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Mo. Sheriff reassures residents: 2nd Amendment will be upheld

Saline County Sheriff Wally George wrote a letter to a county couple who is concerned with the recent talks of federal gun regulation laws. In his letter, George promised to defend the rights of his constituents to own guns even if that meant being arrested himself.

"I will assure you, as I have many other Saline County folks, that I will defend our 2nd amendment in Saline County literally to the point of being locked up in my own county jail if it ever came to that extreme," George said in the letter, dated Jan. 30.

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Let Sheriff George, know he is supported beyond Saline Co.

I gave Sheriff George, Sheriff Richard Mack's book a couple years ago. He had not heard of it but he was very receptive. Today it seems that he obviously concurs.
Every Sheriff in the country should be given a copy of Sheriff Mack's book. "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope"

This Mo. Sheriff probably has never seen Richard Mack's book.