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Man With Concealed Carry Permit Arrested for Exposure of Gun. Video Goes Viral, Officer on Leave


A video has been seen more than 38,000 times in January. It shows Joel Smith of Citrus County getting stopped by Deputy Alan Cox.

17 seconds after getting out of the car, he is asked for his registration and insurance.

As he turns, something is slightly visible in his back pocket.

"Why do you carry a gun for?" asked Deputy Cox.

Ten seconds later, he is being held at gun point.

"Put your hands right up or I'll shoot you in the blanking back," said Cox.

Jan. 28th, 2013


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In the United States Code Volume one you will find The source authority for the Government in the United States of America in the beginning of the Code: The Organic Laws of the United States of America here is the link to find them on the web

It is the duty of all human beings to know all the laws that govern them because there is no excuse for not knowing all the laws in which government are to be bound

All these laws are Organic and have not been repealed.

Did you know that the Declaration of Independence is LAW? The Articles of Confederation yes this is still LAW What about the Northwest Ordinance YES it is still LAW

Please go for yourself and learn all four of these Laws and get yourself educated so that you are not ignorant of your freedom in this FREE Society we have been given.

We live in a society of

We live in a society of mostly unjust laws. I stand by what I said, in a world of just laws, this stop would have never occurred because the man wouldn't have been obligated to register his vehicle with the state.

And I will start with the sovereign bs if I want, who are you to try and stop me?

I've been summoned to court for expired tags. I didn't go. Later, they arrested me. I spent 36 hours in jail. Public defender got me "time served" and I didn't give them bastards a dime. Instead, they fed 3 meals a day and provided climate-controlled shelter over my head. The surrounding company was less than to be desired, but from that occurrence, I made another decision: Never to pay for another traffic ticket again. I will make them feed me and house me for a few days instead. I would rather spend a few days there in protest than to give them my money for their unjust laws.

Finally, not everyone who carries concealed has to go through a safety course. We have a few Constitutional-carry states here in the United Soviets.

You go right on defending the cops' actions. I'm sure they won't press as hard on your neck with their boots as a way of saying thanks.


Florida, where this happened,

Florida, where this happened, is a safety course required state.


So a free society should pay

So a free society should pay for your meals and housing? Are you on food stamps? Section 8?

You arent going to work to support your family in order to drive down the street without proper tags?

I didnt say all laws are just, NDAA, HR 347, patriot act....etc....

but not all are bad.

go on...mr. sovereign, stop paying all taxes. dont renew your license. stop paying "the man". rock on brother. just dont make me pay for your "protest" or for your family's food and housing.

The founders came to an

The founders came to an agreement and their philosophy was that and law made would be one to punish deeds that harmed another. They didn't believe in using the state to regulate behavior. This is why it's not called the legal system, it's call the justice system. The legal system is something new and used for petty crap like thieves suing their victims when they get injured from being defended against. Laws don't shape behavior, people's will does. People don't do drugs because they are illegal, they just see what it does to people and genuinely don't want to do them. There are still a handful of cowards/morons who genuinely just think they need law to control them and would go do drugs if the bans were lifted, but they are a product of the nanny state and would not survive in a moral and just society. They would mouth off and get shot. Dueling is another thing the founders did. Fought to death over opinions and such.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

They made the choice to lock

They made the choice to lock me up. It wasn't my decision. They didn't feed my whole family, you dolt. They fed me while they locked me up because they don't have a right to deprive a person of food and water. That would be cruel and unusual punishment, forbidden by our Constitution. They could have just as easily let me go instead of locking me up for disobeying an unjust law. If they want to enforce unjust laws, then feeding people who should never be locked up is a consequence that the unjust state burdens upon their society.


do your "protest" enough, and

do your "protest" enough, and you wouldnt be able to afford to feed your family, you dolt.

you didnt answer my question, are you on food stamps or public housing?

the only dolt I see here is

the only dolt I see here is you.

you mad bro? so I guess you

you mad bro?

so I guess you do collect public housing and food subsidies that the rest of the free society has to pay for while you are fighting your "crusade".

"Under a government which

"Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." -Henry David Thoreau

Those aren't laws, laws are

Those aren't laws, laws are the verbalization or codification of activity that is evident by nature. What you are calling "laws" are not laws.

here's proof. If congress were to pass a law that made gravity illegal, would we all float away? Obviously not, but we'd certainly be arrested for not obeying it!

You're pretty quick to give

You're pretty quick to give the state the benefit of the doubt. It's actually pretty disturbing.

I do believe I remember

I do believe I remember saying that I dont agree with the language or the arrest.

So an armed thug forces a

So an armed thug forces a person off the road because the thug's boss has made an imoral claim on the person's propery and right to travel (his tag tax was not paid), the person, not wanting to be arrested an abused by the thug obeys in every way, when his firearm is breifly visible among the first words from the cops mouth is "put your hands on the car or I'm gonna shoot you in the back".

The whole system is totally jacked. Don't give me any of this bs about "bad apples" and that "not all cops are bad". The position of cop is bad. No human being should be allowed to hold that office.

two things you can count on

two things you can count on in this world, death and taxes.

his "right to travel" wasnt infringed, he can walk or ride a bike.

So ... are you saying ...

... that a man's right to travel is only by a mode that YOU choose and not a mode that HE chooses?

If that's the case, then from now on, your right to free speech is what *I* choose, and not what YOU chose.

Sound good?

if you choose to travel down

if you choose to travel down the road, you must have a lic and tags. if you want to travel on a bike or walking, you need nothing. go be free and get some exercise.

you can choose to block me so my free speech doesnt affect you. see, cause and effect.

weak response

If you want to eat food. you must have a mouth. If you want to breath air, simply inhale and exhale its free. Get some O2. Just make sure there is no marijuana smoke going in or you are a criminal and deserve to go to jail cause mj is bad. And the state doesn't let people do bad things. Only they can do bad things and get away with it.

Stupid enough for you

Weaker response. Your points

Weaker response.

Your points imply things that are vital for life itself.

Why is it that every conversation on here becomes a "sovereign" debate?

You mean just like your right

You mean just like your right to defend yourself is still preserved as long as you have a pair of "DHS-approved" scissors?


LOL...no. but your right to


but your right to defend yourself with a concealed weapon, doesnt come without a duty to inform the officer that youre carrying. Its rule number one....go through the class and find out.

"doesn't come without a duty

"doesn't come without a duty to inform"

I call bullcrap. The right to keep and bear arms doesn't come with a duty to inform cops that you are carrying. I must have missed that part of the Second Amendment. Let me re-read it again:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Nope, no mention of a requirement to inform cops that you are bearing arms. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that you believe your rights come from the graciousness of the state to allow you those rights. I lived in Arizona, and no class is required to carry concealed there. Also, not every state is a "shall-inform" state. Again, you are imposing your state's unjust laws onto everyone else's. I'm a Nevada resident and our laws are completely silent on carrying a handgun in a car. Our laws tell you not to carry a loaded rifle in a caar, but not a word on handguns in cars.

My rights come from an internal instinct to preserve my own life, not from a government.


and you can keep and bare

and you can keep and bare arms....

keep meaning have one. bear meaning carry one.

I got my concealed permit so I dont have to mess with the idiots in law enforcement.

florida is an inform state:


bs, a man with a gun stopped him from traveling. And if he were walking or riding a bike and the "officer" saw his gun, he would have tried to kill him then too.

walk or ride a bike. sheesh...

Open carry with a slinged

Open carry with a slinged weapon or in a holster is legal.

concealed carry is legal with a permit in most states. once you expose it, it has to be in a holster. his was not.

its not that hard to understand.

Roid rage?

No ever talks about massive steroid use among police.Check out the cops arms.

Money talks and dogs bark


It was nice to see a calm and responsible gun owner. This video speaks so loudly about how police are not to be trusted.

whos protecting and serving

These thug bullies are such cowards that at the first sign of equal force they get terrified and afraid for their life.

Thug life of a cop.


the deupty

definitely overreacted. But let's be honest 38,000 views is not exactly viral.

"Be a listener only, keep within yourself, and endeavor to establish with yourself the habit of silence, especially on politics." -Thomas Jefferson

Good grief...The officer is

Good grief...The officer is the one who sounds unhinged. His language and screaming is unbecoming of an officer at any time. He acted like a scared bully with absolutely no reason for his panic attack.