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Intro to aquaponics (fishy talks fish)

I've been putting together some clips to use as part of an introductory aquaponics presentation we will start offering around the area. AP seems to be catching on at the DP, maybe some folks here would appreciate these:

Introduction to Aquaponics:


Tilapia Breeding 101:


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blue tilapia

I have lots of blue tilapia fingerlings and would like to trade with someone for some red/golden mozambique or red nile. I want to get a hybrid breeder colony going. Message me.

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Cool... Just a wierd thought

As a life long construction worker I've noticed used spas are free. Like this.http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/zip/3577748622.html

Make a nice main tank, no?


There are people doing just that. You can usually get them free on craigslist.

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I live in Michigan

Is there a cold water fish that will work with aquaponics for northern climates? I have noticed that most of the aquaponic systems grow Tilapia. I have gold fish in my outside ponds now and they winter through with no problem. I would like to replace them with a winter hardy food fish. Any suggestions?

Perch or trout?

Those would be my best guess.
Tilapia grow to plate size in 9 months. If you start them in February, they can be in the freezer by October, minimizing how long you have to heat a tank. When we get fully running, we will winter over breeding stock and run our winter garden off just that tank, then have a larger system that will run while we grow out the food fish.

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We Have Thought

about doing this where we are moving to but fear we will make pets out of the fish. Anyone that has ever had an Oscar or koi knows what I am saying.


two tanks helps

My breeders were pets, they lived in an aquarium inside where I could watch them all the time. The fry got put in the AP system, hundreds at a time and were more like my chickens.

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Yes, thank you!

I've wanted to ask you about aquaponics for a while, since you seem to be the go-to person on this site for it.

Now I'm going to be watching aquaponics/DIY videos all night. I'll find time for a nap one of these nights... ;)

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Fishy - Thank you!!

This is a great post...SO much info!! I have looked into the rocket mass heaters as well, but for the time being, we are stuck renting in Boise - BOOOOOO! - so we're rather limited atm. This is definitely a 'bookmark' worthy post to be used in the future. :) If we make it to your neck of the woods someday, I would LOVE to see this. My husband has even started reading about it - just curious, what would you guestimate your cost so far? More videos soon, please!! :)

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You can keep an eye on us from a distance that way.
The dome came in under $500, although we did invest in a propane torch to do our own shrink wrap that I am not including in that. Our next big project is building the rocket mass heater, it will be posted on the meetup.
The system in the videos was about $50 for the hoophouse, $260 for the IBC tote and grow beds, then lights, heater, aquarium heaters and pumps... a lot of things we are engineering OUT of the next system that were expensive and made our power bill too high. We want to make this something poor people can do... like us... lol!
If you click "amommamust" on one of those videos, it will take you to my youtube channel where all my videos (that I did not accidentally delete) are. My camera slowly lost focus... I can relate to that some days... but I can't make more video at the moment. We hope to remedy that, but you know how it is... Buy a camera or buy parts for the dome?

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fishy rocks!


Hi Guys Check out my small system

I am currently designing a better system for my final thesis project at my product design school

but here is an image of my working model

or if anybody is interested they can follow my project as it develops here:

Thank you, too

You and Fishy have both reminded me of just how far behind I am with some of this sort of thing...but in a good way.

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Very cool, on so many levels!

The design is cool, the website is cool, the garden is cool... but the fact that you are doing a thesis on this is just coolest of the cool. Thanks for sharing - I'll keep an eye on you!

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Hey Thank You

You just made my day.. 8)

I got into the technology here on the dailypaul, so I thought that I should share my findings back with the dp community.

If any one is interested...
It looks like my instructors will be guiding me in the direction of a refined version of the countertop installation for the final model.

I am very excited to make it in either ceramics or molded concrete by the end of semester. - Maybe stainless steel but I would prefer something more tactile...

PS thanks for the feedback

A friend of mine is doing just this on 4 acres of land..

I'm sure many of you have seen this, but it's worth looking at:

1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost

Shoutout from the Yay Area,

Shoutout from the Yay Area, CA. Fishponics makes some dank ass trees.

chick chick boom, chick chick chi boom!

Arghh! Can't get that out of my head now! Cool set up fishy!

I wish I had the room or the sunlight to do that. I'm stuck in an apartment, and trees block my balcony.

I need to get some land already. :/

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I need to get some land already too!

This doesn't look suited for condo living. Frankly, I'm not suited for condo living. Or serving on the damn condo association board.

The song is stuck in my head, too.

Thank you fishy for sharing this with us. I look forward to the day I have my own setup.

What is the energy source?

Solar power? Looks like a very power hungry system.

Enjoyed the videos..

I'd vote this post into the Original headlines!!!

Congrats and THANK YOU for sharing your system!!!

bloop bloop

That is the old system.

It was a power pig. The one we are building now will use a rocket mass heater for heat, and a few solar lights to extend the days. If needed, we do have power to the place and will use some LEDs but we are hoping to keep everything "off grid." The trick will be the aquarium pump, but we are hoping to rig up some sort of solar power for it.

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How big is the bench for the rocket mass heater?

Very interesting and much appreciation for the information.

I'll try to describe it

The drum will be in the center of the dome. The fuel input / combustion chamber will be to the south, the horizontal flue will leave to the north, go almost to the wall, turn 90 degrees, run a couple feet west, turn 90 degrees, run back south near the drum to the other wall, turn around and make a short stretch east, then head back north where it will run on the other side of the drum, then exhaust out the north wall. Then we will encase the entire north portion of the dome in our "mass." We are probably just going to use sand for now. We have really good clay on site... under 3 feet of snow...
Anyway, we are going to a round tank that will sit on top of that heat mass. The area near the stove will be a little sitting area, the bench across the south wall will be for seedlings, and I hope to put a little "tropical zone" in the area between the south bench and the south wall.
Thanks for asking. This stuff is what lights me up with hope. Who knows who will stumble across this and look into it, and do it?

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In many ways you and I are on the same page

I have a 250 gal feed /water tank that was converted for my fish tank from my attempt at aquaponics, but at this point, it's just water for the garden. Been looking into rocket heaters.. and the bences are massive, as it the weight.. all that sand weighs alot.

What's interesting about the rocket is it appears to be very commim in rural China you've probably seen this http://www.pyroenergen.com/articles08/eco-rocket-stove.htm

That is awesome!

I had not seen that - slick little unit! Thanks!

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Thanks again

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Thank you, ll

I appreciate the kindness!

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same here

You are such a beautiful soul!

Reminds me of the book I read about angels coming down to earth to help change things here.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

+ 1

Thanks Fishy!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15