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New Video:Quarks to the Universe in 1 minute

Hope you enjoy my latest video it is a combination of footage starting from the smallest of particles zooming right out to the vast Universe all in just over a minute. Enjoy!


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I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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I Was Subscribed

to you but I had to close my youtube account since they wouldn't let me comment or vote anymore if I didn't give them my full name. Screw google! Have you ever read the privacy policy for google? If I read it right they actually can track you down through your wifi service and can use that info! I posted the policy on DP but I don't think anyone saw the post. Anyway great video!


Same here

They asked me to call them to confirm my identity because of Ron Paul posts on google plus, I didn't really realise that my youtube account was directly linked.

It was a pain to lose my favourited videos but, not enough for me to sacrifice my privacy!

I agree screw google!

Really? That is pretty crazy of them!




My God that was beautiful!!!!!!