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While We are Distracted by Gun Control - Pacific Southwest Is Being Handed Over to the UN

Marti Oakley The PPJ Gazette

"While we have been diverted with the governments plan to disarm us, that fine collection of corporatists, new world order advocates and United Nations servants have been busy using the federal register to implement United Nations Bio-regions within the United States. It has also initiated the closing off of public access roads."

The following is a good video about Agenda 21 and the land grab planned for most of the USA. Ignore the title of the video. It is unrelated. Maps of the land grab, wild lands project, are shown in the video. Much land in America, like the Pacific Southwest, will soon be off limits to the American people; owned by the UN. If you live in any of the zones shown for takeover, you will not live there in the near future.

By the time this is done there will be NO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP of LAND on Earth. It will all be state or monarch or NWO owned.

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yes, and who knows what else it has been distracting . . .

*us* from?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


The new navy oath is to serve democracy in the world; nothing about defending the constitution or America. Very sneaky how things are "changed" and "yes we can" in line with the NWO agenda.

Not only is American land being stolen and given to the UN

American children are also being asked to serve in a Navy and Military which is now owned by the NWO, and their new oath is to serve the NWO in the world.

Nothing about defending America or the constitution in the new oath.

In our region the Feds are

In our region the Feds are buying up large tracts of farm and wetlands. In several cases the Nature Conservancy buys the land at above market rates, then sells it to the USA for the same price. There is a lot of formerly private land that is now off the property tax rolls, starving the local jurisdictions.

As mentioned in the article, the Feds are also cutting off timber sales on federal lands which plays havoc on the local economy. Not only do we lose the logging and mill jobs, we used to rely on the timber money for schools and roads, Oregon counties have been scrambling.

I also know that the Bureau of Land Management has a project going to clean up their data on access easements and roads over and to Federal lands. That would support a plan to close off access roads.

Watch the video.

It explains a lot. Paints a terrible future for all of us under a communist fascist regime. But that is exactly the plan under Agenda 21.


It sort of reminds me of the native americans being rounded up and put on reservations.


: Thought about that. Now the NWO will put us all in concentration camps work gangs.

Only solution I could think of

would be to put some kind of land claim together for the federal territories via the original 13 colonies.

left the entire DP speechless.

11 votes up, and not a word...
I have a word: Consent.
I am astonished that every resident of the region has consented to this. Oh, you say they were not consulted? That could be a problem.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

no comments

No comments?
What can you say? We have no recourse.
Vote them out? We try but the deck is stacked in that game.
Revolt? Without #2 that isn't an option
Acknowledge there has to be a line in the sand?


I cannot beleive all of this is happening

right under the noses of the American people. The military are in urban areas practicing, in place for martial law to be enacted. Executive orders allow people to be picked up without a warrant and held indefinitely, executed without accountability. Americans are being disarmed under the UN Gun Ban Treaty; again more NWO.

All the trappings are there for the fascist police state, and add to that the handing over of American land to the UN and the NWO. Everyone is sitting back and allowing their country to be stolen from them. It will be a long day in hell before most people awaken.