy for smokers is higher than the general public (average death of smokers is 72 years old versus 69 for everyone combined). Only about 8% of smokers develop lung cancer, and 60% of those people don't get it until after normal life expectancy – just like everyone else who develops various forms of cancer.

•Second hand smoke kills fewer people than the flu, pneumonia, traffic accidents and many other things. The public health crusaders want us to believe that lung cancer can only be caused by cigarettes and that all smokers will die from this habit, which is false. Only 10% of smokers will die from lung cancer. The cigarette consumption in Greece is higher than in North America, but lung cancer is not. People in Finland are more likely to catch lung cancer than Americans even if they smoke half as much. Why don't we hear those facts from our politicians and the so-called interest groups fighting on our behalf? The answer is simple: people who fight tobacco use are not caring scientists but political activists who want to impose their lifestyle to all. Those tobacco fighters are supported by junk scientists and by politicians who seek votes by alarming people. This is not to say that tobacco is 100% risk-free, but certainly not as risky as health bureaucrats want you to believe. And even if tobacco was as bad as some say, should the state regulate its consumption? The answer is no. The mission of a state (if any) should never be to try to modify personal preferences.

•Smokers have significantly lower instances of Alzheimer's.

•Smoking and nicotine affect your “fight or flight” mechanism.Studies show it reduces irrational fear.

•There are 15 countries that have a higher percentage of regular smokers than the USA. Every one of those 15 countries have a higher average life expectancy than we do. The conclusion of the study indicated that the stress associated with our rapid pace and consumption oriented society causes more damage to our bodies than cigarette smoking does. As mentioned above, smoking is universally considered by smokers to help control the stress of everyday life in the USA.

•Studies show that people who take a smoke break are much more productive because they have a chance to relax and chill and thus, not so stressed out. Obviously, smoking is a relaxant to many. Better than Prozac - which is fluoride based. Many people that quit smoking after years of heavy use gain an unhealthy amount of weight (50+ lbs.) and then must deal with diabetes and heart failure, among other life-threatening illnesses.

Hitler also

Nazi Germany had a huge campaign push against smoking.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Big bump


LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I would accept government

I would accept government anti-drug, anti-tobacco "education" if the compromise is that we get to make our own choices in these matters. And that includes the owners of establishments being able to decide for themselves if they want their place to be drug-free or smoke-free or whatever else.

The problem though is there

The problem though is there is always an agenda. Gov wants more power and tax money so naturally the 'Education' will turn into propaganda to turn people to outlaw the drugs. A good example of this is the 'Reefer Madness' videos.

If non-profits want to do this then that is the best free market solution.

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.

I do not like the role of

I do not like the role of government in education, but I would take this compromise over the current system.

It is not the government's

It is not the government's place to "educate" us nor "encourage" us about/to do anything.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

Blowing Smoke...Many Americans Blow It Up Their Hind Quarters

Look! If smoking doesn't do you any good then why do it?

Save your money for useful ventures...Anyway, that's how I see Jim Eason, a former radio talk show host use to say at the end of his broacast, "Do you what you want, but behave youself"

I know it's bad but I know it's not.

Tobacco. We used to use it to pray and we still do. All traditionalist native Americans smoke tobacco. All of us.

We believe it's sweet smoke carries our prayers to the One Above and to our ancestors. To us Tobacco was sanctified by White Buffalo Calf Woman, a very sacred deity to us. She gave us the Sacred Pipe, the holy Channupa-wa.

Channupa-wa, shunkeon. Every knee shall bow. We do. It's such an awesome thing so see a great warrior bow. We take a knee, we bow our heads, the pipe that was given is so much higher than us. And for this reason some men spend their whole lives trying to get through our 7 Ceremonies. Some of them can kill you. Sundance is an act of a warrior literally praying to suffer and die so that our people might be spared.

But again and again we are told this is not a race and there is no finish line. Therefore do we pray for the strength to run and not be tired.

And therefore do we run and so far we are not tired.

If you would think of it as levels I have only got to level 4 or something. Inyippi or what you call "vision quest" or Hanbleche, "the making of relatives" or the naming ceremony. The highest order that we have to offer is Sundancers.

I am not a Sundancer. Number one my tradition does not look upon the spilling of blood kindly. We believe it profanes God's sacred land. So my people favour clubs.

There are very few words for "wrong" in my native language. We have no word for "sin" but we know "against the law" or "against the way". Or more simply, "your actions are not in THE WAY". And that's one of the worst things you can say to us. Or the rebuke from our elders HECHUSH!



I suppose being a warrior is much different. Like Rambo. You get to do what you want right?

For us it's different. We get to choose to be under submission to our elders and that is probably our definition of warrior: one who serves. One who puts his life below that of the people, the Oyasin.

Which one do you want to be?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

keep walking

the Red Road, my brother. May White Buffalo Calf Woman hold you close to her always. Be in peace.


For us there is no other road to walk.

Red Road brother. There are many roads but only one we can walk.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.

Peace brother

as long as people like you and me live on this planet -- this planet has a chance to be restored.

Blessings to you!

LL on Twitter:
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I've often wondered that

Perhaps it has something to do with chemtrails, hard to say for sure.

Def +1 for good topic!