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The War on Health

There is a lot of talk about Obamacare but nothing about Obamacare seems to be pointing us toward health. I devoted a career to healthcare, so maybe I am sensitive to this omission, but it seems a glaring one. We have taken to vaccinating our children into a stupor and the wisdom gained by our elders is taken from us long before they are, so we stuff them in a home and take an extra job to pay for it.
The goal of curing disease is no longer part of medical conversations. The FDA will bring the hammer down on anyone who dares to make a claim of curing pretty much anything. Instead, even our doctors are taught that patients must learn to accept their condition, and commit to life-long medication regardless of side effects.
Meanwhile, we wage a "war on drugs" that fills a prison-for-profit system with marijuana users. "Just say No" has morphed into this beast that now threatens to cut hair from every child to do drug testing. No probable cause required. The ability to establish a DNA data base is lurking in the shadows of this, gathering little to no attention.
Somehow, the insanity must stop. We must legalize plants, it is corrupting this nation at every level. Our entire judicial system is now funded by housing prisoners and seizing assets. The idea that this is "protecting" anyone is ludicrous, unless it is the profits of the elite you seek to protect.
Marijuana cures. Lots of things. So many things it seems like people are just trying to justify their drug of choice, but the facts say otherwise. Our entire body is filled with cannabinoid receptors - we are HARD WIRED to use marijuana as medicine.
There are many, many fronts in this battle for liberty... I know many people have lived their entire life under the constant influence of "DARE" and "Just say No" but if you care about the ability to cure yourself and those you love using safe (no one has ever died from marijuana use - ever) and natural methods, you really need to get over the brainwashing and learn the truth about marijuana. "Modern medicine" is becoming a rich man's luxury, and all they offer you is legal addiction. Your Creator put the ability to heal in YOUR hands. But you have to get your head in the game.
If you believe that marijuana is harmful, PLEASE watch this video which details much of the truth, from the history to some of the more current research.

I would also encourage you to look into "LEAP" - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

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