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Intro to aquaponics (fishy talks fish)

I've been putting together some clips to use as part of an introductory aquaponics presentation we will start offering around the area. AP seems to be catching on at the DP, maybe some folks here would appreciate these:

Introduction to Aquaponics:

Tilapia Breeding 101:

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Very pleased to see this, fishy.

We moved onto our new permaculture farm in September. We had already gathered our livestock and poultry for the site. We are now building and planting our gardens and grove elements.

Next, we want to start an AP system. May I consider you as someone who I can come to from time to time with questions?

I watched your Introduction video. I am inspired. I couldn\t get to the other video, though... ("Removed by the user" message.)

You bet!

I certainly don't have all the answers, but the more I tell others what I learn, the more others tell me.
We are going to opposite route. We have a couple cows and a big flock of chickens, but the AP system is the priority, then we will spend the rest of our lives transforming our 17 acres into a food forest. May I consider you as someone who I can come to from time to time with questions? ;)
Link fixed, btw.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


We have one hectare in the foothills of the Lefka Ori on the Greek island of Crete. But, there are 100 hectares of neglected goat/sheep pasture adjacent to us. We can easily expand as needed.

It is so beautiful! Our first love is our four donkeys, the beginning of a breeding herd. Donkeys are at a threatened status all across the northern Mediterranean. But picture postcards with an old Greek man and his donkey are still among the best sellers for the tourists.

We will start AP small-scale. I am thinking about trout. There are many wild trouts in the rivers here. Cretans do not like to eat them, though. (We and many ex-pat friends do, though) I think they may be very adaptable to a fish-farm culture since they are endemic.

We also have a breeding pair of geese. So we will be building a pond for them, too. I would think that it might be advantageous to site the AP facilities nearby.

We have some of the clearest, glacier-fed spring water in the world. It is also the among the cheapest piped right into our farm. For now, water is not an issue.

I hate TSA.

I want to come play on your farm!
By the way, if you ever get to Tijuana, I'd not say much about your "donkey love..." lol!
Trout are supposed to be good, but they are native around here and invite hassle from Fish and Game.
You already turned on to Sepp Holzer? If not, go google your next life altering search term...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

When you get your round the world sailboat trip together CU then

I've been to Tijuana, but missed the donkey shows.

We have a very little problems with government officials here. It is pretty wild and wooly. Definitely not a police state outside of some light heat in a few cities or maybe along the National Highway. I have never been investigated or detained once. I am friends with several of the local police officers and their families. We drink together down at the kafeneoen.

There are few tavernas (restaurants) that have trout in tanks. You can select one and it will be prepared for your dinner.

Sepp is the man! I like his son's videos. too. We am terracing most of our garden areas. The layout has a shaded flat area below where the animal shelters are. The gardens rise up an incredible hill. It already has the most beautiful partial natural rock terraces. And we have a gazillion tons of rocks everywhere. So, HugelKultur is the name of our game.


It's a plan! Sounds like heaven, and if I'm not mistaken there is great scuba diving around there, isn't there?
I was in Tijuana when a zebra show was being advertised at one fine establishment. As we walked on by we saw a guy headed in the back door with a donkey painted black and white...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I love this.

How much fish can you grow in a given time period? Your tilapia link isn't working atm.

depends on the breed

Tilapia grow quickly, part of why we went with them. 4 months to breeding size, 9 months to plate size. The other factor is tank size, and that is about 1/2 pound of fish per gallon of water.
Link fixed - sorry. I made 2 copies by accident, then linked the wrong one right before I deleted it. D'oh!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



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