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Suicide Bombing at US Embassy in Ankara

A suicide bomber has reportedly struck the US Embassy in Ankara, local media reports. Several people have reportedly been injured, as dozens of ambulances and firefighters have been dispatched to the site

Thank you RT. Fox News not covering for whatever reason




-DFaubion *OathKeeper*

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Link is dead

Something about a 404. Not sure.

Yet another self inflicted wound in the Embassy?

When the PTB realized, after the Iranian Embassy takeover that is was way to generate headlines that terrorize the public into misguided action.

Since then, there have been four Embassy bombings/killings including this one?

I wonder what is the history of US Embassies.

How often have they promoted liberty in the host country? How many times have they promoted tyranny? I am thinking of Shah Pahlavi and his US trained Savaak.

Free includes debt-free!

*we* can't do something if *we* don't know what is . . .

happening. Those of us without MSM rely on these posts--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Thank you. I updated your post with an additional link and put this on the front page.

When Michael Nystrom Bumps...

...bear looks!

I suppose my comment is another bump :)

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Bear, your comment gives me mixed emotions

On the one hand, I'm flattered. On the other, I don't want people to turn me into some kind of trans-human or whatever.

But I also have even mixed feelings about having bumped this thread in the first place, and put it on the front page. I did my usual morning scan of the news, and saw this was the mornings big piece of news. So immediately I came back here to post it, but first checked to see if anyone else had, and found that DFaubion had posted this thread.

Since it is "big news" and yes, it is "important," not only because people were killed (people are killed every day), but because of the geopolitical significance. It is yet another spark in the global war.

But there is a gap, and that gap is: What can we do about it?

What can I do? What can you do, bear? If the answer is nothing, then what is the point of giving this news front page coverage on the Daily Paul? It is getting front page coverage on Drudge, on CNN. I'm sure the cable networks are going wild, repeating the same footage over and over, repeating the same few facts, over and over in their orgasmic frenzy. Thank God I don't have that sewer being piped into my home.

So I'm beginning to wonder if the DP is part of the problem - part of the endless, meaningless MSM tail chasing that They want us all involved in.

Thank you bear for listening.

p.s. I think the most interesting part of the whole thread is that it was posted by DFaubion, an Oathkeeper. This is the real story, hidden at the bottom. America has Oathkeepers.

Thank you DFaubion, for being an Oathkeeper.

I have to comment on this.

Recently you have written several posts asking questions, what is the DP good for, what is the purpose, what value in the large scheme of things does it bring. These are my parpahprased thoughts, not your exact words.

I came here after being awoken by the Ron/Rudy debate debacle, now famous, and have stayed ever since. At first I felt a kindred spirit here. We were people that recognized something that most Americans knew nothing about. I felt comfortable and welcome.

Since then I have learned so much, education is a really big part of the DP. Not only education in politics and economics, but the pages on health information are a true treasure that I am so thankful for.

Seeing people build their own chicken coups and food freedom are very important to me and here is where I not only find information but learn from experienced and intelligent people who debate any issue, both sides. This is invaluable. I can not say it more than that.

Also, I do not read a lot of other news. We do not have cable TV and only watch dvds. This is my news source, again, education.

In a way you are following in the good doctor's footsteps. He wants to educate the people so there will be a change of mind in the land and one day the government will relfect the will of the people (and repent - my hope and prayer). What you are doing is contributing to his goal and this is why the DP is so special and a true blessing in my life.

Thanks for all you do!


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Thank you very much

This was very helpful as well.


Good Emotions

I had to go to a funeral this morning so I am just now getting back to reply.

These are my thoughts. You are a leader and a doer. I respect your opinion, not like you are some god or something, but as someone who has foresight and understanding and the where-with-all to get things done...so naturally, if I see you bump something, I look. There are other ID’s out there that have the same effect on me because I have come to respect their input.

I realize there is not anything that can be done about the situation in Turkey, but I remember a post from this week. It said that the DP was their “morning news” or something to that affect. I made the comment that DP is my home page on that post. So, even though there is nothing we can do about the situation at the embassy, there are many of us who start the day with the DP. I see knowledge as power and power enables one to do something…anything, even if it is just to be informed and spread information. I live in the US, and if an embassy belonging to the US has a bomb go off in front of it, I’d like to know about it. Now I do thanks to your bump.

There is not anything we can do about the “conspiracy” theory stuff, or so it is called, either. But some of it is interesting, some of it may be far-fetched, some may be truth, but it is still information to sort thru and perhaps pass on to others. In the case of the news report this morning, I too found it significant that it was posted by an Oathkeeper, and also that FOX was not carrying the story. So, I was glad to get the news…I don’t go to drudge, I don’t watch the news…the TV is rarely on. So the DP IS my news source. It is from here that I launch to other links and read/watch stories. I realize that the DP isn’t going to replace drudge, but I think it is till nice to offer some factual news stories in the mix.

Please know that I don’t see the DP as part of the frenzy news problem. When I started waking up I was freaked-out, panicked and S C A R E D - literally!!! I didn’t know what was going on in the United States or where to turn. I live in a rural town so things are quiet. My life is given to a small country church and its people. The Daily Paul was a place where I found answers and some sanity and some grounding in this new world I have found myself in where almost nothing is what I thought it to be. I have found people I can relate to and get understanding from here at the DP.

I was driving my husband crazy with all my “insane” talk when I woke up. Now he at least gets a break…and doesn’t think I am crazy! Just this week he told me he was having to work more than 6 months out of the year to pay taxes and regulations…I had given him that information last year because go123mph posted a story about it. My husband was frustrated and a little angry when I would tell him that. Now he is telling me. The information at the DP is important in many ways as the truth spreads thru many channels beyond the “fringe” IDs that use this site. After all, not all of us are fortunate enough to have time to spend here and some people rather have different types of social interaction and news sources.

But I have to ask, isn't it important for a 50+ man to know that the reason he is working 2 jobs is because the government is taking more than half? It is not becaues employers don't pay enough or because things are too expensive. It is because we are not a free people and we did not even know it until a crazy lady went to the DP and found a fringe post by go123mph. That factual information posted at the DP put a different spin on the economy. That information has been repeated by me and my husband multiple times to multiple people.

But most of all what I think is nice here at the DP are the people. I think your open and humble and welcoming attitude is an influence. You are a Rock Star, Michael! But you are people just like us, and it shows, and I appreciate it. You had a gut instinct to put the story on the front page and bump it. I respect that. We are…in your living room you know :) Perhaps our Oathkeepers will continue to contribute with that type of encouragement as well.


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bear thank you so much

That was very hlpful. I'd wrie more but I'm on the bus. *smiles*

My pleasure

have a nice ride and a great weekend :)

oops go213mph...did it wrong twice...

let me whisper in your ear

so no one gets their feelings hurt by what I am about to say...
If this is not fun for you, don't do it. You could probably find some talent here to keep it running for you for a week or two, give it some thought. But this is, in some way, YOUR voice. I really appreciate your "hands off" way of letting everyone have their say, whether you agree or not. But eventually, if someone is obnoxious enough for long enough, you show them the door.
You once asked what is special about the DP, and as I type, I have come up with a better answer than I had that day. The DP is like the talking feather. In the simplest, "white-washed" version, it is just the act of passing a feather around a circle, and everyone shuts up while the person holding the feather speaks. No exceptions. A little deeper study shows how powerful this tradition really is:
""When the feather is held with its back to the listeners and the inside curve to the speaker he will hear his own words first as they come back to him. This will help to tame the harsh tongue of the two legged. If disagreements are still between two people they will turn the feather away from themselves so the words can go straight to the one they are at odds with", explained Eagle. "When all have spoken a vote can be taken and the side who gathers the most votes will make the final decision", said Eagle."

Is it part of the problem? Undoubtedly, you cannot prevent the agents of "them" from showing up in their various forms. You cannot prevent the "good ones" from having bad days and sounding like idiots. And you can't make a good hearted idiot any smarter some days any better than you can make an evil hearted genius be nice.
But it is also part of the solution, that is how it works out. I think that you tapped into a space that was empty in many spirits. Modern religion is about "sit down and listen" and as humans, we long to be heard. And what interesting acoustics in your home... If I did not know better, I could swear they can hear us in DC.
That is something to be proud of, whatever you choose. But if this is no longer where your path leads, don't linger one more minute. I can hardly wait to see what you grow up to be, even if it is not my favorite bartender.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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"I must be guilty of something. You just whisper it into my ear"

Your title reminded me of Bob Dylan's, Tight Connection to my heart. Which, as I watch the video, is surprisingly appropriate to the topic:


Well, I had to move fast
And I couldn’t with you around my neck
I said I’d send for you and I did
What did you expect?
My hands are sweating
And we haven’t even started yet

I’ll go along with the charade
Until I can think my way out
I know it was all a big joke
Whatever it was about
Someday maybe
I’ll remember to forget

I’m gonna get my coat
I feel the breath of a storm
There’s something I’ve got to do tonight
You go inside and stay warm

Has anybody seen my love
Has anybody seen my love
Has anybody seen my love
I don’t know
Has anybody seen my love?

You want to talk to me
Go ahead and talk
Whatever you got to say to me
Won’t come as any shock
I must be guilty of something
You just whisper it into my ear

Madame Butterfly
She lulled me to sleep
In a town without pity
Where the water runs deep
She said, “Be easy, baby
There ain’t nothin’ worth stealin’ in here”

You’re the one I’ve been looking for
You’re the one that’s got the key
But I can’t figure out whether I’m too good for you
Or you’re too good for me

Has anybody seen my love
Has anybody seen my love
Has anybody seen my love
I don’t know
Has anybody seen my love?

Well, they’re not showing any lights tonight
And there’s no moon
There’s just a hot-blooded singer
Singing “Memphis in June”
While they’re beatin’ the devil out of a guy
Who’s wearing a powder-blue wig
Later he’ll be shot
For resisting arrest
I can still hear his voice crying
In the wilderness
What looks large from a distance
Close up ain’t never that big

Never could learn to drink that blood
And call it wine
Never could learn to hold you, love
And call you mine

Awesome song
Lyrics Source

Thanks fishy that was very helpful.

But if this is no longer where your path leads, don't linger one more minute.

Where the DP was is not where my path leads, and hasn't been for quite some time. I'm trying to get it back on track and in sync with my path. I don't want to up and bolt. I do like it here. All this feedback from the quiet voices, the sensible voices of reason are helpful.

Thank you.

What looks large from a distance / Close up ain’t never that big


Luv ya, bro!
Went to see Dylan a couple years ago, when he played "Everybody Must Get Stoned" all us middle aged folks started cheering, and I "hit" an air joint and tried to "pass it" to the people in front of me who were dancing and jamming to the tune. They both got this horrified look on their face, stepped back and raised their hands in a gesture of "Get that away from me!"
Mark and I just ROLLED laughing. Those poor people were scared to death of getting arrested for taking a hit of AIR from between their empty fingers... Great tune, thanks for sharing it... and your thoughts... and your time, energy and wisdom.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Eastwood also has mixed emotions

The whole interview is good. Here he is having to talk about his own work. If time is short my point is after 4:10.

The Daily Paul is still 'filming'...

Free includes debt-free!

Thank You Nystrom

What you do with the Daily Paul changes lives and changes news. I joined the Oathkeepers a year ago as a reservist but still think people need to know of the tragedies we face overseas. It is my belief that these sort of news feeds are better expressed here on the DP than any other news source. Why? Because we can discuss it openly. We can scrutinize it. We can speak of blowback and the endless stream of violence brought on by our foreign policy.

I wish I could do more for the Daily Paul. I look forward everyday to checking in and checking up!


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Good point. Thank you.

This is all helpful, and I appreciate it.

I think the most important thing any of us can do is to do the things that only we can do. I think it is awesome that you're an Oathkeeper. You're therefore the only one who can really spread the word about the Oathkeepers effectively to the people you know the best.

Welp time to invade.

Welp time to invade.

Southern Agrarian