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Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever felt like you were awake but unable to move? You might have even felt afraid but could not call for help? This condition is called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis may leave you feeling frightened, especially if you also see or hear things that aren't really there. Sleep paralysis may happen only once, or you may have it frequently -- even several times a night.

The good news: sleep paralysis is not considered a dangerous health problem. Read on to find out more about sleep paralysis, its possible causes, and its treatment.


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Prescription drugs

CAN and DO bring this on. I won't take pills at night for this reason.

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Useful for lucid dreaming


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

In hypoglycemia the brain is starving.

The muscles are starving.

The brain is starving.

In suffocation, thinking is also impaired.

The brain gets terrified. Adrenalin is released to prepare for fight or flight.

Adrenalin makes the liver turn glycogen into glucose.

Except when the minerals are missing to make the needed hormones and enzymes.

Other symptoms of Vanadium Deficiency:
Elevated Cholesterol
Elevated Triglycerides
Cardiovascular disease
Slow growth

McNeil, JH. Biological effects of Vanadium. Vancouver 1992.
Nielsen FH.:Vanadium. In trace Elements in Human and Animal Nutrition 1987,

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I experienced that repeatedly

I experienced that repeatedly some 35 years ago after a long illness. It is scary at first. I could just barely speak, like the monster in Young Frankenstein. I would ask my housemate to wake me up. He would look terrified, but screw up his courage and shake me. That did the trick.

It eventually went away. No recurrences in decades.

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I learned the trick

Start by wiggling your toes and the rest of your body follows!

Works for me every time

I have had this occurrence at various times in my life, the first time was as a child. The toe wiggling works and was how I was able to wake myself the first time it happened. It's like once your leg feels your toes or ankle wiggling then your leg is able to follow and shake you awake. It takes concentration though.

I have been able to just go back to sleep. You are usually afraid when it happens that you MUST wake up but if you can calm down and release back into full sleep then you will wake up later feeling fine. But if the covers are on my head or if I am in a certain position then I feel I have to wake up NOW and the wiggle foot does the trick although sometimes it take some effort to get it going.

Sorry that doesn't work.

no. Toes don't work. That's why it's called paralysis.

What is your experience like? Often? Frequent? short, long, with poltergeists or without?

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the only thing

I was ever able to "think" I was moving was the first joint of my left index finger in a scratching manner... luckily that was all

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I used to get these nightmares

In my dreams a lizard was in my room holding me down
I try to move but am paralyzed
I didn't know what to do, but manage to wiggle my toes
This is enough shake me out of paralysis
From not being able to move a muscle - i burst out of my stillness in a panic
The lizard is gone just in time. It leaves precisely at the moment when it realizes it can't hold me
Sometimes this happens several times a night

Hasn't happened lately.

The kicker is... you're not

The kicker is... you're not really awake. When you wiggle your toes, its just symbolism for your mind.

Instead of trying to "wake up," try to leave your body. Picture a rope and visualize yourself climbing up out of your body. Then it gets interesting.

My first breakthrough was when I decided to fight through the crazy storm of noise and tinglng (your body releasing the paralysis agent into the bloodstream). Afterwords, there was an amazing calm. I looked over to my closet, and saw it was waaaaay to close. So I looked back toward the bed and saw my body laying there. That scared me awake! Ha!

I got used to it though, and realized I could go anywhere, see anything. Next time you're there, wait it out, once that chemical is dispersed, feel the amazing calm, then try to fly through your ceiling and go explore.

In time you'll realize you can see whatever you please. Its hard at first, and as you panic, your mind will manifest things that scare the bejesus out of you. But with a little practice, you'll begin to understand this is among the best things to ever happen to you.

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No, it's really not...

You are confused about what is happening in this scenario versus lucid dreaming, and guided meditation.

This is very different, and I'm glad you have never experienced it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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I have experianced it. Ive

I have experianced it. Ive seen hell in my travels and the most terrifying crap you can imagine. However, you're simply incorrect. Its not guided meditaiton. Its not out of body experiances. Its not visions from god. Its not anything other than extremly vivid dreams which you have learned to control. You are "limited" to what you believe is possible in this state. If you are "convinced" you are awake then you limit what you can see to what is possible in your mind. You see things you'd expect to see, such as objects in your room.

Once you learn to divorce yourself from the illusion that you are awake and meditating, then you will be able to see whatever you please, wherever you wish.

People have a hard time coping that the answer is so simple because they "want" to believe in impossible things.

I hear some of you guys trying to tell me im mistaken. I do this nearly every night and I have been where you are.

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sleep on back, get this

sleep on side, whatever I want.


My spine might be weird.

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Really creepy to feel.

Really creepy to feel. I can remember that mostly, how unpleasant it was. I hated that. It was like 20 years ago, as a student. I think it was while preparing for, or after, tiring exams. Maybe 2 or 3 times only, for me.

It may be induced by a sort of stress we're not familiar coping with yet. Just a raw guess from what I experienced.


Are you preparing exams currently???

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Used to deal with this years ago

One time I remember being wide awake and feeling like one force was pulling me down while one was pulling me upward and it was putting tremendous pressure on my body. I could not yell out for help or move but I could hear the TV on in the next room which I thought was strange as it was the middle of the night. All of sudden it broke and I kind of fell back on the bed(I think my back was arched) I got up and ran out of the room to see why the TV was on and my little sister had snuck downstairs and was watching TV while she was suppose to be in bed.

Later in my twenties, I experienced it on a regular basis, being awake but not being able to move or speak..once while hearing really beautiful music.

I remember telling my tough guy ex-boyfriend about it and he kind of pooh poohed me like I was nuts. Then one night he was crashing at my house on the couch and it happened to him. I ever saw such a big baby in my life. I didn't have to worry about him wanting to crash on the couch again. :o)

Sounds like a mineral deficiency disease.

Narcolepsy is a vanadium deficiency that causes hypoglycemia.
Glucose intolerance is a chromium deficcieny.

Before my oldest son started supplementing with 60 essential minerals he loved wrenching on projects with his Chrome Vanadium tools. He used to have night terrors also.

Leg cramps are a magnesium deficiency.

Vets know more about these things than WebMD, that pretty obvious to me.

WebMD suggests antidepressants. Fools, their is no antidepressant deficiency.

Avoid snacks especially sweets before bed. Dark chocolate is OK.

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If you want to continue suffering Sleep Paralysis ignore this.

Everything posted in this comment was proven in trials of thousands of animals. They can get the same problem if they are mineral deficient.

Good night!

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happened to me

2 months ago. it was some scary shit because i would wake up and try to move and i would fall back into my dream. at one point it felt like i didnt know what was reality and what was my dream. i was so thankful once it stopped.

I haven't had that for years,

I haven't had that for years, but it happened frequently when I was little. The sensation of things touching my face, pushing my shoulder, or especially pulling my blankets off me. Being unable to yell above a whisper. Waking up with my blankets at my feet, or already sitting up. Not to mention sleepwalking. Until you've had the shock of waking up in some other place, you don't understand scary it is. You try to just go back to sleep where you are rather than deal with the horror.

What I needed was someone to tell me that I can stop them by not being a party to fear, that they are fear and are drawn by fear and can't bother me if I don't participate in it.

So weird to see this post.

So weird to see this post. This happens to me when I take too much NyQuil.

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I suffer from this as well.

Happens probably once every 3 months. For me, the unfortunate part is that it is accompanied by "waking dreams", basically hallucinations where it is impossible for me to determine reality from dream. As the article suggests, I am confident that this is the source for most, if not all, abduction and nighttime haunting myths.

Thanks for the link, and I hope it helps people. I did research on it for myself a long time ago.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

About every 3 months - me too.

Before these latest events - there was a second one today of only like 3 or 4 seconds - the most recent was in November hence my mentioning it to my brother at thanksgiving since it was fresh on my mind.

Should I even mention that I'd started to miss it in the past few weeks yet it still freaked me out when it finally happened again?

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Try holding your breath

I've heard this works, as you apparently still have control over your breathing. If you hold your breath long enough, the automatic part of your brain will panic and fully wake up since it thinks that something's blocked your breathing and it's become an emergency "Wake up now or you're dead!" situation.

Thanks, I'll try that.

If it feels like it's been going on for too long. Up to an hour? I'm not going for that.


Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Shouldn't take that long

From what I've heard elsewhere, the breath-holding trick works after just a few seconds. I assume that once your body is telling you that you need air, then you'd be released.

I've never tried this, but I don't have the problem either.

Wasn't planning on holding my breath for an hour...

I'm a smoker.

Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

I've experienced this several

I've experienced this several times - too many to count. My worst episode came about 15 years ago and it felt like someone or something was choking me while sitting on my chest. I also felt frightened during the whole ordeal, as if an evil presence was in the room.

I posted this because I wanted others to know they weren't crazy

The first time I learned there was a name for this was when I mentioned it to my brother and he said he heard about it it on NPR, that other people had experienced it, and it wasn't associated with a slow descent into dementia.

But it is still terrifying even if you can name it. My last 'episode' was yesterday when I tried to take a nap. This time was different as it involved the 'intruder'/incubus phenomenon - I awoke to see something entering my apartment and move past me, and I couldn't react or move at all. I knew it was another 'ISP'/sleep paralysis event and stayed calm, then started counting which led me to believe the whole thing lasted about 30 seconds.

I could still move my eyelids and eyes, and tried twice to go back to sleep but each time I was reawakened by a dreadful feeling that sleeping might actually be a more permanent condition, so I forced myself to stay awake and try to take in the experience.

Why did I post this? Because it is helpful to know you're not alone.

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

i hear ya...

once I was taking a nap and thought I could hear kids playing baseball outside.. I had the feeling/"could hear" someone entering the room and then they "hit me in the head with a baseball bat" That slippery feeling can be hard to shake and makes going back to sleep perilous.

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Well I must thank you

for this. I literally asked for jesus to protect me the only time it happened. It felt like evil was around me. It is very reassuring to know others have been through this. I will not fear this next time like I had before, and that's because of you and your post. Instead, I'll try to relax. Thanks again