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Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ

A recently-published Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have "significantly lower" IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.

In a 32-page report that can be downloaded free of charge from Environmental Health Perspectives, the researchers said:

Full article here.

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Fluoride to protect teeth?

It was very hard to have parents ask for fluoride Rx's.. I would pleasantly yet intently say "and of course you have done your research" hoping none of my co-workers would hear me say even that and "report" me?

Multiple vaccines for infants? "and of course you have done all of your research?" "eye contact"

It wasn't my place to give "medical advice" but I have a brain and a conscience. My mom always told me I spoke with my eyes and trust me.. I tried to speak volumes to parents.. but shhhhhhh

I"m really happy and relieved that this is starting to come out more and more but I would be willing to bet Rx's are still getting filled.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists




Save the Whales! I'm sure we should be able to get the EPA to order water companies to stop adding fluoride to the water because it harms marine life!

What a mess. My water company adds it on a mandate from the State of California. When I spoke to their engineers, it sounded like they'd prefer not to.

What do you think?

The EPA has no teeth

EPA ordered BP to stop spraying neurotoxic carcinogenic Corexit dispersant during the deepwater horizon spill.. and BP kept on spraying. they sprayed over a million gallons of the stuff. The Obama administration never raised a finger.

This needs to go viral

I posted this to my facebook... this needs to be shared far and wide!

The Great Culling

is a documentary you should check out if you would like to know know how bad this really is.

Its great and the first 30 minutes are on You Tube here

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!