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Harry Reid takes 1 million dollar bribe!

This week’s release of an hour-long audio tape between indicted iWorks marketing fraudster and SunFirst Bank online poker payment processor Jeremy Johnson and current Utah Attorney General John Swallow contains online-poker bribery allegations involving Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

Johnson recently released what he claims is a secretly-taped recording between he and Swallow, made in April 2012 at an Orem, Utah Krispy Kreme donut shop. On the tape, Johnson indicates he participated in a Full Tilt-instructed deal to send $1m to Reid via an intermediary, in exchange for Reid helping lead the charge to launch online-poker regulations.


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First page please!

This deserves some exposure and an investigation.

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On the face of it, appears to

On the face of it, appears to be entrapment but I'll wait and see. I'd like nothing more than to see Harry Reid end his career as a bagboy at a grocery store.

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(if so corrupt)

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This is golden, wonder if this will be swept under the rug by the MSM.

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