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Ron Paul Leader: You're invited to Constitution Party of Florida

Dear Florida Daily Paul Member

I have led the Ron Paul Meetup Group in Fort Lauderdale for the past 5 years and still lead the group today as a Campaign for Liberty group. I can also be found at
RonPaul Lauderdale on facebook.

I wanted to introduce myself to you and also ask for your aid in helping to create the type of constitutional party that the Founders had intended and that Ron Paul personafied so well with his actions.

I was first introduced to the Constitution Party of Florida in 2008 when Ron Paul endorsed Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin. I then became a county chairman and last year was named the state chairman of Florida.

We need county chairman that have a deeper understanding
of American and World History and a deeper understanding
of the United States Constitution, Issues and Constitutional
Solutions for those Issues. I personally have learned so much
from Ron Paul in that regard. With 67 counties in Florida,
we believe we can truly make an impact in our local communities
by alerting them and educating them on important issues.

Just look at our website and the month of January.

Those counties that have county chairs are collecting emails of local mayors, coucil people and police/sheriff commands and forwarding them this important information to educate and demand they follow their oaths.

Two recent important issues are the 2nd Amendment
and Agenda 21.

If you want to grow a party patterned after the Founders and
Ron Paul's actions, educate your county officials and help
restore constitutional governance, then please consider
joining us and becoming a member, county chair or even a

Feel free to ask me any questions. My email is


Mark Pilling
Constitution Party of Florida

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