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Damn! Gas price for cash just doubled in Chicago!

Just passed this gas station at Algonquin & Lake Cook roads. LOOK!!!!


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Our cash price is cheaper

The small local service station near my home charges 5 cent less per gallon for cash.

I saw this post

this morning and was afraid I was going to pay dearly for gas today. Went to the closest gas station and it was $3.73, I think that gas station's sign isn't working, it is after all in the single digits temp wise.

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The cash price is different?

The cash price is different? And it's normally higher?

The 8 should be a

3? Mistake?

Can anyone else confirm this?


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I didn't stop to ask!

...you know how electronics work when it's 5 degrees outside ;)

that can't be right

cash is king.