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Obamacare Survival Guide


The Obamacare Survival Guide: "Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Business".

This is what inspires no small amount of hatred on my part against Progressives. A law passed against massive protest, through legislative tricks, that no one read. And we're supposed to just accept it.

Now we have to buy books on how to avoid crippling $20,000 per family costs, and 40% taxes? This isn't freedom, neither is it progressive. A government that does this to its people has no legitimacy.

A government does this sort of thing, and people complain about 'lawlessness' when some of us say hell no!

I feel like I'm living in a bad 80's movie. Where's Snake Plissken to tear it all down?

Oh, that's right, our leaders are 'progressive' and not fundamentalist Christian, my mistake, nothing to see here, nothing to worry about...

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ytc's picture

This youtube is an AD for a book. Did anybody actually

read this? **DON'T waste $20 for a book which may not be useful at all.**