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Ticked Off My Phone Company Today

Ring, Ring, Ring....

Them: You've reached At&T, this is Jane, How may I help you?

Me: Hi Jane, just to let you know for customer services purposes, this call may be recorded.

Them: OK

Me: Jane, maybe you can help me, I am trying to get copies of all the information associated to me personally whether gathered legally, illegally, with my consent or without my consent.

Them: Most of the information we have on you is not personally identifiable to you

Me; Good, that means it won't take long or cost much in postage. So, you're saying the data your company has on me is not identifiable, correct?

Them: That's correct

Me: Is any information about me shared with any entitiies ?

Them: Just to advertising angencies to enhance your services and government agencies that have requested information through court oders and such. Go to our website and view the privacy policy.

Me: I will review the policy again, but I also want copies of all data asociated to me from your ad agencies, government agencies or any other agencies that you have given that info to. I need both what your company gave them and what they have personally expanded on.

Them: You will have to contact other agencies personally, we do not have access to their records

Me: Isn't it your responsibility to guard my data?

Them: Yes, and we do

Me: Well, if they have info on me because of your company giving it to them, shouldn't your obligation to guard my data continue?

Them: They have different policies

Me: So, if I loan my phone to a friend and he runs up my phone bill, can I just say "It's not my fault, he has a different policy?"

Them: Sir, we do our utmost to protect your privacy

Me; But, I didn't sign a privacy agreement with anyone else but your company. It's sounds like you've created a backdoor escape hatch which allows my privacy to be violated.

Them: Sir, we take privacy matters very seriously and if you feel your privacy has been violated and want to make a complaint I can give you the number to contact the appropriate agents

Me: So, you're saying that, I can't have copies of all the data on me without me having to file a complaint?

Them: Can you give me your name and number, and I will have someone contact you shortly

Me: ^^xxxx %%%% ***$$$ @@@@

Them: Thank you, we will contact you shortly

Me: Thanks Jane, hope to hear from someone soon.

Haven't anything back yet

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I just tried the same thing

The customer service person pretty much said that request can't be fulfilled. Basically he seemed to say that he didn't think they had any assembled list of info they could send me. He did say that my data is not shared w/ anyone though (including ad agencies).

I have AT&T as well, by the way.

That is funny and

That is funny and interesting. I hope you update on what you find out. Yeah, if they are handing over your info and letting the Feds tap into your line, then how can they claim they are protecting your privacy?

scawarren's picture

Don't hold your breath. I

Don't hold your breath. I made the same request over three months ago have not heard a peep from them and the only thing received in the mail has been my monthly bill :/

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
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I like the effort. :)

I like the effort. :)