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Former sex trafficking victim shines light on dark underworld of Super Bowl

Amid the parties and fun of Super Bowl 2013, authorities say, there is a dark underworld of girls and women being forced into the sex trade. Sitting in the festive lobby of a New Orleans hotel, festooned with San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens decorations, Clemmie Greenlee, a former victim of sex trafficking from Nashville, recalled being brought to cities around the South to prostitute for those attending such large-scale events.

For Greenlee's pimps, the influx of people provided a massive money-making opportunity.

"When they come to these kinds of events, the first thing you're told is how many you're gonna perform a day," she said Friday. "You've got to go through 25 men a day, or you're going through 50 of them. When they give you that number, you better make that number."

Having been abducted and gang-raped by her captors at age 12, Greenlee said, she was one of about eight girls controlled by a ring of pimps, men who injected them with heroin and, at times, kept them handcuffed to beds. For trying to run away, she was once stabbed in the back.

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This is all just more reasoning

for legalized prostitution. Let it be structured and confined. Women (or men) will choose to do so, in numbers large enough to prevent the trafficing or women who do not wish to be so.

This will take care of the "of age" sex trafficing. Then we can focus on the children beyond this, but at least we will have eliminated half of the problem.

legaization will not get rid of the child sex trade

for those who, have a taste for sex with children. This 12 year old girl was introduced into prostitution by being gang raped.

More here.

I thought I made that clear

and I'm sorry if I did not make the distinction bewteen the two, but what I meant was that by legalizing prostitution for those women of age, would eliminate many of the women who are in the trafficing control of the cartels.

This would eliminate part of their "supply" and efforts can be continued to stop the child trafficing.

Yes you tried to make it clear

but in this issue what is clear becomes clouded. Children sexually abused become child prostitutes and then women prostitutes.

I would rather see the effort used to get them off the street and educated back to self esteem and a different career.

No one should have to sell a piece of their body for money.

There is proably not one prostitute

who was not sexually abused as a child, perhaps continually abused by some pervert sick adult. And they grow up with no self esteem thinking that is all they are good for.

This belongs in the lower level of animal-human behavior. It is something the rich elite seem to go for and they would like to keep humanity at this low animal level. And so they have the child sex trade. Keep everyone focused at the genital level instead of at the heart compassion level.

Rather than legalize prostitution take these women off the street and educate them to get free of this demeaning "career choice". I have known prostitutes through my job as a nurse, and disease is something they deal with on a weekly basis, unknown to the public.

In the end they get a disease that is incurable; so many STD have mutated to an incurable strain. What with drug use, shared needles, and incurable STD, many die young.

Mind Control Cathy O'Brien Story of the Child Sex Trade
Long Intro. Start around 36 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djgtpXv4qQ4

In some of the comments

below the article some people posted that this is merely a way for the police, etc to demonize prostitution and secure funding. They do back it with statistic, I would read it before making a judgement.

Comment by Thaddeus Blanchette:

"First of all, everyone taking the time to comment here should spend a half hour reading through the following booklet, produced by one of the oldest and most respected anti-trafficking organizations in the world: the Global Alliance Against Trafficking in Women.


"What's the Cost of a Rumor?" thoroughly debunks the myth (yes, MYTH) that large sporting events create an increase in trafficking, using impecable data from a wide variety of researchers.

For at leats a decade now, EVERY Superbowl season brings us apocalyptic reports of how thousands - nay, tens of thousands - of young women will be trafficked as sex slaves to slake the unspeakable lusts of Superbowl fans.

This, my friends, is simply and utterly bulls**t.

Does trafficking exist? Undoubtably. Will there be, somewhere in the city of New Orleans, a trafficking victim engaged in forced sex work during the Superbowl? Almost certainly. Are their tens of thousands of these victims? Hundreds?

Try less than a dozen.

In spite of all the alarums and excursions by anti-vice squads during Superbowl season, the total number of trafficking victims found at Superbowl venues in the past 5 years is well under two dozen.

Now think about this: the police would have you believe that thousands of young women are being trafficked to serve the hundreds of thousands of supposed sex fiends who flock to the superbowl. These men apparently have no trouble at all finding the sex slaves but the cops...? Nope. Just can't find 'em. They look and they look, but those traffickers are tricky, you know. That's why you need to give the police more money.

Here's some stats for you to ponder, straight from the Federal Government's anti-trafficking program: http://www.northeastern.edu/humantrafficking/

In a 30 month period from 2008-2010, all the federally-funded anti-trafficking programs in the entire United States turned up around 400 victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

During the same period, there were roughly 200,000 arrests for prostitution in the U.S.

Now, either the police are incredibly corrupt and/or incompetent, or you, good people, are being sold a false bill of goods and the vast majority of sex workers ARE NOT TRAFFICKING VICTIMS.

Yes, a small minority of people are forced into sex work (and no, the average age of entry is not 12-14 years -that study cited by the Dept. of Justice and referred to in this report is deeply flawed and has been roundly criticized by sex work researchers the world over). Likewise, millions upon millions of women are forced into servile marriages.

We don't say "Let's end marriage" because a minorty of people - however large - are forced into it and enslaved by it. Instead, we ask ourselves "What can we do to make marriage better, safer and more just? What can we do to make sure that people who marry can get out of it if they want? That they have as much legal power as their partners? The same rights?"

The same thing ought to be asked with regards to sex work.

It is amazing to me that whenever we're in New Orleans, I and my wife and co-researcher, Dr. Ana Paula Silva, are able to finds dozens of working prostitutes in the French Quarter and elsewhere. And yet it never seems to occur to the journalists of the city to ask these men and women about their work. The last time we were in town, we interviewed close to a dozen sex workers in one night.

And yet when it comes time to write about trafficking and sex work, do the journalists of New Orleans bother to talk to these people? No. They seek out the one ex-prostitute who was sure-enough trafficked and recount her story as if it were typical of sex work in general.

This is a lack of ethics, in my book. If you have an oppressed group (and sex workers are indeed that), then if you truly care about empowering them, you help them speak for themselves. You don't elect a spokesperson for them.

But what's truly appalling is how the journalists writing for NOLA on this topic haven't even done the basic amount of research necessary for the task. A quick google of "superbowl AND trafficking" will turn up dozens of stories regarding how this myth has been created and sustained for years, now. Here's a story from "Psychology Today" which turns up right in the first few lines of Google:


This isn't radical or esoteric information, ya'll. It isn't hard to find. You have to be aggressively ignorant - or writing in bad faith - to be writing about the Superbowl and trafficking and yet somehow not mention this stuff.

And yet somehow, journalists like Ms. Martin can't be bothered to read this stuff when writing about the Superbowl's effect on sex work in their town.

It's truly ashame that someone like me - who lives in Rio de Janeiro but once did sex work (erotic dancing) for a short time in NOLA in the 1980s - has to point out the obvious to you good people: sex work IS NOT A SYNONYM for trafficking.

And NO: your city is not going to deluged with sex slaves during the Superbowl.

But you know who DOES have a very long history of abusing New Orleans sex workers?

The New Orleans police.

Think about that the next time you hear one of your city's civil servants tell you they need more money and manpower to find trafficking victims."


"Patty, my source for my claim comes from ten years of in the field research in Rio de Janeiro, a city which, by any lights, has a thriving sex industry. I am in and out of brothels here on a weekly basis and have interviewed and talked with probably close to two thousand sex workers here over the last decade.

I have yet to meet a single sex slave.

But here's more proof: the U.S. government's concerted efforts to investigate and stem trafficking discovered a grand total of FOUR HUNDRED sexually enslaved people in the U.S. over a 30 month perion between 2007-2010. During the same period, your country arrested close to TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND prostitutes.

So, you arrest 200,000 sex workers and only find 400 enslaved women. I'd say that's pretty damned solid proof that the vast majority of sex workers are not slaves.


The only other possible hypthesis would be that the U.S. police are massively incompetent and/or corrupt. And, if that's the case, why in heaven's name would you want to give them even more power to harass, arrest and brutalize sex workers? "

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Cyril's picture

Ugly story.

Ugly story.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Sports, Politcs, Women and Gambling

Watching the Super Bowl doesn't make me or you a bad or immoral person. When I was not so good a person, I use to bet on sure things. I rarily lost a dime, as I wasn't in it to make a killlin. I didn't enjoy losing at anything, except losing an ugly girlfriend to an enemy who thought he could score with sloppy seconds..(poor bastad married her and got the screwing of his wife, I mean life.)

I don't bet on sporting events anymore, but do enjoy watching and supporting the home pro teams; the SF Giants, 49ers, Sharks and Warriors.

Lesson learned: The only sure bet is not to bet..You bet your life..

In my younger years I played basebal, football and basketball, soccer and wrestled..like many of you. I was a pretty decent athlete but not good enough to play pro sports.

It seems Politics and women seem to go together. Which ever one you choose, your screwed..

Is this the Super Bowl False Flag promised?

This story is heart-wrenching? Like 2 Towers mashing over 1000 people in NYC.

But is this just an excuse for Cops for the DHS, the State and Local police to collect and arrest, jail and hold people without due process.

Free includes debt-free!

bumping for awareness . . .

of the horror.

SO glad I don't 'watch' superbowl--

nobody in the family does--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Just legalize

prostitution ALREADY!. All this pimping and slavery would end in this country in a year because the money would dry up.

So if prostitution was legal,

then this would suddenly be ok, right? Prostitution is evil sin.

Free will, what a beautiful

Free will, what a beautiful thing.

check your privilege you

check your privilege you heteronormative cisgendered misogynist! legalizing prostitution would cause women to lose all power in relationships.


I can only assume you mean that sarcastically. But if you didn't, here is a quick explanation; Pimps only exist because prostitutes do'nt have the same protection under the law as other business persons. If a client doesn't pay, or abuses them, they can't go to the cops because they cops will arrest them. If it were legal, they would be able to get justice if they were wronged, rather than have to rely on an abusive pimp for that justice. A woman should be able to charge for sex if she wants, and she should be protected by contract rights. If that sex is illegal, she still wants those contract rights, but she will have to use a pimp in order to have the force behind her to enforce the "contract".

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

I don't think so.. pimps are

I don't think so.. pimps are there because women can not physically fight for themselves. It has nothing to do protection under the law. If prostitution is legal, and some dude takes the service and does not
pay, how is a woman going to sue when she has never met the guy or know his name?

Same way everyone else does.

When your business is legal, you have legal options for how you protect your contract rights. You are thinking about it being legal, but the girls are still in a dark alley. If things were different, things would be different. Look at how different the industry is in Nevada where it is legal in most counties. The prostitution takes place in an actual building, with security, like any other business. So the customers have a harder time abusing or stiffing the women.(no pun intended). Even if women didn't want to work in an actual brothel, they could still legally hire security, whom they pay a wage, and whom they can fire if they don't do a good job. Pimps only exist because a girl can't fire her security or get a decent guard when the job is illegal. Think abou the option the girls would have to protect themselves if they had the law behind them, rather than against them.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

yes, it was highly sarcastic,

yes, it was highly sarcastic, and my attempt at humor.

but seriously, men get involved in relationships for sex--usually; and women get into relationships for the bonding and social capital. by having prostitution legalized, a woman can't threaten to withhold sex from her partner as a means of coercion, therefore she loses her power. however, she is now able to receive money for having sex, but this is what was already happening before, in a roundabout way. but now the man has more power in the relationship.


Whether it is legal or not, that doesn't change the fact that a man in a relationship still isn't allowed to cheat. You act like if it was legal, that a man would just tell his wife,"so you don't want to have sex eh? Well I'll just go got a hooker". That is still cheating. Men still have a reasonable obligation to be faithful to their wife or girlfriend, so she can still use that withholding sex trick.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Oh, I'm so relieved

to know that pimps are a-ok. Good to have them around, those wonderful chaps. Bastions of mature American manhood.

That whole situation is so sick, there are no words.

legalizing prostitution won't stop this. child sex is

what most of these perverts are after.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Yeah, ok. That's why they

Yeah, ok. That's why they hire sexually mature women for it. Because they want to fuck kids. Makes perfect sense.

How dare you relate consenting adults performing a sexual action to rape and child abuse?


OLD! Did you even read the article?

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

18 is not some magic number

18 is not some magic number that makes you a pedophile. Some 12 year old girls are sexually mature. The whole point of pedophelia is they like PRE-sexually mature individuals. There is no crossover. If that is what they were after, she would have been out of it by 12, not just starting.

You said I was sick. I think

You said I was sick. I think you are the sick one. Girls sexually ready at age 12? Mentally and physically? give me a break..

Sex trade amongst

children I believe is an entirely different topic and issue. Consenting adults and the criminality of child prostitution, pornography, etc are very different.

perversion is perversion.

perversion is perversion. It's all related.

All unrighteousness is sin...

1 John 5:17

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

Check yourself.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I'm dead serious. If you say something like this to someone like me you'll get your shit kicked in. You are comparing people who paid for sex to someone who knowingly and willingly offered to sell it, to people who snuck into a kid's bedroom, beat the kid and raped them. That makes me want to teach you a lesson.

I don't agree with the initiation of violence but getting falsely accused of being every bit as bad as a pedophile would make me throw that out the window. There are certain accusations that are essentially a form of violence and demand retaliation. You are not only accusing people of being as bad as a pedophile for prostitution (something over half of all males engage in at some point), you are also essentially saying pedophiles are no worse than consenting adults.

Get your head straight, it is sick in there.