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Video: 'US a police state, Obama allows torture' – CIA Veteran John Kiriakou

As it appeared on 'Breaking the Set':


Published on Jan 31, 2013

RT.com :

Ten years ago, the idea of the US government spying on its citizens, intercepting their emails or killing them with drones was unthinkable. But now it’s business as usual, says John Kiriakou, a former CIA agent and torture whistleblower.

Kiriakou is now awaiting a summons to start a prison sentence. One of the first to confirm the existence of Washington's waterboarding program, he was sentenced last week to two-and-a-half years in jail for revealing the name of an undercover agent. But even if he had another chance, he would have done the same thing again, Kiriakou told RT.

Video and Transcript here:


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hard for me to take RT seriously anymore

I do appreciate the reporting issues like this however...

They collect on ratings bashing the US gov, telling us to be afraid of Gov over step, then turn around telling us we should be disarmed so we have no protection from tyranny.

gotta take good with the bad I guess

Congress' Declaration of War on the USA

The Authorization For Use of Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF) was a declaration of war on the world INCLUDING the United States. Look at the wikipedia link to see where this law has been referenced to in other laws.

"The AUMF was unsuccessfully cited by the George W. Bush administration in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the administration's military commissions at Guantanamo Bay were not competent tribunals as constituted and thus illegal.
The AUMF has also been cited as authority for engaging in electronic surveillance in ACLU v. NSA without obtaining a warrant of the special Court as required by the constitution.
The AUMF was also the basis of one of the principal arguments advanced by the Department of Justice in the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy, namely that the AUMF implicitly overrode the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.[citation needed]"


I think it's time to force our representatives to vote on whether the AUMF is even valid. I wonder how many people who were part of the 9/11 attacks are still alive? There must not be very many left, are there? Now we may just be facing new terrorists post 9/11. Well that's the mild way to think of things. I also think it's time we declare our independence against this government that disrespects our Bill of Rights.

Thank you for cleaning up the post mods :)

and the video embed too.

It is quite sad to see that this is the state of things but also quite inspiring to do the right thing. If there was a flood of whistleblower revelations that outpaced their suppression, this would (WILL) be a different story. People simply need to know there are others out there coming forward to inspire their own courage to do the same.

In recent weeks it has become quite clear that many non-western countries see very well what is going on here. They see the corruption more vividly than ever before, and some like Iceland are actually dealing with the problems at their core and not just treating symptoms.

I believe we are making progress because this collective, global awakening cannot be reversed or stopped. Young and old people alike are getting information through unfiltered and unbiassed new media that is on the rise and it's incredibly comforting to see so much GOOD being done. Our television still spews out distracting illusions but they are just that. The Reality is that society is shifting into the hands of the people and the big corporations are doomed because the tools being used are the same ones that these corporations have adopted for more growth and revenue. They can't turn off the internet, they just want to use it in evil ways. But it is very clear that the creativity of the "average" person who puts out videos or podcasts or blogs or even becomes active in their schools or social circles, is so far outpacing the status quo "nothing to see here" BS that no one buys anymore. There are those who have been a life long cog in the machine and they may spend the rest of their lives as such, but the ones that follow them will not. It's simply not the same information environment they're growing up in.

However subtle it may be at this point, this is truly the unfolding of a Global Information Revolution.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I find this new style of

I find this new style of having the host stand around and comment very distracting and annoying.

At least here they're allowed to speak

and not being spoken over or even verbally assaulted while still speaking like most corporate media talking-heads. It's a short show and there are a lot of points to get through. It makes me want to learn more and do my own research if I find a point interesting.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

thanks so much for the info!


Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

This is "justice" in this nation.

Now, do you suppose any other agents with a little twinge of conscience bothering them have taken a lesson? I'm sure they have. This is tyranny at its worst, martyrs sacrificed to keep their own living in fear.
Abby does good work, I love that TV smashing bit.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The police state

in action. In a fascist communist country it is treason to speak against the government. No free speech allowed. He is being used as an example.