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When Mike encouraged us to post more originals...I decided to look back on my past writings

This is the a copy of the letter I sent to my parents and 2 sisters when our relationship was at its breaking point. Neither of my parents responded and both of my sisters attacked me and since then (almost 2 years ago) I broke off all relations with them. I expect many here will react the same way my family did, but what I wrote is how I still feel and I honestly don't miss the false relationship I had with my family. To my surprise, I've never been happier! So, for what its worth...heres a DP original. (I'm going to keep looking back on other essays I wrote over my awaking and see if there are other things that might be of interest to people here)

Last Letter:
You know what really sucks? You know what really hurts me deep down inside? What causes me great heartache? All our lives I have been the outcast of the family. I have been the drunk, the drug addict, the “black sheep”, …essentially the crazy one. But it turns out its not me that’s crazy!

There are only two realistic possibilities. Either my Mom, Dad, and two sisters have intentionally mislead me for some kind of perverse evil pleasure of their own, or my Mom, Dad, and two sisters have been broken by manipulation. No different than breaking a horse or house breaking a dog, humans are being broken through the combination of religion and government.

All my life my brain has been trying to make sense of a bunch of nonsense. I’m now convinced that if anyone in this family has a good working brain it’s me. Every one of you has caved in to an illogical fantasy. Everyone of you refuse to even consider that your beliefs may be flawed. Over many years everyone of you have in essence created a self inflicted neurological disorder where one did not previously exist. It’s incredibly sad to see my entire family trapped in an illusion that was created for the specific purpose of controlling human minds. I say human because if you notice there are not a whole lot of other religious animals…like none.

Religious people are well on their way to ending life on this planet. Religious people can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. Religious people actually hope and wish for “the 2nd coming” of Jesus Christ so that all the “good people” will be taken up to “heaven” while all non-believers will be stuck on earth to suffer. Real history does not indicate that anything even remotely consistent with this type of thing has ever occurred and yet the ruling class has convinced even the most intelligent among us that this is an actual possibility.

If something you thought was going to happen or something you wanted to happen just kept on not happening…how long would you wait until you used your own brain to make a rational determination that whatever was suppose happen probably was just not going to happen? How long would you wait for a bus before you decided it was not coming. An hour? A day? A week? A month? Jesus Christ has been supposing to come again for 2000 years. Jesus said that “No man will see death before I return”. I do not know any man 2000 years old do you?

Unless we stop brainwashing our children as they enter this world, the world will end. But, it’s not going to end by some sky ghost coming down and judging us…it’s going to end by some religious fanatic doing exactly what he believes is the right thing to do…kill and be killed in the name of God.

If someone said to you: I am going to create man and woman with original sin. Then I'm going to impregnate a woman with myself as my child so that I can be born. Once alive I will kill myself as a sacrifice to myself to save you from the sin I originally condemned to you. What would your reaction be?

Also, consider the Pope claims to be a very religious man. But let’s look at the reality. When participating in a parade the Pope rides in what is known as “The Pope mobile”. Nothing says "I trust in God' like 3 inches of bulletproof glass does it?

Ever wonder why people claim that God cures cancer but so far God has discriminated against our neighbors without limbs. God has yet to ever heal an amputee.

Dinosaur fossils - The world is flat - The sun rotates around the earth…the contradictions in the bible are endless. It’s all just too much.

Indeed, the most devout followers are often the most ignorant about their own religion. The more fervently someone opposes truth and rationality the easier it is for me to identify someone who has allowed their false self to switch places with their true self.

People should stop lying to each other. They should stop lying to themselves too but I understand self destructive behavior all too well. Only my past self-destructive behaviors did not involve the destruction of children’s minds nor did they give justification for genocide and end of the world prophecy’s.

Think for yourself and stop accepting as truth something that happened 2000 years ago. My god people, we are just now finding out the truth about what happened at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. That’s 70 years ago…not 500 years ago, not 1000 years ago…70 years ago. The facts surrounding something that happened less than a 100 years ago are foggy at best but you think that a book written in Hebrew 2000 years ago is “the gospel”?

Once you pull yourself out of religious tar pit not only will you be able to finally move again…you will look back in utter disbelief at all the other people stuck in the tar pit. There are all these people (many that you love) that are stuck in the tar pit while rescue ropes and chains and helicopters hover above….all offering to pull them out of the tar pit…but the people that are stuck will not look up! They even push rescuers away.

It’s like I’m a doctor in the middle of a great plague. I’ve got the cure to save millions of lives…but no one even knows they are sick. The mind control devised by our rulers a long long time ago is absolutely stunning!

I know we are all getting old. I get that. I’m sorry I was unable to pull myself out of the tar pit before now but I got zero help from you guys. Think long and hard about what I am saying. There is no way that you don’t know the truth. The reasons you may not want to accept the truth are probably many but they are all irrelevant. When you know you are wrong it is immoral to continue to do wrong. My daughter and her children will have an opportunity to take these chains of slavery off of them. I will go to my grave trying to keep her from drowning in the lies and deceptions that nearly destroyed me.

Wake up to see the world around you. Instead of thinking I am the devil or that Satan has taken over my body…use your own mind to think about what is real and what is an illusion. I promise that once the pain of being conned goes away your life will be so much better. When things make sense there is no need for anti-depressants. There is no need to feel guiltily about anything. Life is wonderful. It’s even more beautiful outside the cage you have voluntarily locked yourself in.

One tip that helped me accept reality is this: I do not remember being alive for 9 months inside Mom’s stomach…but I was! I have no recollection of what went on for those nine months but clearly I did not want to leave it when they yanked me out. This is how I view the afterlife. There is no way for us to know what the heck comes next. We just can’t know. So think of leaving this world in the same way that it must have been when we left our Mothers womb. It’s what’s next…whatever that is.

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Thanks for sharing!

I'm not very religious, but having said that, part of your letter reminded me of a story I read. I about a conversation between twins inside of a mother's womb:

"Do you believe in life after birth?
- Of course. Something must exist after delivery. Maybe we're here because we need to prepare for what comes later.
- Nonsense! There is no life after birth. What would that life possibly be like?
- I do not know ... but surely there will be more light than here. Maybe we'll walk on our own feet and nourish ourselves through our mouth.
- This is absurd! Walking is impossible. And eating by mouth? That is ridiculous! The umbilical cord is where we eat. I tell you one thing: life after delivery is excluded. The umbilical cord is too short.
- Well, I think there must be something. And maybe it's just a bit different from what we are used to here.
- But no one has ever returned from beyond postpartum! Delivery is the end of life, period. And after all, life is but a harrowing existence in the darkness that leads nowhere.
- Well, I do not know exactly how it will be after delivery, but surely we'll see mom and she'll take care of us.
- Mom? Do you believe in Mom? And where do you think she is?
- Where? All around us! In it and through it is how we live. Without her the whole world would not exist.
- Well, I do not think so! I've never seen "mom", therefore, it is logical that she doesn't exist.
- Well, I don't know, but sometimes when all is quiet, I can hear her singing or feel her caressing our world. You know ... I think there is a real life that awaits us after this life and that we are only now getting ready for it...

On a different note, it took a lot of courage to do what you did. Life is about risks and I'm glad that you are happier for it. Everyone should be respected for their views - after all, isn't that what liberty is about??? People need to stop being offended so easily & learn to accept one another for who they are.

nice post

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out http://reddit.com/r/atheism/

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Love Them, Anyway

I recommend you love them anyway. If you can get to that point, you'll know you've healed, because love comes from strength, not weakness.

It is possible to be "religious" and rational, too.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Let's get something straight...

The biggest problem in our world, is belief in the use of violence to achieve our ends.

It is the use of aggression against non-violent people, primarily manifested through the belief in statism.

Religion or lack of it is completely irrelevant.

The use of coercion by human beings against other human beings, whether religious or non religious, is the problem.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

You have a point in that...

...many religious people do what they do and say what they say because that's the way they have been brought up and 'indoctrinated'. However, I would caution you to draw a distinction between those kinds of 'believers' and those who have truly come to discover their own faith for themselves through thought, study, prayer, meditation, etc., not relying on others, whether they be priests or rabbis or parents telling them exactly which doctrine to believe or atheists/agnostics mocking them with weird distortions of what the Scriptures supposedly say (i.e. 'the sun rotates around the earth', etc.).

At the rate of gathering darkness in the world, you may have not much longer to wait to see this second coming that you openly mock; but then again it may be another two-thousand years or two million. For the person who dies today, it might as well be today.

Thankfully, I see ultimate hope in that even those who now spit on the idea of a God who Loves them will still find that Love unending, even beyond death. All things will be reconciled, whether on heaven or earth. The end of the story is good. :)


I believe in quantum physics. But I don't try to change people's minds about their own beliefs because if it makes them feel good then it's okay. Everyone has to find their own way. I once had a "Christian" hit me over the head with his bible because I argued a scripture meaning with him. At the time I was a "Christian" too. I have had a long journey seeking the truth and I have ended up with quantum physics. At least it doesn't harm anyone or anything and it gives one hope, and we aren't self-righteous hypocrites like most "Christians" that I have had to endure over the years. AND unlike Christians it doesn't teach that we are right and everyone else in the world are wrong. Just food for thought.



Occam's Razor


All we know about science can be wrong and instantly manipulated by the power of the thoughts of something that science does not show a possibility of existing and every time this happens it is coincidentally never where it can be verified.


Man has proven greedy and manipulative for longer than we'd like to believe.

Great story. Very 'relative'.

Deep down everyone already knows the truth

but just like coming to grips with the reality that the country most of us grew up in and were convinced was all about goodness and spreading freedom and then learning it was all a bunch of lies,...its also very uncomfortable to discover the orgins of religon and having to deal with reality that religon is just an ancient method of controlling and manipulating people by exploiting their fear of the unknown.

Many people have a large part of their lives and income invested in things associated with their faith. They have preached to their children since the day they were born that there is an invisible all knowing all powerful being that knows their every thought looking down on them. Most adults don't have the guts to admit they have been duped. Its strange because most adults know by age 18 or 20 that the stories they have been taught can't be true. You would think out of consideration for their chidren they would stop passing along the same lies...but amazingly most not only continue...they often feel compelled to make sure that their chidren admit and affirm these same irrational and illogical beliefs. It has to be incredibly confusing for a young mind trying to devolop logic and reasoning skills.

Anyone that takes the time to research the orgins of religion, and the origns of government will discover why, since the dawn of time,the preist class and the political class have lied and manipulated the masses by mastering the art of "story telling". I find it strange that so many freedom loving, liberty minded individuals can so easily see right though the propaganda of the State but continue to buy into the tired old preist class stories. These people are different sides of the same coin. They work together to make sure your allegience remains with one or both of them.

If you want to be "spiritual"...by all means...seek inner peace. but don't encourage children to believe that a man can be buried for 3 days and then come back to life. Don't teach children that they were born sinners and the only way they can avoid burning in a firepit is to worship some invisible deity. Trust YOURSELF and use the knowlege mankind has aquired over the last 1000 years to re-evaluate what you have been led to believe. There is no reason why you should not treat religion and the bible exactly like you treat the information you hear from the MSM. Question everything!