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Man With Concealed Carry Permit Arrested for Exposure of Gun. Video Goes Viral, Officer on Leave


A video has been seen more than 38,000 times in January. It shows Joel Smith of Citrus County getting stopped by Deputy Alan Cox.

17 seconds after getting out of the car, he is asked for his registration and insurance.

As he turns, something is slightly visible in his back pocket.

"Why do you carry a gun for?" asked Deputy Cox.

Ten seconds later, he is being held at gun point.

"Put your hands right up or I'll shoot you in the blanking back," said Cox.

Jan. 28th, 2013


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The first rule of carry

The first rule of carry concealed, if stopped by law enforcement, is to notify that you have a permit and if you are carrying.

He did not do so and reached back there several times. He's lucky he wasn't shot.

Everyone, including myself, that has a concealed permit knows this.

You shouldn't be under any

You shouldn't be under any obligation to notify an officer that you are carrying.

As for me, I do notify them as I believe it helps, psychologically. A criminal would never tell a cop that he has a gun on him. By telling the cop right away, it usually sends the message that I am not a criminal. That distinction usually helps me get out of whatever "illegal" summons they are about to give me.


oh please....

why would anyone want to inform a potential threat of, if and what they are carrying so they no longer have the element of surprise. Just because this particular thug has a badge doesn't make him any less a threat to this man's life.

Make no mistake some cops (not all) are dirty criminal thugs that only got a badge so they could be on the team that has a monopoly on the use of force. Unfortunately its not easy to tell the good cops from the bad in most cases without conversation. This cop went straight from, license and registration to I'm going to shoot you in the back in less then a minute.

This particular cowardly police officer has his whole mind set behind force and power it seems. Any equalizer to his power or authority has him so scared he threatens to shoot someone in the back. This is probably compounded with his lack of ability to negotiate a polite conversation. I hope this police officer takes this as a lesson and changes his ways and does not let his emotions get the better of him in the future. i don't think he should be fired as long as he doesn't have history of this kind of behaviour. I hope this cop rights this wrong by going out of his way to protect gun rights in the future.

Please stop making excuses for this guy. He made a big mistake and he should own it. His job exists to serve us not to terrorise us. We pay his salary ( I live in FL ) Lets praise the good cops and curse the terrible cops that have no right to a badge until proven otherwise ( i believe in second chances, within reason).

I used to believe that was the most prudent course.

But I once encountered an officer who copped an attitude and asked if I was showing off? Unstable cops, such as the one in the video, who think the police are the only ones who should be armed are the biggest threats to our freedoms and lives. I once lived in a county that borders Philadelphia and god help any individual who had a carry permit issued in the counties if they were caught in the city. You would never see your weapon again and could count on spending quite a few hours at the "roundhouse".

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.


That's not a law.

And not announcing it doesn't justify the terroristic threatening of what appears to be an unstable cop. The cop just "lost it," it seemed like he genuinely believed his own life was threatened.

Imagine this cop in the "wild west", he'd soon have to be put in a padded room.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

You don't carry do you.

You don't carry do you.

What does your argument gain by me answering YES or NO?


"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

If you dont/cant/havent gone

If you dont/cant/havent gone through the safety course, then I will understand and file you in the "uninformed/uneducated about the subject" file.

I do

And dont agree with you one bit.

First, it is prudent to inform the officer - yes. But rules vary. There is NO law in CT mandating you inform and officer of your carry status.

And let just forget the "ill shoot you in the fucking back" phsycho, I have daddy issues for a minute.

Please explain to me the arrest and charges.

He was carrying legally.

Ok- the officer feels threatened. Remove the threat by taking the gun - not that I agree, but if you feel to handcuff the gentlemen until you have it squared away -ok. But once you realize he is carrying legally - don't you take off the cuffs - ask the gentlemen to be more purdent in the future and go on?

I'm not agreeing with the

I'm not agreeing with the language used or the arrest.

Let's get that clear.

It may have been avoided if he had followed the safety course training.

When you say

"It may have been avoided if he had followed the safety course training"
I assume by he - you mean the cop - right?
WHY should we live in fear and try to avoid false arrest? Seems to me the person whos JOB it is to KNOW the law should be the one looking to avoid things - like falsly arresting people due to being and ignorant ahole.

No, the safety course for the

No, the safety course for the concealed carry permit tells you to notify as soon as possible. That wouldve diffused the situation before it even began. Also, reaching back behind you several times like that and turning away from the officer is a no no.

I would like to know why he exited the vehicle in the first place. If he stayed seated, it wouldnt have been exposed.

Not all states require a

Not all states require a safety course to carry concealed.


IN the state in question,

IN the state in question, Florida, you do.


and you must inform.


In FL you must inform only if you are asked. Even the link you posted says "upon demand." You do not have to inform an officer you are carrying simply because you are pulled over. The only time I've been pulled over while carrying in FL I did inform the officer by handing him my CCW along with my license, but that was at my discretion, it's not required here.

"Why do you carry a gun?" Was

"Why do you carry a gun?" Was spoken by the officer, was it not?

In the concealed course, they told you to inform didnt they?


They did not. I can't speak for every instructor in FL, but ours didn't encourage or discourage us from informing unless asked. It's not a legal requirement and we were told it's our discretion. They did give reasons for and against.

I can't tell in the video what the guy actually says when the cop asks "why he's carrying." Did he say I don't have to tell you or something? That's a real question, I couldn't make out what his response was. Obviously at that point he should say he has a permit, I couldn't tell what he said.

I also don't know why that guy got out of the van, that wasn't the best move to begin with.

lol, I bet one of their

lol, I bet one of their reasons for informing was the prevent this from happening.

staying in the van, unless ordered to exit, was the first mistake. The officer wouldnt have seen the gun. even if he didnt have to inform, the officer wouldnt have known about it and nothing would have escalated.

more excuses.

He didn't even give the guy ample time to give an answer. And that question requires no answer. Its his GOD DAMN RIGHT, he doesn't need to give the cop a reason.

I agree. Again for the 40th

I agree.

Again for the 40th time, I dont agree with how the man was treated. But he couldve avoided it.

See how

He became an instant criminal/terrorist as soon as the gun was spotted.

Atrocious! You have rights! We all over the world have rights no matter what the governments say.

This country needs a serious

soul searching. Internet swarms are bringing reason and judgement to police departments and school boards?