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Alaska GOP Ousts Incoming Chairman Russ Millette

On Thursday on Fireweed Lane, an executive committee of Alaska's Republican Party took a vote and ousted incoming Republican Party chairman, Russ Millette from the Republican Party top spot one day before he could sit in the chair. Since he was not yet in office, Millette did not to vote on his own forced departure.

Prior to the meeting on Thursday, party officials moved over $34,000 from the party's coffers to the party's sister group in Juneau on Wednesday, effectively putting the funds out of the incoming chairman's reach.

Joe Miller ally, Millette, was under the gun for his claims that he was a life-long Republican as well as his lack of fund-raising for the party since he was elected to his position


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The Harder You Work, the Worse You Get Cheated

Some junk-and-run tools did not like it when I posted this on another thread, but c'mon people. How much harder does the truth have to hit you in the face before it is accepted?

There is no "taking back" either of these two parties. People have been trying that for decades now, and the situation is worse than it ever was and will continue to get worse because these parties have become entities with a life of their own that don't need grassroots activists. They have achieved "escape velocity" from the grassroots.

All they need is a small cadre of local shills who gets crumbs of loot from the table in order to present the bare illusion of legitimacy to the mis-informed masses. They don't need you for money. They don't need you for legitimacy. The media, owned by the same corporate masters they are serving, will give them that.

You cannot win in a contest where the other side makes the rules, changes the rules in the middle of the game, and if they lose according to those rules they simply ignore them and bull doze over you anyway. The moral decision is to quit the game and denounce it for the obvious fraud it is, not compromise yourself to a system you know is corrupt in hopes of somehow gaining "influence". You have as much chance joining the Gambinos in the hope of "reforming" and "taking them back" for any moral purpose.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

hi nolongerperlexed are you Achbani?

hi nolongerperlexed are you Achbani?
If so, Congratulations on the publishing of your book!

If not, I am pretty much in complete agreement with you. My novel will be coming out sometime this summer and it touches upon a lot of the stuff you are typing about here at the DP.

note: my lawyer told me to stress the word 'Novel' so that I don't get thrown in jail :-)

And congratulations on your novel

hope it sells big

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

THANKS! no longer.

Thank you for the kind words.

You own the rights? Seriously? I want to buy the rights to a book that has not been released in the US or almost anywhere on the planet. Maybe you could give me a clue as to how to get the rights to sell it here. Or at least point me in the right direction. The author of the book I'm interested in is dead and I'm pretty sure his family members are on the lamb.

Is the trustee of his will still alive and available?

All you need is a one page agreement. It does not take much to draw up a contract, but it sounds like you don't have a plausible counter party. If they had an attorney, the attorney might be the trustee. Sorry I can't help more, your situation sounds tough.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

Thanks for the response!

I'm pretty sure our own government has blocked this book. It has sold in Japan. Not here - ever.

I think "he's" a Texan, I am in another state.

I think "he" is not even one person, but I do own the rights.

Localism is for people who can still sleep at night even though somebody they don't know in a city they have never been is doing things differently. ("Localism, A Philosophy of Government" on Amazon for Kindle or Barnes and Noble ebook websites)

JustLiberty4US's picture

Maybe GOP Chair Reince

Maybe GOP Chair Reince Preibus can help. He said that we wanted to bring the party together.

He jumped on a plane to Navada, now it's time to take a trip to Alaska.

if Preibus indeed flew to Alaska to correct this wrong

and place the ELECTED chairman back in his rightful place, I may start taking the GOP seriously again.....But we all know that will never happen.

JustLiberty4US's picture

I concur.

I concur.

what a joke

GOP is a sinking ship. They have no interest in a bigger tent. They would rather shrink further into irrelevance then actually obey the constitution and behave as reasonable logical human beings. They want our votes and money but not our ideas....that is all. Not one more cent from me. I don't care if Rand runs in 2016. As long as he associates himself with the GOP, I don't think I can vote for him.

I guess I will be following Stefan Molyneux's lead. I will no longer be apart of this sham called democratic elections. What's the point when an "executive board" of sycophants can just throw out anyone they want regardless of the will of the people.

I'm pretty much done with the GOP and Republicans....


All those that say let the republican party die don't get it. This has nothing to do with the republican party, we fight on all fronts, taking over the Republican party is merely one front we fighting on. The airborne are trained to fight the enemy in a surrounded position because they are surrounded.

Whenever you get opposition like this means you found the enemy and you don't run from the enemy, infact you smile and say hell yeah, some enemy to take on. If you in a place where there is no opposition then you are wasting your time because you need to seek out the enemy.

With our numbers, tactical use of said numbers is optimal in these kind of places because the masses are not politically involved, sure in big elections they swamp our numbers, but funnily enough not so much in the actual political process, if the Ron Pauler could actually understand this concept we would easily crush the Republican party, if every Ron Paul vote got involved instead of crying when losing in the big elections then the next RNC would be run by Ron Paul poeple and not banker est neo-cons.

I follow Einstien's definition of Insanity

when it comes to the Republican (sic) Party.

Attempting to get a different result from the same methods is insane.

Why keep pumping money, time, support, and CONSENT into an organization that has shown for decades that they care so little for Independence?

I do agree that having multiple fronts against Tyranny is a sound concept, however it seems to me that the Republican (sic) Party is waste of time and effort. Central Planning (which is a cornerstone of the current party) will not solve the problems that have been created by Central Planning.

I disagree on taking it to 'the enemy'. I say let the enemy take it to us, and when they go too far, give it to them in such a manner that they recognize their own Wealth, Health, and Independence are at stake.

We must change the game. If you play by THEIR RULES, which are arbitrary and unsound, you will continue to find yourself upset and pondering how to get around their ever changing Rule.

We must acknowledge that Change, even for the better, will always face resistance and the resistance will be quite violent by those who lose power, money, safety.

We must let our fellow Citizens know that they are not the Enemy and neither are We. We are simply Capable Human Beings who value Free Will, whether given by God or Nature's God, and refuse to take Orders from those whom we understand we have Equal Station with. Offer a valuable Friendship and a Hell of an Opponent.

Want to improve your Life and Community? Focus your efforts on your Community and how it is run and then reject the Assumed Federal and State 'Authority' over your Life and Community.

When Push comes to Shove, Human Behavior favors those who are Resisting over those who are Coercing.

With that, good luck on Restoring the Republican (sic) Party. While I understand that your path is wrought with difficulties, having some disruption within the Central Planners Party is a Welcome event.

they centraly plan

we dont centrally plan anything, what Nevada does is totally different to what Maine does, each state that gets taken over by Ron Paulers is done by unique individuals. I agree community is important, but this is merely one front we fighting on so we can do both. Our numbers being very active politically is to our advantage. With patience and persistance we will overcome. Even if we have 7 states is something not to sniff at.

There is no harm being active potically, it is not a waste of time, we all know a very small number of poeple are active at the top underminding the republic, they are the enemy and they are able to do this because everyone else is sleeping, well we know their game and we are not sleeping and we can use our numbers to good effect.

our strength is

being politically involved, this should be our motto, every single person here must sign up to something, if you busy and got a family then merely signing in the smallest position and goto a meeting every 4 months is doing your bit, if you reading this and not involved then you are wasting your time.

An example in strong democrat states, winning key positions in the republican state party should be a walk in the park and using the state vote is powerful. In the recent RNC chairmen vote, that dude going against Rience struggled to find states to EVEN GET NOMINATED... WHY!!!!! If Ron Paulers could merely win over 7 states and not only rely on Nevada and Maine then we would be a power to contend with. Maine and Nevada has proven how much trouble 2 SATES can make against the NEO-CONS.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS CONCEPT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!! our resources should be thrown into this big time. This has nothing to do with BEING A REPUBLICAN.. screw the republican party, this is merely a means to an end... DO YOU REALLY THINK RON PAUL CARES ABOUT BEING A REPUBLICAN, he swore an oath to the constitution and did not follow the party line, HE IS A CLEVER MAN and saw the best path to success and he USED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ..... be American and use the parties like toilet paper.

This kind of thing

This kind of thing seems to be happening everywhere. The bankers can't afford to lose the republicans they have in their pockets, so they are pressuring the establishment to weed out anyone who is a threat. This is just my take on it. It makes me sick, and we need to fight back, HARD! We need to call these people and push back.

Cake and cucumber sandwich eaters

The Republican cake and cucumber sandwich eaters hate that the hoi polloi have risen through the ranks. Their clubhouse has been tarnished. This is despicable, and one more example of hw the Republican brand is being obliterated. Reince will go down as the chairman who was chair of the party splitting if something isn't done quickly. How many states is it now that these shenanigans have been done....too many to count.

FB comment

"I want my $250.00 State Convention fees returned.
I was elected at my District level to go and represent my neighbors. I did that.
The entire body cast valid votes and the outcome of those votes elected Russ Millette as CHAIRMAN!
We did NOT elect him to be a Financial chair....I doubt you or any of the Establishment did anything if very little
to help Russ as he began his Leadership role.
Basically, you and your 17 or so puppets disenfranchised nearly 500 delegates. You all are destroying the Party from within.
as You well know, the Republicans have been fighting for change for a long time, we all have had enough of the old
guard pushing liberal candidates down our throats.
So, I want my money back!
The convention was nothing but a SHAM, you gaveled us out and encouraged people to NOT attend the reconvene.
We spent money to go to Fairbanks, where you had a temper tantrum and gavels us out once again.
SO for all of you and your henchmen and women (certainly not ladies) voting to not have filming up in Fairbanks,
there was sure a lot of filming these last couple of meetings including LIVE STREAM by Casey Reynolds.
The kangaroo court really proved themselves ridiculous to a broad audience on January 31.
Even Reynolds, who I rarely agree with, said Russ was removed with just cause!
you have become the laughing stock of many. A sad and pathetic 'legacy'.
Most likely there will be civil and criminal lawsuits brought.
Not a fine finish Randy, you cold have done do much more for the Party then to sully it with the reputation of being unlawful, arrogant and corrupt."

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

sue them

"Most likely there will be civil"

Take the Committee too

Looks like liberty people will just have to oust the people on the committees before they can have the chairmanship...unless the party eliet decides to be more welcoming of us and reinstate him.

And let the shenanigans continue.

Who was it that said something along the lines of, "we need the liberty folks and we'd be fools not to accept them"? Right.....

Do Nothing--Get Nothing

I remember back a month or so ago when the AK GOP was on the DP with an article quoting Millette as complaining that the reigning AK GOP leadership hadn't given him what he needed to begin working into his new position and thinking, "What sort of chairman elect waits around for people to give him things?"

I'm not sure what Millette's been doing since he was chairman-elect, during his "internship," but if his statements then and in the current AK Dispatch linked below is any indication, it's not much.

Leadership positions require...well, leadership. Not gripping how you didn't get stuff. Leadership of organizations like the AK GOP require that you be able to understand and speak to folks under a big umbrella, which includes conservatives of all stripes. Not just the liberty-right.

I'm no Ruedrich fan, but at least this guy got himself in trouble for doing too much. Millette got himself in trouble, it seems, from doing pretty much nothing.

Randy Ruedrich keeps running off with the party's funds

And won't allow Millette to view the internal financial reports.

(from Jan 18) "...The fact that the charges were raised by a chairman who apparently not only transferred tens of thousands of ARP dollars to the Murkowski-supporting Juneau Capitol Hill club without proper authorization just a few weeks ago, but who also seems responsible for a significant FEC fine for financial improprieties related to VECO has many within the party scratching their heads.

It also is shocking that this same chairman was reportedly entrusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars for Joe Miller’s direct mail campaign in 2010 but who has refused to disclose the database evidencing that he actually spent the money for Joe Miller instead of Lisa Murkowski, as suspected by some party members.

To make matters worse, the inquisitors had the gall to confront Millette on who he supported for president in 2012 – despite the fact that the very people asking the questions failed to support Republican-nominee Joe Miller in the 2010 US Senate race. The fact that none of the Alaska press in attendance reported on this extreme hypocrisy reflects that little has changed since their efforts in 2010 to sink the anti-establishment candidate with false stories."


and yet...

Millette did nothing to stop the outflow of funds. Right? We've no record of him doing anything about it. We've no record of any leadership on his part. We've no record -- and in fact Millette's admission that he's failed to do anything about the moving of funds or about being concerned with funds at all. He didn't do anything. It's kind of a thing, you know, that the head of a state rep. party would want to do things. Millette hasn't.

Joe Miller?

It may well be that Alaskan conservatives, who know something about Miller's leadership, know how the guy threw reporters out of his public appearances, had them arrested, because he didn't like the direction of the questions. Oh yes, even those reporters who were all alternative-y; you know the sorts we're supposed to admire.

Don't assume that everyone who puts a Liberty sash around their neck has anything to do with Liberty.

what are you trying to say

that they were justified in ousting Millette???

where did these gods get the authority to decide that?

It's not final yet

"…The final resolution will come at the first meeting of the State Central Committee is scheduled for February 9th in Juneau, at which time Millette will appeal the ruling against him as party insiders try to complete their coup and disenfranchise the rank and file members who elected Millette.

The Central Committee includes many more representatives of the various parts of the party but it is heavily top-loaded with members of the establishment who are unlikely to support Millette.  His supporters hope to turn out to cheer on his defense, but Alaska is a huge state and many will not be able to fly in on such short notice.  The end result may be an election of a new Chairman from among the members of the old guard in the Central Committee…"



Worth a money bomb?

Would it be possible to start a money bomb to help get the liberty folks on a plane up to the meeting?

If this is true Reinse Pubesant

Then your party is finished. Someone better have a good reason for me to stay a rethuglican.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

There are no good reasons

They're doing everything to get you out so you should leave, right?

Maybe if we all leave, they'll win and we can bitch about it for an eternity.

Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


more about the travesty here at alaskadispatch.com

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression.
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