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Detroit high school coach with concealed pistol license shoots 2 attackers outside school

DETROIT - Police sources in Detroit say that a women's basketball coach from Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior High School shot two men who attacked him as he was walking two basketball players to their cars in the school parking lot Friday night.

Police sources told our Scripps sister station WXYZ TV the coach was walking the two girls to their cars when two men allegedly approached and one pulled out a gun and grabbed him by his chain necklace. The coach then pulled out his gun and shot both of them, according to sources.

One of the attackers was found dead in the median on Lafayette Boulevard, and the other was taken to a local hospital, according to police sources. WXYZ reported that both of the men had attended the high school, and one had been recently expelled.

Police sources told the station that the coach has a Concealed Pistol License and is reportedly a reserve police officer.


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He Was "Special"

My guess is that his "Reserve Police Officer" status is the only reason he was allowed a concealed carry permit. I don't believe ordinary citizens are permitted to protect themselves this way in Detroit.

What size magazine did the Coach's gun have?

Enough, this time.

Detroit basketball coach

Detroit basketball coach remains in police custody after deadly shooting in school parking lot

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Send this

to Drudge. More people need to read it.

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Such good news! I am grateful someone in Detroit bucked the media pressure!

A job well done!

A job well done!

Bob Marshall

Nice Story...Big Bump!

Don't mess with that ole fella!

70 year old coach

was quick thinking and took action. Love it!

Love these stories

I LOVE these kind of stories, but I STILL don't like how the news covers them (when they actually do cover them).

News outlets always seem to find a way to plug in that one "professional" plug so it still sounds to the general public that they should have had the weapon while ordinary citizens aren't trained well enough.

Think of the movie theater where the shooter was shot by an "off-duty LEO"

The school shooting that was stopped by an armed "security guard"

Now this one - he just happened to be a reserve police officer.

Not trying to take away from the great story - just wish there would be a lot of these stories involving plain, ordinary citizens. I bet that reserve police officer shoots on the range once a year with the police and once a week on his own. I've come to find that the average citizen with a CPL is much better trained than the average LEO

Again, not wanting to take away from the positive story...

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What in the world did they want?

It is VERY interesting to me that if one has access to a fire-arm one is quite apt to protect oneself regardless of the perp having a fire-arm as well.

Love it.

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Everybody heard about the kid in Atlanta that got shot at school

the other day, right? Do you know why only ONE kid got shot? Because an armed guard disarmed him. Did not even shoot him.

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