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Ron Paul 2016!

I think it's time to prepare.. Let's get the good doctor ready for the biggest fight of our lives... This time it's real...!

Are you with me?

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I really hope he runs again!

I wonder how well he'd do? Probably even better than 2012, I assume. Considering he quadrupled (at least) his support over his 2008 run, I can only begin to imagine what would happen if he ran in 2016.

For those concerned about Ron

For those concerned about Ron Paul's age do the math!
Benjamin Franklin (January 6, 1705 – April 17, 1790)
Declaration of Independence 1776 - Franklin 71
Minister to France 1785 - Franklin 80
US Constitution adopted 1787 - Franklin 82
Governor of Pennsylvania thru 1788 - Franklin 83

If Ron wants it with his health and fitness, he has my vote and full support. Let Rand run for VP Paul/Paul 2016. Think about it people 4 terms of liberty to start to straighten things out. Maybe some more of Dad will rub off while Rand is in training along the way.

"Hey,,, a guy can dream, right?"

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

I asked Carol that exact question last month.

I never answer for Ron but I can't imagine him not doing it but that is not from him that is from me. I would agree with your second statement as well. time will tell! Carol
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If Rand was to run for president, would Ron endorse him?
I know, that is absolutely stupid to ask, but if Ron was to endorse Rand, all the people who are still anti-Rand because of his endorsement of Romney, would have to throw in the towel & support Rand. That's why people are wondering if Ron would endorse Rand.
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You did a great job and I hope you raise lots of $$$$. Carol

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Why would they have to throw in the towel just because his dad

endorsed him?

I'm absolutely floored by this.

People are independent thinkers except when it comes to Ron Paul? If he says something then everyone has to fall in line?

Good grief.

This herd of cats...

...has but one sheepdog: Ron Paul. Remove him from the equation and the tribes balkanize. *When* RP endorses Rand, it's going to be entertaining to say the least, this pro-Rand/ant-Rand split will be healed one way or the other.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Absolutely Correct

Michael! If Ron had endorsed either McCain or Romney, I wouldn't have voted for them.

AD in NV

But the thing is he didn't endorse either one : )

Ron Paul = Credibility

That's why the establishment is scared of him. That's why Bernanke is much more relaxed nowadays.

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So why should this be any different?

Because we all know Ron would

Because we all know Ron would never endorse either one. Ron is a principled man

If he runs, then hell yeah

If he runs, then hell yeah lol

I am with you.

I'll keep my opinion of the Rand pushers to myself, and only say that I believe Ron is the man who we'll still need and be able to get behind come 2015/16. I am behind the man 100%, and see him as the only man who is true enough to liberty and law for me to cast my vote for.

Ron Paul 2016

He will be endorsing his son.

He will be endorsing his son.

If Ron endorses

Rand, then my opinion of Rand won't go up, but my opinion of Ron will go down. I won't vote for Rand.

AD in NV

Ron Paul has endorsed

Ron Paul has endorsed questionable people before. Endorsements are a purely political move. If someone 'awake' like I assume most of us here are is hurt(or excited) over an endorsement by any individual of any other individual, then we've got a problem. There's plenty else to dislike/like about Rand, and in consequence, Ron if he endorses. It wouldn't be the worst person he's endorsed.

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Ted Cruz comes to mind

Ron Paul has endorsed questionable people before.

I'd bet $100 to DP that Ron endorses Rand

Anyone want to match me

I say Ron will endorse Rand and I'm putting $100 FRNS on that.

Anyone here want to say I'm wrong and bet $100.00 Ron runs?

Want to up me?

talk about a long term bet

100 dollars won't be worth a hundred dollars in 4 years,

and a lot can happen in that amount of time.

wasn't it romney with that goofy idea of a bet? come on granger, you're becoming more like a middle of the road republican every day..

That is true now

A $100..... is NOT worth $100 today!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I don't see any takers

Hopefully, those who consider themselves in the Liberty Movement will come around to understanding the political genius of Rand Paul.

never before has a candidate actually

taught his supporters. always a learning experience with ron paul, even just a small bit on TV. kids studying mises, rothbard, and learning about the FED.

rand doesn't do any of that. i just don't find him inspiring. he's such a regular politician, and a mixed bag: one step forward, 2 steps back. if that's what you like fine, but i don't see any kind of revolution behind someone already nicknamed dr. maybe.

Rand does too.

Rand does too.

Actually Ralph Nader educated his supporters

To understand Rand, you have to understand politics as usual and RON PAUL, put them together and you have Rand.

Rand is a learning curve, just like Ron. Ron is like the foundation, and Rand is how you make the foundation become the platform.. hpw to make Ron Paul's foundation work in a party.

I have learned a lot from Rand.

I did not agree with Ron Paul on all the issues when I became a supporter. NO WAY would I join the GOP in 07/08. Now, my only regret is not joining the GOP in 07/08.. EXCEPT for Rand,,because Rand is constantly teaching me how to deal with the GOP.

So if you are not going to deal with the GOP.. you're right, you have NOTHING to learn from Rand. Stick with Ron and wave signs.

But if you want change, then you might consider joining the Ron Paul rEVOLution in the GOP, which Rand is teaching us how to survive, vote, debate, issues.. Rand Paul is changing the GOP and I'm happy to help.

interesting you note nader

who has nothing but respect for ron paul, and no respect for rand.

Nader did teach his supporters

The only reason I became a Nader supporter was because I had witnessed the stolen election in 92.. I was my prescinct's inpector for the registrar's office, and had approximately 10K uncounted, locked ballots, in my car, with a poll worker. Being Nov, it was dark, and there was a long lone of headlights behind us, folks just like us waiting to drop off our locked boxes. We heard Ton Brokaw announce Cliton was winner. We looked at each other like "WTF?"

CA, OR, WA, AZ, Hi.. none of those states' ballot had been counted.. so how could it have been possible.. electoral college or not?

Nader at the time was pretty famous for suing the government. He's sued darn near every department.. and he caught wind of the stolen election and folks like me complaining, and that's what made him get into the presidential election 96. He ran as an Indy, and had many third parties, Reform nominated him, Green Party split over him, so he spanned the left and right of extreme third wing parties because the one thing we all had in common was wanting ballot access and open debates.

I worked with Nader for three elections. When Ron Paul ran in 07/08, it was like "coming home", though I hoped he would run Indy then. Now I see that what Nader did in his run, was effectiviely shut out any hope for a third party or Indy, because he gave the government every opportunity to make sure the doors were locked.. all we got from his campaigns were multible law suits in multibale states, and we lost all of them. He also started the Indy movement.. which now I see that as a way to marginalize people because they only get to vote for who other parties put on their ballots. They have no voice. And I think Nader is sympathetic to the NWO UN Agenda.. but I can't prove that.. his books are very pro- constitution and America.

What he thinks about Rand, is like many here, having nothing to do with Rand, but everything to do with HATING the GOP.

I once feared and loathed the GOP.. but now, I think Ron Paul was correct.. why reinvent a wheel when it's primed to be taken?

The only regret I have so far is not joining the GOP in 07.

That is a LIE davyC

Rand made it very clear saying DIMPLOMACY DIPLOMACY DIPLOMACY IS NOT EXHAUSTED and we must use diplomacy and bring Russia and China (and India) into the conversation because TRADE TRADE TRADE IS IMPORTANT.

Rand made it very clear HIS OPTION IS DIPLOMACY and TRADE, and IF IF IF IF IF IF that does not work THEN THEN THEN all options are on the table.

To me that is VERY resonable.

The headline on that post is a hit piece, a LIE.. I listened and wrote down what Rand said. Trying to make Rand into a pre0emptive warmonger is WRONG WRONG WRONG.. if he was.. I wouldn't back him.


Who else is saying that in the GOP? Who else is saying that in the Democratic party? Libertarian Party won't win an election.. so what's your motive davyC??? What's your deal by sharing a post that is LYING in it's headline to MISLEAD AND MISREPRESENT????

reading over the comments there

if seems most others went away with a different interpretation. all options on the table, means something else? huh? and remember his sanctions votes, considered an act of war by his father, something that will bring death. how is different from bachmann, santorum etc?

Gosh you people are

Gosh you people are exhausting! Perhaps they interpreted it that way because A) the title was very misleading B) the Anti Rand faction will jump at any opportunity to smear him. It is a smear campaign. I know one when I see one.


Rand made it clear his priority is Diplomacy and Trade.

IF that fails, what are his options?

It's not like you and your buddies here are occupying the GOP to help, eh?

Don't exhaust your energy

Don't exhaust your energy here. These folks are few in numbers and hardly wirth the effort. We have bigger fish to fry. We've got to prepare for a huge campaign against the Clinton machine. That means we need to start yesterday! This will be the biggest, dirtiest yet. It's going to get ugly.