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ARTICLE: What do we need 300,000,000 guns for?

The discussion about gun control seems to devolve into several distinct lines of discussion.

Guns are for hunting and "sporting".
Guns are for home defense.
Guns are for insurrection insurrection against the government.

The following article shows a real world example of how private ownership of guns is essential to the basic maintenance of law


It never occurred to me that an entire region could be stripped of its police by a relatively small, ultra-violent gang. The Mexican drug gangs didn't need to kill every police officer, they just needed to scare them into quitting. Then there were no police.

Mexico, unlike the United States, has strong gun control and a poorly armed citizenry.

The deterrent effect of an armed citizenry is what makes this same tactic unworkable in the United States.

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Cops are fine aslong as they are facing unarmed victims

But when they face an armed man they pee their pants and act insane.
Cowards join gangs to become bullies.


We are the Militia

It is our responsibility to be (at least) as heavily armed as the occupation.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued

Battle of Athens, TN 1946

You may be interested in this historical snippet about a time when armed citizens took back their government from corrupt officials (and the corrupt law enforcement that went along with the violations of the rights of Tennesseeans.

A movie was even made about it:

Yeah but with Federal help the criminals are back in charge.

DHS now patrols their roads.

Free includes debt-free!


Currency collapse dissolves the power of existing governments.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


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Good piece, thanks.

Good piece, thanks.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul

It is true that most cops are really just cowards.

If they truly believed that their lives were on the line each day they would not show up for work, would show up looking like criminals wearing face masks, or would wear plain clothes and stand around doing nothing at all just trying to quietly collect their next undeserved paycheck.

Americans could learn something by looking at modern Mexico and realizing that our founding fathers did exactly the same, striking untold fear into the loyalist authoritarians who sought to control and tax them.

They chased those cowards all the way to Canada, tar, feathers and all... at least the one's they didn't shoot and / or hang to put on display.


thanks for the post

thanks for the post

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Another extremely good argument

if only the dumbasses would listen. No matter, they'll never disarm Americans. Even those completely unaware of how corrupt our goobermint is, know that you don't give up your weapons. The authority in America is being questioned- AT LAST.

Listening is not their problem... listening is not even relevant

When dealing with an enemy of the constitution, the enemy of liberty and freedom, the advocates of not only globalism, but as a means to that end, class warfare and the destruction of the the constitutional government, you are preaching to the choir of evil, but the choir nonetheless!

In other words, the enemy of all that is free knows even better than the electorate that disarming the people allows for chaos... that is the whole purpose. From chaos comes the dialectical need for more government, which implies of course, the end of constitutional government!

Either through chaos and the resulting tyranny, or through the panic of constitutional convention opening up the constitution to total change, te same end is to be achieved:

The New World Order!

In essence we already have the morality of the new world order... we have become a nation of slaves. Slaves with cool toys, but slaves nonetheless! The whole world is headed in the same direction.

It is headed there because, by-in-large the people have forsaken the real Truth and it's Creator, forsaken all that was moral, and all that was the real authority behind truth, morality, peace, love, and freedom!

In the end, as the founders stated, the form of government they created has become wholly unsuited to the present generation!

To attempt to abide by a form of godliness without any real foundation of godly authority, to attempt to force a form of governance intended for liberty into a mold of tyranny, is utterly futile!

The hearts of the people must change!

Psalms 119: 126 gives us a great warning...

"It is time for thee to work O Lord, for they have made void thy Law." !!