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Her Romney-voting father was not impressed by my Ron Paul car sticker (Friday night story)

So I met a nice girl a few weeks ago, and I went over to her family farm to hang out. As soon as I got there her Dad pulled into the driveway after me, and I saw him looking at my car. (I assumed it was because it was an unfamiliar car in his driveway.)

I walked over to introduce myself to him, and before I got too close he yelled out, sarcastically, "Ron Paul, huh?"

I smiled and replied "yeah of course. Best vote of my life."

He just looked at me.

Then I said "and I donated a lot of money to his campaign, too." (A few hundred bucks is a lot to me at this point.)

He kind of laughed, gave me a puzzled look, and said "Really? That's probably why we lost."

I smiled and teased him and said "naw we lost because we didn't nominate him in the first place."

That was the end of the political discussion for the night. Then she told me about their conversation the next morning. I guess it bothered him, and she told me he went on and on about it for 20 minutes...

"Why would he vote for someone he knew was going to lose?"
"Why would he give money to someone he knew was going to lose?"
"Did he want Obama to win?"
"Does he have a job?"

She laughed telling me the story, and I guess just told him "I don't know? Why don't you ask him?"

I wish he would have asked me. I would have been happy to explain myself.

But I wonder, how many other tirades has my inconspicuous "Ron Paul 2012" bumper sticker generated?

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It would not have made one

It would not have made one bit of difference if you had voted for Romney instead of Paul. Voting is simply voicing your opinion. Maybe if all Paul supporters had voted for Romney, maybe he would have won. But then, your opinion wouldn't have been voiced. Romney and Paul were too far apart on too many issues.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

just think...

Just think of all those bitter people out there who wasted their vote on Mitt Romney.

We tried to tell them, but they just didn't want to accept that the TV was lying to them. Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes because we could use their support going forward.

People who understand the principles RP endorses aren't going anywhere. We know what we believe and can we don't compromise. That use to be a strong American trait. Hopefully it starts seeing a revival.

Freedom, Prosperity & Peace!!!

I'had to tell...

...all my neo-con relatives that if they voted for anyone but Ron Paul I would never speak to them again...They ALL gave me their word that they would, thats the best I could do as far as votes on the ground..

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

That's fucking stupid.

That's fucking stupid. Way to demonstrate the message of liberty...

Thanks for the judgement...

I know what I need to do to deal with my family...I'm glad you think you know how I should deal with them too...Not all of us have the same goals. Although; a lot of us do have the same goals, mine just may be a little different than yours or someone else's ...At the time my goal was to get Ron Paul nominated, I got him 17 votes that would have went to Romney...Goal accomplished...Now for spreading the "message of liberty"...I will leave that up to the judgmental assholes like you for today...Good day to you

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

"At the time my goal was to

"At the time my goal was to get Ron Paul nominated"
"Goal accomplished"
Whoa, news to me.

You're a dick dude, I'm not judging you I'm just stating facts based on a public admission you made.

Sucks to be right sometimes

But your integrity: priceless.