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Claim: RonPaul.com asking $250,000 for domain, down from $800,000

Hey, Ron, Want Your Own Name?
Posted by Lew Rockwell

The other day, the nice young couple who registered LibertyPaul.com offered to give it to Ron. On the other hand, those who registered RonPaul.com are no longer asking more than $800,000. They've cut their price to $250,000. For his own name.

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This is a little hard to swallow - I know they have a right to

make some money but I like to think the majority of us would get great pleasure in being able to donate that domain. That sucks in my opinion.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Most people feel great about

Most people feel great about giving things away that aren't theirs. That's the problem with this country. People love giving away health care they don't have.

They worked hard, and helped promote Ron Paul. They built a site and managed it for many years. They didn't grab the name simply to sell it, but added real value to our cause and to Ron Paul himself.

However from a valuation standpoint, the website they created is not being valued, it's only the domain. What is that domain worth to Ron Paul. It's really not worth much. How many more people will see his site with RonPaul.com than would with RonPaul#####.com.

Not many more. Whatever domain he chooses will gain great traffic and quickly move up the search engine rankings.

Another question is how much will the site currently at RonPaul.com be hurt by switching to a new domain. Greatly. They will lose a lot of current traffic, and all the spill over traffic from when Ron creates his site.

This given, it is highly unlikely that the domain will trade hands, unless and until the owners of the current site lose interest in managing it and its value degrades to a price desirable to the Ron Paul team.

Do they think he was elected president in nov?


10k would be a generous offer imho. Let them keep the .org as their existing site.

Ron Paul is LOADED

$250,000 is nothing to him.

Personally I would be ok with

Personally I would be ok with a private dinner and a good conversation. Priceless.

I would just ask for a dinner

I would just ask for a dinner and private tutoring lessons on liberty.

What I would do to sit down and have a deep conversation with Ron Paul.....

I know right? I couldn't take

I know right? I couldn't take $250,000 from such a man. I'm not saying he is wrong in the matter...if that's his style. But to have an opportunity to meet one on one with such a smart and compelling person would be an honor!

There are so many other great names

Ron Paul could use for a website. It doesn't have to be RonPaul.com. He should just use another great title for an official website and if the owners of RonPaul.com come down to a more reasonable price later on, he might want to buy it then. I believe in capitalism too, and as a capitalist, I think $250,000 for a registered website name is way way too much.

tht is exactly how you bargain

first threaten to walk away. :-)


Walk away and stay away. Just forget about RonPaul.com. Let them sell it to someone else for an inflated price (if they ever find a buyer) and they'll forever be known as the jerks who claimed they bought the name to help Ron Paul but sold out.

you have no idea

you obviously have no idea how much they helped Ron Paul. If they hadn't picked it up it would be a porno site or worse. They are not horrible people at all. And yes, Ron Paul can choose a different domain if he feels hurt by this or doesn't feel it is worth the price. Whatever domain he chooses will work.

I disagree

If they bought the name to "help" RP, they would have turned it over to him. If they bought the name to make a profit, they'd hold on to it and demand $800,000...or $250,000 for it. Nothing wrong with making a profit, I'm just saying they can't have it both ways. If the owners end up selling it to someone who makes it into a porno site because they can't get the price they want out of Ron Paul, would you call them horrible people then...or blame Ron Paul?

they helped Ron Paul

by buying it up before someone else did. Generally there are people lying in wait to grab domains the second they expire. Often they get turned into porno sites so that they can try and get the prior owned to buy it back at a huge price....or just to capitalize on the traffic that automatically comes with a domain that is a popular name.

So, they did help. And there is no reason they need to turn it over for free. I do not believe they would sell it to a porno site. They would have already done that if that is what they wanted to do. If they do, then screw them. On the other hand if they let it expire who knows what will become of it.

The domain is worth something and Ron Paul should pay *something* if he wants to use it.

ugh granger, there's a lot of room between 250k and zero

you on pills today or something?

on the note of you asking for link to show those people once said they would give it away for free, how about you give a link where ron paul says he wants it for free? i don't remember ron paul asking to have it for free, you on and on with the 'ron paul wants it for free this isn't the free market' wtf are you crusading on about? this is by lew rockwell, not even by ron paul himself.

there are plenty of leftists on dp against coal mining and bunch of other stuff lefties like to rant about, but you're defending the free market with this shit? again i have no idea wtf you're on about today, please go watch tv or something if you're bored

Is Ron Paul a MOOCHER?


My first statement on this issue is Ron Paul should make a counter-offer, and that's where I'm at.

Whatever, they do own the

Whatever, they do own the domain and they can do what they want, but this is a boneheaded move. I will never even consider visiting their new site after they sell it or visit their current one if they don't. I see them as the moochers if anyone, they got popular off of his name. They are also completely stupid and blind to the opportunity they are letting pass by. They could get so much more viewership out of this, instead they will lose it.

I always thought it was a pretty terrible website, but I said right away that if they gave the domain over I'd start frequenting it. So much for that.

The bone head is Ron Paul

He said he wanted the site.. does he expect them to hand it to him?

Come on.

So no one uses it.. BIG DEAL

They don't owe Ron Paul or any so called Liberty Movement a thing. They are owed for being on it.

I think it's cheap and base to not reward them for protecting RP during the election with getting that site neither he or his staff had the brains to get.

So you and others here don't like them.. most here don't even support MN and DP. Looks more and more like the Moochers are US site by this thread of who think RP is entitled. He's NOT.

Maybe he needs to WAKE UP to the world we live in????


Ron Paul has NOT said anything officially. You're doing an awful lot of bashing on him. How do you know he hasn't or isn't negotiating with them for a price? How do you know how much he wants that name at all?

The only thing happening here is a lot of people giving their opinions. Not that I'm against that. It's what we all come here for. But, again, you're doing an an awful lot of calling Ron Paul out by name.

I don't know, do you?

I read that Rn Paul wanted that site.

I suggest he make an offer.

It's his name.

What's that worth?

Some would say it's priceless.

That does not mean it should be free.

I'm saying

he might have made an offer.

Your comments call him a bonehead and suggest he needs to "wake up" to the free market, and that he shouldn't feel entitled.

You do all this without knowing the facts of what he has or hasn't done regarding communicating with the owners of RonPaul.com.

And, no, it's not "his" name. It's the name Ron Paul. That's many people's name. As for how much that domain name is worth, it depends on what he does or doesn't do with it. The thing people value comes from the man, not that domain name.

He might have made an offer

He might not have.

I stand by everything I said.

You don't have any facts either.

He wants it, he should pay for it.

How much did he pay Benton? But these guys deserve NOTHING?

I'm not going to agree.

you said this isn't about ron paul.. so fucking what?

this is about all of us--all right. why the fuck do i care to work to expand a movement so a couple idiots can have 250k to waste in strip clubs or on some other stupid shit? obviously they aren't well off, or they won't be asking this much. with lousy job you can only imagine lousy lifestyles and hence stupid shit to waste money on, and i want my work/donation to the movement to do with none of that thank you very much

So Ron should counter offer

Offer $20K. Or he should make an offer IF he is interested, but to expect someone to give you something because you idoloze.. RESPECT goes both ways and I see no reason they should just give it up.. that would not be respecting their own foresite.

Let's face it.. Ron Paul dropped the ball not having his name registered. Snooze you lose.

I don't think the owners of ronpaul.com OWE Ron Paul. I think $800K is overpriced.. but let's face it.. would Ron Paul make money from this site? YES. So I see no reason why those who had the foresite to create a site with his name (because I'm sure there are more folks named Ron Paul than just congressman Ron Paul).

white pages list 3 in Alabama to start...

Because they want to see Ron

Because they want to see Ron Paul's new website be successful and further liberty?

There's no legal reason they should "just give it up" but they got where they are entirely off of Ron Paul, and obviously Ron Paul has a larger platform to talk about liberty. If the owners of this site cared about liberty they would hand it over.

Besides, that's obviously the better move for them, no matter what angle you look at it from. People like me would actually go to their new site if they let RP have the domain and just put a small stripe across the top to let people know about the new home for a few months, they would get TONS of new visitors they can't dream of getting now.

I don't agree

No one should hand over anything that another is going to profit from. I don't care who you are. Why doesn't Ron Paul of Alabama deserve that site?

This is about more than just

This is about more than just profit. But since you are so single minded, let me break it down for you.

There are two options here.

Option 1: RonPaul.com keeps the domain name. They continue business as-is, minus some people who leave because they think it's a dickhead move not to give the domain over (entirely irrelevant whether you agree or not, that's what we think). They make LESS MONEY.

Option 2: RonPaul.com gives its domain name to Ron Paul, and gets MORE VISITORS and generates MORE REVENUE as a result.

They have an absolute GOLDEN opportunity here. They are WASTING it.

You, by the way, should never go into business. You would lose a lot of money.

i bet all 3 are neo-cons

i bet all 3 are neo-cons


OK I'll take your bet

If they were neo-cons they wouldn't even make an offer, but use the site to destroy Ron Paul.

It doesn't

work like that. How popular was RonPaul.com before Ron Paul mentioned it?

Think for a moment, seriously. Had you ever even gone there? The Daily Paul is tremendously more popular. There is some value to that name, but the value and interest in it don't come from the name alone.

Unfortunately that site is

Unfortunately that site is most popular among ignorant people who know little of Ron Paul and many of which believe it is his official site. I've been cited some pretty crazy BS from that site before, "look it's on Ron Paul's official site" *facepalm*

They post just about anything that comes to mind. I don't think they're neocons, but rather just immature internet junkies looking to make a buck off a movement.