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Alaska GOP Ousts Incoming Chairman Russ Millette

On Thursday on Fireweed Lane, an executive committee of Alaska's Republican Party took a vote and ousted incoming Republican Party chairman, Russ Millette from the Republican Party top spot one day before he could sit in the chair. Since he was not yet in office, Millette did not to vote on his own forced departure.

Prior to the meeting on Thursday, party officials moved over $34,000 from the party's coffers to the party's sister group in Juneau on Wednesday, effectively putting the funds out of the incoming chairman's reach.

Joe Miller ally, Millette, was under the gun for his claims that he was a life-long Republican as well as his lack of fund-raising for the party since he was elected to his position


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This seems illegal. Not sure what exactly to sue under, but I have a feeling this was illegal.

not sure

"...But as McQueary pointed out several times, political parties in the United States have broad powers to decide who will -- and will not -- be members"

As George Carlin said, "It's a big club and you ain't in it"

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression.
Frontline: The Untouchables

Wait. I though Millette counted as an elected official?

I walked into my county GOP office yesterday to find out some information and introduce myself, and this is how it was explained to me.

Can someone please explain the situation more?