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Senator Ted Cruz not only swept the floor on gun control...

An excellent speech from Sen. Tom Cruz, a must watch!


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you're ignorant

ron paul endorsed him and he's pledged support to Audit the Fed.

Sorry if you are so Anti-anything-to-do-with-Israel that you can't see passed the end of your nose.


Bite me agonzo1

Go back to posting how uber neocon John Bolton impresses you... and by the way... In your face! Hagel got in even after criticizing Israel. You can stick your Neocon wars where the sun don't shine.

yeah, whatever. This movement

yeah, whatever. This movement need to get more multidimensional in its strategic thinking.

WOW, finally a constitutionalist

Oh wait, he forgot that little pesky constitution thing when he was questioning Hagel as an israeli senator. Or maybe his controllers said it was ok for him to pretend this time.

Throw out 4th to enforce 2nd?

If you listen carefully, that's what he's saying. Do some research on the exclusionary rule and why it's the ONLY way your 4th Amendment rights are protected. Yet, it's just another tired old Republican speech demanding that more citizen's rights be taken away by confirming judges that will continue to destroy the hated 4th Amendment. I think a wait and see approach is best with Cruz. So far, I'm not impressed.

As long as we're mentioning

actors, Oscars, "Tom"Cruz, I see glimpses of the actor Bill Murray in profile, mannerisms and the eyes and eyebrows. Maybe that’s why I was ‘Lost In Translation’ in the neocon scripted Hagel hearing.

Lost in Translation Movie Clip

not bad but I'm not thrilled

I didn't like how he said they should pass laws to prevent crime. Laws are to punish evil not prevent it. They will just make more criminals. And why can't i own an automatic weapon. They government doesn't have the authority to pass laws against full autos. I'd like to own a B.A.R. There were no laws against it before 1933 and they were not a problem then and wouldn't be now. They just don't want me to be able to defend my life and property when the time comes and they make a grab for it. Lets get rid of half the laws and allow me to own a full auto. :)

Cruz is a



"Tom Cruz" intentional? :>

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

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Look out!

This guy has got political skill!

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This guy is a great actor

Give this man an Oscar!

He looks like Al Gore. He talks with a forked tongue. He's courting the conservatives.

Is this guy running for president too? I know he just got elected, but it is like some guy who comes straight out of high school and into the NBA?

I know Rand is in the mix, but the Republicans want their best chance to win.

He can't run for president he

He can't run for president he was born in Canada.

Well we know more about where he was born...

...than we know about where Obama was born.

I suppose if your wife works for Goldman Sachs you can be just about anything you want to be.


Thank You


You must be born a US citizen

Not born in the US, to be eligible. Not sure if that is the case for Cruz, but just cause he was born in Canada doesn't necessarily exclude him.

And does it matter any more. Look at Obama, I mean Barry.

Two wrongs don't make a right.


I'll say...

Cruz is clearly a supremely skilled lawyer, and he's really able to translate that skill to these hearings...he controls the session. I could definitely see him running for President. He scares me, but he's definitely got skill. He'd be slick in a debate for sure.

But at the same time Ted

it is OK to Drone Bomb kids in another country? Or, it is OK that Israel commits war crimes because they were persecuted in the past? Nice letter and maybe you said a few good things, but you are no different a politician than the whole lot of them.

Take your JOKER thin lipped grin and act and preform like a real founding father.

exactly my sentiment ... well

exactly my sentiment ... well said

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

These liberals in my opinion

have for some time stood as a clear and present danger to this nation. If there are any wars worth fighting as a nation it is that of removing them from this country.. them and their counterparts the liberal-lites as well by any means possible.

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I would say a decent speech, and he made good points.

But I don't trust him and think he's just playing the game.

He sells out American Sovereignty one day, and speaks on its behalf the next.

And as far as being an educated statesman to his Oath of Office. He has a ways to go.