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MSNBC Urges Viewers To Boycott Gun Manufacturers

Economic warfare as new form of gun control

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com | February 1, 2013

News network MSNBC – which is effectively owned by arms manufacturer General Electric – put out a tweet yesterday urging its viewers to financially boycott gun manufacturers, in another example of how gun control is being advanced under the radar.

“Do you know where your $$ is? Maybe it’s invested in the #gun business. Use your wallet to support #gunlimits,” the network tweeted, adding a link to a story about NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio pressuring investment firms to remove funding from gun companies.

The irony of MSNBC telling viewers to boycott investments in gun manufacturers is chillingly ironic given the fact that the network is is part-owned by one of Obama’s biggest campaign contributors, General Electric, which also just happens to be one of the biggest arms manufacturers on the planet.

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In another tweet...

In another tweet, they asked dog owners to stop buying cat food, subway riders to boycott gasoline, and people allergic to peanuts to stop buying peanuts.

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It's Lucifer calling the Devil evil again.

I have a question for anyone reading: could we really hinder General Electric if a hemp system were in place? I might start a thread...

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Why not boycott the

Why not boycott the advertisers of MSNBC?

We used to partake in activities such as that...

Lets start calling these people.

MSNBC Advertisers
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MSNBC and Chris Matthews Advertisers on Sunday Feb. 12, 2012

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What!?? This is insane

GE, MSNBC's parent company, is one of the biggest arms manufacturers of all!

General Electric (which owns, but is in the process of divesting, 49% of NBC) is a subcontractor for the Tomahawk cruise missile and Patriot II missile both of which were used extensively during the Persian Gulf War.[1] General Electric also manufactures components for the B-2 stealth bomber and B-52 bomber and the E-3 AWACS aircraft which were also used extensively during the conflict. During the first Gulf War, General Electric received $2 billion dollars in defense contracts related to weapons which would be used in Gulf War and the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq by Coalition Forces.


View all of GE's contracts:

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I'm Still Laughing

The headline is hilarious.

As if anyone who was going to buy a gun, now decides not to.

I see, however, that this call for a boycott, if applied to parent companies, might seem to make sense if you have no intention of owning a gun, and want to apply pressure to shut down gun manufacturers, but, that it's turning into an appeal to attack the military-industrial complex, just proves Ron Paul's point: freedom brings us together.

Let's get Congress to boycott weapons purchases. We have more than enough weapons, already.

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