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GMO Defense help corn

I'm a city gal, new at this so don't laugh at me. I have a farm sitting in the middle of hundreds of acres of GMO corn. I buy organic seeds and want my food GMO free. Found dark corn kernels in the white sweet corn so stopped planting in past few years. Can't find a thing about this on line but just using my noodle, came up with this. Will it fly? What if I were to start my sweet, organic corn indoors a month and 1/2 before the fields around me are planted. Will that mean my corn will pollinate from sister stalks before the poison crops around me get to the point of pollination? If so, would I be avoiding the contamination and seeds can be saved from the crop in late fall that would remain organic? This is too simple not to have been tried. Anyone know?

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Fishy, have a pool.

Totally forgot about the swimming pool! It's up the hill, never see it when feeding. It's a really large in ground built-in one. There's even large PVC [2"] down in the ground along both sides of the pool already there. Figured they had something like a PVC hood/awning like thing to extend the time of use of the pool. That would work for the corn. Growing corn in the cement pond! Why do I feel I'm living a rerun of the Beverly Hillbillies? The reason I remembered it was coming across "Garden Pool. org" They turned their pool into a hydroponics dream with chickens, Tilapia, fruit trees, veggies. I thought...HEY, I have one of those!! [slapping palm of hand to head] The Corn! Pool is 40' long [a known, same length of shed on side of pool] & 16 or 18' wide.[unknown, never measured it]....a 20' pvc won't cut it if 18, if 16, will it?
Click here: talks with Bill Handel - YouTube Since you're into hydroponics, you'll love it.


seems like it will work

also, you could build a simple greenhouse for the corn... it's an option...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

While I don't agree with all of this vid

This tells the story of how we became a GMO free county. To me, it's the way to go

Thanks for the video

Stopping the use of GMO here in this county is a pipe dream, this is Corn Country and Monsanto has the farmers by the you know whats. I have no one around who would jump on that bandwagon.Going to take a lot of time.
Agree: Everyone who can, should have a garden and buy/trade organic locally. A couple of yard hens would help too. Meat? Raise rabbits. Life as we knew it would have to change.
I honestly believe they want everyone [but them] to eat the gmo garbage as part of population control.
Couldn't watch the whole thing, I'm on limited bandwidth use. By the way, don't know but have the idea we have something in common along with Ron Paul. Single ladies running a farm. Am a widow am coping with getting along by learning to do a lot of new tasks and knowing when to realize there are some things a woman can't do. I'm not very large woman so my greatest fear with all the work here, is to end up with the body of Olive Oil and the biceps of The Hulk!


Strong women

Strong women LOVE freedom to do what we want, how we want, becaause we know it will be done right. Are you near a Grange.. Patrons of Husbandry .. it's great to have a like minded community to get help when you need help and to heklp out when you can.

I have 16 hens and a rooster.. would love to raise pigs.. goats.

I also notice that we're better shots than men... I can't see well,, better since my operation (may need another as a cyst came up probably agitated by the surgery to remove the fiberglass) but when it comes to shooting.. I'm on it. And that gives me confidense.

Reminds me of that glock commercial, "he messed with the wrong girl".

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CORN PROJECT and oh.. why not do the three sisters? Corn in the center, Beans to climb the corn, and squash around them to protect them?

Hens, goats and pigs

There's no help here. Did have help with heavy work from a homeless program in town, now under new management. [good pay by the way] With free bed and board no one wants to work. Guess that's why they're homeless?

Use the three sisters,the Indians knew what they were doing. Companion planting including flowers for bug control. Know squat about pollination of corn though.

After repeated raids by a very large badger who took all 12 of my young pullets in 6 weeks, I'm left with 11 old hens and one gay masochist roo. Admit to hoping the badger would take him but no luck. Should do him in but don't have the heart for it. Should get rid of the hens too since too old to lay but all are named and pets. I'm running an old folks home for hens. Always said they all would die of old age while I starve to death! Time to order more chicks since I 'got' the badger. Hated doing it, he was just trying to live too. After weeks of getting up at 3 AM to 'catch' him, ended up getting him mid afternoon by a scheme that was so preposterous it was funny, but through a series of accidents, it worked! Someone is watching over me.

Thought about a pig or two because I'd be less likely to get attached to a pig. Can't trust myself, I'd find something endearing about the creature.

Goats [my Nubians] are intelligent but the most stubborn, hard headed things alive. Don't breed them, they could never be milked, unless they sold straight jackets for goats! Make sure your fence is 5' high. They eat everything that doesn't eat them first.

Love living on a farm!


What I would do

well, will do...
Plant a small patch that you will raise indoors for seed. Save only that seed. What you grow and use that year will only be pollinated with GMO, it will not take on the characteristics. You don't need to protect what will be harvested, only your seed stock. And if you really want to protect it, grow it in a controlled environment.
Good luck to you. We are going to lose corn as food if we do not do something, and soon. In many of the Native traditions, corn is sacred.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Thanks Fishy

Thanks for offering suggestions. Unfortunately, my only exposure to sunlight is facing east in the living room.. [underground home] Have no way to grow corn indoors. The lights I have for starting seeds are TS HO Sun Blaze [florescent] Have had good luck with lettuce to maturity, nothing else. The corn wouldn't produce ears. Got the red tubes for maturity too. Guess I'm sunk huh. Going to buy organic in bulk and freeze them in smaller pkts to use each year then. DANG Monsanto!!!!!



Parts list:
#2 10 foot 2 x 4s
#2 6 foot long 2x4s
#6 20 foot long sections of 1" PVC pipe
#1 ten foot section 1" PVC pipe
#30 1 inch long pieces 1" PVC pipe split lengthwise
sheet of greenhouse film - don't recall how much we used, but a smallish roll should do it.
Fasteners as indicated in instructions.
about 50' of rope

Drill 1" holes at the ends of the 10 foot 2x4s and every 2 feet down the length. Bend the PVC so the ends fit in the holes. Take the 10' long PVC pipe and fasten it to the apex, for stability and to create a bit of a high spot to help it shed rain. Fasten it by screwing the pipes together, or by lashing them together, but it needs to be secure. For extra stability, lash a piece down each side, too. Use rope to tie X's across the sides, to stabilize the building.
Cover it with plastic, use the split PVC sections to clip the plastic to the hoops. Pull the plastic as tight as you can get it.

What I described leaves both ends open, use leftover plastic to and make more P clips to cover the ends. Leave gaps at the top for ventilation. Get a zipper from the paint department, they just peel and stick to the plastic, then you cut a slit and you have a door.

Should cost you under $100 and the frame will last for years and years. If you want to winterize it, you can insulate it with bubble wrap, although it will still need heated to grow a winter garden in it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

what would all that cost, do you think?

btw I enjoyed yours hydroponics video and the music you picked was awesome too!

Great plan

What a great hoophouse that would make! The split PVC to hold the plastic is a great idea! I wish I could use one. I live 3,000 ft up overlooking the plains, great view but the winds outside the wall protected and all concrete floor of the patio, above in the fields, is an almost constant min of 15 mph with gusts up to 30 in normal day. When "windy" elsewhere, I get 45 to 60mph [and up] winds. My patio furniture is all heavy iron or it wouldn't still be here. Have trouble keeping the solar house standing up there and it's made of metal and siding. It's down now, waiting for spring to get someone out to rebuild it. The free range chickens stay inside often for fear of flying when unintended. I watched at the window while a local bird flying with all it's might had no forward movement. It was just suspended in air, going nowhere for a long time. Strange sight. A hoophouse here would last about as long as an ice cube in the Sudan, darn it!
But.....thanks so much for taking the time to try to help. That was so nice of you. That's such a wonderful plan, am sure many here on DP can use it!!


Our new system will be at the farm, where you NEVER hear

anyone complain about the wind. That's because the wind blows so hard you can't even hear yourself think...
We live one river and one creek off Hell's Canyon. When I say we get canyon winds, I am talking HOWLING winds - 60 mph is not uncommon.
We built a geodesic dome for the system, and shrink-wrapped it (like they do to winterize boats.) Cost us under $1000 and the big bad wolf has huffed and puffed... so far so good.
We actually are using the old hoophouse for storage. We put tarps on it instead of plastic, and then threw chicken wire over the top and weighed down the ends of the chicken wire. It is hanging in there, too.
The question is how serious are you about saving your OWN heirloom seed, and we are really serious about it. The dome is just a greenhouse, but it is the model for what will eventually be a full biodome, if we live long enough.
Seed saving is tricky. You can't save broccoli and radishes in the same area - they are the same family and will hybridize themselves. Eventually, we will have tents around each grow bed, and each grow bed will contain one variety of plant (or a few that cannot cross-breed.)
As long as we can, we will garden outside, but the goal for us is to be able to be a life-pod.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You're full of ideas!

You too? Howling here and at times it makes the electric service wire 'sing'.
Another great idea, making a deodesic dome into a greenhouse. WOW.........Has that been done before? When coming west it was with the intent of buying land then building a monolithic dome, one very large, two smaller. A dome design is perfect in wind. You're into hydroponics too so you'll be in great shape.
Have been mulling the pvc thingie around in my head since reading your reply. Thinking about where it could be put outside with some hope of staying there. So far the goat pen is it and they would make quick work of it. Block off [fence] part of goat shed outward about 3' with southern exposure to get something going but wind still comes in from the south. Reason that part is open to the south is because the wind took off the siding! If a dome, maybe the wind wouldn't take it???
OR..... Lg Tub on patio with some way to anchor the pvc so the wind didn't take it. Not much room that would get the sun it needed except a corner about 4' square. Can't anchor it into the concrete though.