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Claim: RonPaul.com asking $250,000 for domain, down from $800,000

Hey, Ron, Want Your Own Name?
Posted by Lew Rockwell

The other day, the nice young couple who registered LibertyPaul.com offered to give it to Ron. On the other hand, those who registered RonPaul.com are no longer asking more than $800,000. They've cut their price to $250,000. For his own name.

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It doesn't work like that?

It does.. you want to destroy someone take a name and make it a porn site.

RP should make an offer.

Trust me

If there is one thing I know, it's the Internet and websites. It's what I do.

Somebody registered an anti Romney site too. I think it was RomneyRyan.com or RomneyRyan2012.com. I can't remember, but I believe it was actually a Ron Paul supporter that did it. They put some great anti-Romney stuff on there. Did you know about that site? Ever hear about it in the news?

And if they made RomneyRyan.com a porn site? Nothing. It just means the news would have passed it off as a joke site and it would have gotten a few hits before fading.

I did not kbnow about the site

The fact I was forced to vote Romney in the general election because I honored the loyalty oath I took, Iwas already enough Romney for me to last a lifetime.

Yeah but if it's Ron Paul

Yeah but if it's Ron Paul we're talking about people are much more likely to "mistake" it for Ron Paul's actual site.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Like I said

I know how websites work. No matter what content goes on a site people are going to give it only the credit it's due. Do you know what Newt Gingrich's website was? If I remember it was Newt.org. That sounds like Newt Gingrich also missed out on registering the dot com version of his name.

But do you know where he told people to go in the debates? And where his supporters, or the New York Times, or anyone else relevant would tell people to go? Yep, Newt.org. Whatever is on NewtGingrich.com is irrelevant.

I know how websites work too,

I know how websites work too, been doing it for 12 years which constitutes more than half of my lifetime. I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here.

The fact is, people can and DO mistake websites because of the domain name. Domain names are very important and a huge contributor to the amount of traffic a website can potentially receive as well as having an impact on peoples' perception of the brand/identity.

There are laws against sniping domains of registered trademarks and such, but I'm really not sure how that works when it spills into the personal name area.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I agree

they don't owe Ron Paul anything, but they did say they would give it over and that they registered the names in the first place because they were Paul supporters not wanting them to fall into enemy hands.

If they wanted money they should have said so up front. People's words are supposed to mean something.


here is the link to what you are talking about :)


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I'm not seeing where they said


I'm reading that they took, or bought, every Ron Paul web page they could TO PROTECT IT.. and they did. And that is WORTH SOMETHING.

Now if Ron Paul thinks it's not worth anything, it's his loss.

This is his opportunity to TEACH what he preaches about FREE MARKET.

Pump the fkn brakes...

Seriously. Smoke some weed. Take a pill that is prescribed.. what ever it takes... chill the fuck out.

I only linked to the same subject we are discussing. No need to SHOUT to GET YOUR POINT ACROSS.

Nobody said Paul wouldnt pay a reasonable fee.. asking 800,000 for it out the gate might not put you on the best negotiating terms. Ever watched 'Shark Tank'? The biggest reason they bail is because they cannot profit high enough from the risk taken.

If Ron Paul is the 'brand'.. what is it actually worth to the people that hold its name? If I were Ron I would spend $100,000 destroying the image and name of those who hold my name in eternal hijack. Regardless of what anyone 'thinks' the domain is worth, it is not generating ANY money right now. Are the owners going to simply hold onto it out of spite?

So I do agree with your summation. I disagree on its value. $800,000 or 250,000 is absolutely a retarded asking price is you are truly a supporter. What are you going to do.. Sell if to fkn Karl Rove...?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Granger, I understand the free market argument

But the fact that they asked for $800,000 for a web page they themselves have no use for indicates that it was for $$, not to protect Ron Paul. If they offered it to RP for a couple thousand, I could buy the idea that they were doing him a favor. They can't have it both ways.

No use for?

If I had that website I can think of many ways I could make it useful to me.

RP should make an offer. RP can't have it both ways.

Are you kidding???

Stop it. Please. We all believe in free markets but Ron paying more than 6 figs for his own name...? Apparently we are not of the same cloth. What value do the owners bring? Who else can they sell it too, other than his enemies at that price?

If you really hold a seat.. You are one lucky human being.

I do not know if you are a mole, antagonist, or just that flat out ignorant. Surely you understand strategy.

Do not take this as a personal attack.. but I do not trust you. Your failure to comprehend the basic foundations for Liberty leave you unqualified for the job of our security.

Sorry Granger. You are either working for the state or an apologist for its policies. I harbor no negative feelings for defending my rights.

Something about you is not genuine.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I just went to their website

I thought that in order for a website to be worth a high sale price, it had to be popular with lots of traffic...like Daily Paul. RonPaul.com is a real dud. I don't know anyone who goes there. They could make it useful, but they haven't imo. Methinks they purchased it in anticipation of leveraging beaucoup bucks out of Ron Paul. They're great capitalists (if they ever get a high price for their crappy website), but they should stop pretending that they're doing RP or us a favor. Though I respect your opinion that RP should offer a price he's willing to pay...I can't imagine that he hasn't already. The price they're asking is probably so far north of what any sensible person would be willing to spend, I could understand if RP has decided to just ignore them.

I too visited their site Missy

And it appears to me, that it is dormant, looks nice, but they are just holding it, not trying to get traffic, just holding it.

I see nothing wrong with that.

You know, during the campaign, many folks here complained bitterly about how much Ron Paul paid Benton, Tate, Wead and his staff. Many thought Ron Paul had grossly overpaid them.

So here's GRASSROOTS, which I am not, and many here are, and I don't understand why GRASSROOTS expect each other to SACRIFICE, while others who really let GRASSROOTS and the republiCANS down, it's OK for them to get $800K, but GRASSROOTS, who looked out for him, deserve NOTHING?

I feel like I'm standing for GRASSROOTS more than GRASSROOTS are standing for GRASSROOTS.

Most of us

sacrificed plenty for RP's campaigns. We expected nothing in return, we were acting in our own best interest just trying to get an honest person elected and help spread educational information. I'm one of those who believe Benton was over-paid. Just because Benton got overpaid is no excuse to over-pay the owners of RonPaul.com. Though many of us think Benton did a lousy job, he actually worked pretty hard for a couple of years. The owners of RonPaul.com just bought a domain name and wanted $800,000 for it...they don't sound like any grassroots RP supporters I know. Avarice isn't worth standing up for.

Expected nothing?

I expected a good fight in the debates at the very least. I know I went out of my mind a few times watching debates, thinking to myself, "SAY SOMETHING RON!!!" GET HIM GET HIM. And Ron would stand there and smile. It hurt. It hurt to join the GOP. It hurt the go to the committee, It hurt to get to every meeting rain or shine, unwanted and smirked at. It hurt to camapign by myself to get elected. It hurt th have letters to the editors turned down. It hurt to have my car keyed for my Ron Paul stickers and signs. It hurt to sign a loyalty oath and have to vote for Romney, and to send Money to Ron Paul and the GOP and the committee, and the only thing that made any of this any better is I was not and am not alone.

Ron Paul is not over paying anyone. Seems to me the offer of $800K was to match what Benton was paid, and the message in that is WE ARE VALUABLE. Nothing wrong with that.

It's up to Ron Paul to make an offer IF HE WANTS IT.

I think the domaine owners are being very respectful. We've all got a price, even if it's worthless, and what they've got is not worthless. Ron Paul should make an offer, a respectable offer IF HE WANTS IT. It's worth something isn't it? To give it away would be like saying, "I'm unworthy" and that is not true.

I've never bashed Benton and I don't think he did a lousy job. I think he's a genius. The owners of ronpaul.com created the web site and protected it. That's worth something.. whatever they can get. The election is over, Ron Paul is now on speaking tours and making enough money to make an offer, IF HE'S INTERDSTED, but to expect the owners to give it to him... I don't agree.

Granger, I understand where you're coming from on this

And I respect your opinion. Mine might not be as different from yours as you think.

When I said we expected nothing in return, I meant financially. You're one of the people who put in the most time, money and effort. I doubt you expected to make any money for it, much less $800,000 and that's what makes you a true grassroots supporter, imho.

I think it's possible that there are grassroots supporters who worked harder than Benton did...for free. Maybe even you. I heard that Tom Woods offered to work in Benton's place for FREE and I honestly believe he'd have done a better job.

Even so, Benton did put in a lot of work over two years and was probably paid a salary comensurate with other campaign managers. It took a few minutes and a few dollars to buy the RonPaul.com domain name. Do you really think it's reasonable to place equal value on the purchase of a domain name and a campaign manager's work over 2 years? Of course this is a free market issue to be determined by seller and buyer. I merely got a little peeved over the idea that the domain owners bought the domain name as a favor, to hold it for Ron Paul.

Think about this: if you personally thought to buy that domain name, would you feel comfortable saying "I bought this domain name as a favor to Ron Paul and will give it to him (or sell it to him at a reasonable price) if he wants it" and then later contact Ron Paul and say "You can have this domain name for $800,000"??? I wouldn't. In fact, I'd feel like a phony and a sellout and wouldn't be surprised when RP's grassroots supporters pointed it out. Yes, they have a right to do it. Yes, I think the domain name is worth something. I suppose the true value will be determined if and when someone actually buys it.

Peace, my friend. I don't have a problem with agreeing to disagree. :-)

((((((((Missy)))))))))) Very nice post TY

I think the $800K was only to say to RP, WE ARE VALUABLE, as valuable as Benton.. and I think it had more to do with "protesting Benton's salery", than actually making an offer. I think the second offer is more practicle.. and I agree with what Nystrom has said on this thread, and am happy for that, because I thought about MN.. I for one really wanted DP to be THE Ron Paul blog.

THANK YOU (((((Missy))))) for a very nice post!!!

(((((((Granger))))))) Thank you

For a very nice discussion. Always a pleasure :-)

I can think of one way that

I can think of one way that would make it more useful than any of your ideas.

Giving it to Ron Paul.

Result: Ron Paul gets his official name leading to more traffic for his brand new website and a huge platform to talk about liberty.
Owners of the site get a ton of traffic they never would have gotten before from people clicking from Ron Paul's new site, and the appreciation of the liberty community.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I think that's a LOUSY message

I think RP should own up to his FAILURE of securing that site, and negotiate.



You are free to think that if

You are free to think that if you want but in your wild rampage you are ignoring my point utterly and completely. There is absolutely no benefit to anyone by trying to sell this domain for an absurd price. There can be a greater benefit by giving it to Ron Paul for EVERYONE involved.

What message is so important that you want all of the following to occur:
A) Less money for Ron Paul
B) Less money for the people who own ronpaul.com
C) Less exposure for the message of liberty

EVERYONE loses in that scenario. Why the hell is avoiding that a lousy message?

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Insulting weakens your argument

Was Jesse Benton worth $1 Million?

Here you have GRASSROOTS that did what the campaign FAILED to do, and you expect GRASSROOTS to give it up?

I think they are making a point, whether Ron, you, or GRASSROOTS agrees or not. They are offering it at a price. I suggest Ron Paul negotiate if he really wants that domaine name.

If it's not worth it to him.. There it is.

Jesse and the GOP score all the money GRADSSROOTS = ZERO.

How do you expect to grow a GRASSROOTS like that?


ADDRESS MY POINT! I have already addressed all of yours! Your post contains no new information! The post you were replying to contained NO insults! Address my point, or you are a total and complete troll.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Stop projecting dude

Get a grip. These people are doing nothing wrong. I hope they get what they want from the site.

Lol. I KNOW they are doing

Lol. I KNOW they are doing nothing wrong. Have you even READ my posts? You're missing my WHOLE point and completely ignoring it! WHY won't anyone address my point? Are you liberals??


WHY in the WORLD should they NOT give the domain over when it will make them MORE money and get them MORE visitors??!???!?!?!?!??!??!??!?!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I'm a complete troll then

It's up to RP to make a counter offer. To me, all the owners are saying is "we are worth as much as Benton or your staff". I agree with them. They had RP's back during the campaign. What's that worth?

Ron Paul's words are FREE MARKET

Seems to me they did say so up front.

I think the offer of $800K was a huge compliment, saying YOU ARE WORTHY..

It's up to Ron to make an offer on how WORTHY he is at his own word on FREE MARKET FREE MARKET does not mean GRATIS

Ron Paul had no problem asking us for millions.. The campaign is over, and to expect someone to give you a site just because it has your name.. these folks did their part.. they own nothing more,, and like many folks, who WORKED VERY HARD to support Ron Paul, fought for him, went broke for him, HURT for him.. and wound up with Romney and then Obama.. Ron Paul didn't fight for himself..

Nothing worth something is free. It's not like he can't afford to pay them something for THEIR efforts and foresite,eh?

FREE MARKET means whatever

FREE MARKET means whatever the hell the MARKET wants it to mean. It means the people pressure businesses to do things by communicating what they want them to do and by purchasing/frequenting the entities that best conform to their wishes.

WE ARE THE MARKET. And we want the owners to give the domain to Ron Paul! THAT is what will make us frequent their page/take steps that will increase their profits in a FREE MARKET!!!

You clearly do not understand markets AT ALL for all the shouting you do about it.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us