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Netanyahu: Israel is too weak. America must stop Iran this year (2013)

Netanyahu Tells America It’s Now Or Never

Netanyahu has drawn a line in the sand, only this time, it’s for the U.S.

According to a Maariv report, when speaking to a visiting delegation from the American Jewish Committee, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel was simply not strong enough to force a halt to Iran’s nuclear enrichment program. In order to halt the program, Bibi said, the U.S. would have to strike, and they must do so this year.


“The sanctions are only likely to stop Iran if there is a credible (military) threat over their head … and in order for it to be a credible threat, you need to mean it, meaning that if the sanctions don’t work – and they haven’t until now – you will use it,” he said.

He followed this up by saying that 2013 would be the last year America could effectively put an end to Iran’s nuclear program. If not, they would get their hands on enriched uranium and build a bomb in “a short time” according to Netanyahu.

Others seem to think a strike would be ineffective.

An AP article published late last year covered a report compiled by the nation’s top national security experts and former military commanders. The report indicated that a “surgical strike” would only set back Iran’s nuclear capability.

“You can’t kill intellectual power,” said retired Army Lt. Gen. Frank Kearney, former deputy director at the National Counterterrorism Center and former deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations Command who endorsed the report."....


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strikes again!


I do not trust...

...that Netanyahu fellow. He has 'warmonger' written all over him.

Sadly, many conservatives and Christians have a hard time distinguishing between the Israeli people and the corrupt, globalist-minded leaders in their midst. It's strange, because a lot of these same conservatives understand that they can love their own country but be against their leaders' policies; yet, they seem to lose that distinction when considering Israel.

By the way...putting my own Christian 'hat' on...does anybody else have this eerie feeling that the conditions in the Middle East with Russia buzzing Israel with jets, Syria being attacked, etc. is starting to look like the end-times 'Gog and Magog' wars in the book of Ezekiel? Hard to say for sure, but if that is correct, we may be seeing the false 'Christ'/'Messiah'/'Imam Mahdi' figure emerging soon to helm a world government and make war on those who defy his tyrannical rule. Keeping an eye on that...

Anti Christ not the same as Imam Mehdi

I'm guessing you understandably have little knowledge about the prophecy of Imam Mehdi. In Islam the dajjal (anti-christ) will come and form his tyranical rule over the world, then Imam Mehdi will proclaim his return and defeat the anti-christ and his army. After this, Issa (Jesus) will return, join with Imam Mehdi and kill the anti-christ. So both Muslims and Christians are waiting for the return of Jesus to kill the anti-christ. It's only the Jews who are waiting for a non-Jesus/Issa Mesiah.

Maybe why the Quran states:
5:82: "Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say: "We are Christians:" because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant."


...I admittedly have much more to learn about the nuances of Imam Mehdi within Islam -- but I'm guessing that within Islam itself different sects debate this whole topic much like Christians debate the details of the tribulation, second coming, millennium, etc.?

From your understanding, though, is there any discussion of some believing the dajjal is the Imam Mehdi before the real one shows up? In other words, might not the dajjal present himself as the Messiah, Christ, Imam Mehdi, all rolled into one, thereby causing some Jews, Christians, Muslims to fall away under an apostate one-world religion that couples with the one-world government?


I thought bibi said a few

I thought bibi said a few months ago that they did not need our help?

The sound byte deke.

So the sheepdog corrals his sheep.

See, there is no problem here.

Free includes debt-free!

How about being cordial and

How about being cordial and freely trading with them? You dont have to be friends, but going to war with everyone you disagree with seems costly, counter productive, and it tends to cause blowback.

What the hell is wrong with our leaders, they have lost their

minds? I thought Obama wanted to talk to Iran, at least he said so back in 2008. Maybe if someone gets the balls to start a conversation then we will get to the bottom of all this hatred of American by Iranians.

Maybe we will find out were not so innocent, like over throwing Iran's newly elected Prime minister back in 1952. That wasn't enough we installed the Shah a ruthless butcher!

Not much different from Ron Paul's speech in congress


Yep the sins of this country run deep!

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Pathological liars and politicians don't know their lying.

The promises are the means to an end. Get Elected.

Free includes debt-free!

You Left Out



With our ability to elect criminals to Congress

With our ability to elect criminals to Congress, we could shut down the prison complex.

Free includes debt-free!

Sorry Netanyahu, Send your own kids to die in Iran.

Iran is your problem Netanyahu, not mine.

Hey Netanyahu, if you really believe in God, why don't you stop falsely manipulating Christians in the US to save you and instead trust God to save you?

I'll tell you why you don't do what is right... Netanyahu you have NO FAITH and NO TRUST in your Maker.

You, Netanyahu, only know how to act as a liar, manipulating others to go to war and wicked deeds on your behalf. You Netanyahu have NOT the courage of David but only the wicked inequity of Saul.

Netanyahu, please stop the unnecessary war and get some courage of your own.

My children are not you mercenaries. They have no interest in serving you or your evil warlocks in warring against your fears and those you fear in Iran.

Fear not and trust the Lord Mr. Netanyahu. God is the only one who can save someone as utterly murderous wicked as you.


The Prophets have warned this people for thousands of years.

Isaiah 1:2-4
Listen, you heavens; earth attend
for Yahweh is speaking,
"I reared you sons, I brought them up,
but they rebelled against me.
The ox knows its owner
and the ass its masters crib,
Israel knows nothing,
my people understands nothing."

A sinful nation, a people weighted down with guilt.
A breed of wrongdoers, perverted sons.
They have abandoned Yahweh, despised the Holy one of Israel.
they have turned away for him

The most they deserve is our pity for the guilts thy bear.
They heard but did not listen. They are not listening now.

Free includes debt-free!

I see another Zionist false flag attack in our future

which AJ will blame on imaginary illuminati reptile people.

It's profitable to use an enemy to strike an enemy.

Bibi would love it if the USA were buried along with Iran.

Congress is craven and their bloodlust is only matched by their desire to create pain, suffering and destruction.

Free includes debt-free!

I know you are trying your best

to look decent and defend your post. But you have little sense, as usual. You cannot be both at the same time - be against Zionists and not be against Israel. I suggest to wipe up saliva and check the dictionary.


As the common names in my extended family are Hirsch, Meyers and Eckes I have a little more than a passing interest in the subject of zionism. :)

My "little sense" on the matter includes knowledge of the 19th century British christian Restorationist's visions of Britain's manifest destiny to occupy Jerusalem and the Holy Land which would prompt Jesus' return and the execution of all jews who would not convert. This vision was shared by the royal families, who claim David's throne, and by other British notables as Cecil Rhodes. They believe they are the true Israel and seperate from Judah (jews). I am aware that Herzl (the supposed founder of zionism) was recruited by Restorationist clergy and theologians.

I am aware that the judaic scripture says that Israel will be in rebellion against God leading up to the "day of the lord" and God sends an army against Jerusalem to destroy it (Joel). I am aware that the christian bible (new testament) says Israel will be a "synagogue of satan" and Israel will politically follow the "antichrist". I know that in the judaic scripture God warns Israel to not return to land while they are in rebellion and that he himself will bring them back in his own time.

Man's establishment of Israel is a big nefarious grab for political power started by christians who then drew in the jews.

Having said that, Israel is now an established country. And as such they should be afforded equal treatment as a nation according the rule of law and law of nations. This also means Israel must follow the rule of law and law of nations by not colonizing or turning into concentration camps the lands they have agreed by treaty to belong to the Palestinians.

But zionists in control of Israel's do not follow the law. They are lawless and tyrannical. They engage in ethnic cleansing as heinous as any regime in history. They encourage racial segregation and mistreatment of women.

I am 100% for defending Israel if her government follows the rule of law and the law of nations and honors her treaties. The zionists are not following the rule of law or the law of nations.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Incredibly insightful

And well thought out opinion weebles. Kudos!


even most anti-zionists glaze over and step-back cautiously when I go into my Restorationist rant. :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Sometimes meaning is lost in translation

DP readers were visibly hurt that US Senate committee was united in its support of Israel. Hagel performance hurt them even more. Many feel shy that Americans, at large, do not support our anti-Israel stance. Anxiety forces our folks to come again with a lame article borrowed from "trusted" mainstream media and "trusted" Pentagon generals.

Bibi was saying that 2013 was the last year when Israel alone could destroy Iranian plants insted of only damaging them. Indeed, Israel wanted to do the job alone back in 2009 (when the plants were more vulnerable), but Bush and Obama prevented Israel by promising that US would handle Iran itself.

The title is misleading. Actually, Israel can do it alone at any time in the future. Israel simply does not want to kill millions of Iranians, waterboard them, put them in secret prisons, waste trillions on nation buildings as Pentagon conducts things. Israel (and some regional Suni countries) simply want to stop Iran from nuclear capability. CLEAN strike is what the article above seems cannot understand. Israel is not Pentagon; it cannot kill million+ muslims (as US did since 1990's) without a squeal from NWO (UN, NATO, IMF.)

Pardon moi? o_O

What is up with your characterizations? Daily Pauler's are not easily-wounded shy anxiety-ridden "Israel haters" forced to resort to biased "mainstream" sources. You are merely trying a cheap smear. Shame on you. If Daily Pauler's are one thing, we are not readily impressed with pure ad hominem no matter how veiled.

It should be perfectly clear to you by now that the majority of Daily Pauler's don't have anything against the nation of people known as Israel. We have nothing against jews as many if not most of the titans of libertarianism and the Austrian school of economics are jews. We dislike zionism. And since you fully know this, your cheap shots are even more unappreciated.

Your other attempts at character smears are just ridiculous on their face. Daily Pauler's aren't easily "hurt". We are quite feisty, resilient and tend to relish and enjoy engagement in debate of our opponents. Most of us never feel "shy", as you accused, ever.

You said:

"Anxiety forces our folks to come again with a lame article borrowed from "trusted" mainstream media and "trusted" Pentagon generals."

Excuse me? First of all, Business Insider content links most often appear on alternative media sites. Secondly, "anxiety" is just another baseless attempt at character smear. There is no need to reach out to biased sources to support the fact that the Israeli government has an established history of agitating for the shedding of America's son's and daughter's blood in the name of protecting Israel's programs of aggression. You are mislabeling righteous indignation and a rational active concern for the well-being of our loved ones economically, mentally and physically as "anxiety" as if we are emotionally unbalanced. Again, shame on you.

You said:

"Bibi was saying that 2013 was the last year when Israel alone could destroy Iranian plants'


"Actually, Israel can do it alone at any time in the future."

Those statements are demonstrably the opposite of what Netanyahu said and it can be easily verified from a variety of other sources, including jewish and Israeli media, by googling "maariv netanyahu iran".

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Hard Time

I have a hard time telling who is responding to whom here on DP a lot of the time. Anyone else have that problem? Weebles who is this comment addressing?


Have to repost in correct place

I know you are trying your best to look decent and defend your post. But you have little sense, as usual. You cannot be both at the same time - be against Zionists and not be against Israel. I suggest to wipe up saliva and check the dictionary.

I agree, it is time to make it crystal clear.

Never again will we send our children to die for your genocide, Bibi.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What a lode of Bull!

If you are too weak Bibi, don't go poking sticks at wasp nests.

Yeah, sure

been hearing the same tired old nonsense about Iran maybe somehow possibly one day getting a nuke for YEARS.

Maybe he should draw another picture of a bomb that says "we're really super duper cereal this time, guys!"

Or maybe he can use one of those Calvin urinating on a Ford logo stickers. Slap a turban and beard on Calvin and replace the Ford logo with the US flag with fifty stars of David on it, and exclaim "they want to rain salty death upon us! THIS IS ALL THE PROOF WE NEED."

A signature used to be here!

Israelis deserve better

Than this pathetic worm Netanyahu. In all his time in office thus far he has done nothing except clamor for another war.

Worst Israeli leader ever.

Election fraud has not come to Israel?

How big a minority is running that country.

Just like the USA, and our false democracy, less that 30% of eligible voter elected the President or Congress for the last 120 years.

We have a tyranny of the minority. It's the proverbial little white dot.

This minority seeks to overthrow the rule of law with political whim.

Free includes debt-free!

I disagree

just like americans, they deserve exactly what they've got. The ignorant masses voted them into office. Its the people who aren't brain-dead who deserve better.