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Just got back from HI: My Report on Airport Security

I started my journey to HI at SEATAC International Airport & after hearing a number of reports in the news & online about invasive security measures employed since my last flight in 2009, was feeling a bit weary about the whole process. Here is my report:

-Upon arriving at the Hawaiian Airlines section, I was directed to a self check-in station located near the front since I was not checking any bags. After inputting my confirmation code & going through a few short steps, my boarding pass was printed & I was on my way. So far, super easy!

-There were relatively short lines at the security check-point & while waiting in line after showing my boarding pass & passport, was noticing that some people were being directed through the controversial "Rapiscan" machines, while others (mainly women w/ children) were being pointed through a metal detector instead. As I stepped up, I was motioned toward the "Rapiscan" machine & I shook my head & said, "I don't want to go through that." The TSA agent then read me a card attached to a lanyard around her neck that was basically just some legal jargon confirming I was opting out of the scanner & would therefore undergo a security pat down. I agreed. Another female agent was called up & she grabbed my belongings & we went to another station where she put on gloves & explained the procedure. She was actually a nice person & even stated a lot of people opt out of the machines. I didn't feel that the whole procedure was too invasive, but thought it was more like a whole lot of posturing more than anything.

-On my way back through HNL Honolulu International Airport, I simply went through a metal detector after printing my boarding pass & showing it along with my passport to security & had absolutely no troubles at all.

What are other people's experiences with the TSA?

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I fly a lot

I have only opted out once because I hated the procedure so much. I had my worst experience with TSA at SeaTac so I am glad to hear everything went well for you there. The TSA experience depends on the airport and time of the day and it is rarely pleasant... at least in my opinion. Hope you had a nice time in Hawaii.

I Quit Flying

If I can't drive or go by boat I don't go. Screw them! They aren't going to get paid by me to abuse me.


Haven't flown for about 6 months but used to pretty often.

got pulled out for the xtra screening 8 out of 10 times, easily. =(

I guess I must have looked/acted nervous.... Yeh, Hello, I hate flying.... I was nervous!

You obviously don't get it.

Good Luck and enjoy your tyranny.