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Adrian Wyllie for FL governor

Hi all,

I heard Adrian Wyllie on the Josh Tolley show earlier this week plugging his candidacy for governor of FL. Does anyone have a personal experience or knowledge on Wyllie? I've found a little information on this site and that he participates in a weekly television show in the Tampa/St. Pete area.


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Link to another Wyllie thread


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Seems like a good guy

I just sent his website to my 4 buddies in Florida.

I like the fact that he's doing a campaign outreach by touring all the craft breweries in the state!

Great man-needs our support!

Yes, he is a great man and needs the support of the members of this group. Listen to his speeches at www.youtube.com/user/ConstitutionDefence/videos
Checkout his website at www.wyllieforgovernor.com

The man voluntarily surrended his driver's license 3 years ago to protest REAL ID and has been trying to get arrested so he could challenge the Constitionality of the law in court. He finally got arrested about a month ago www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WRIhqUCrKM